Austin Ruse ‘Apologizes’

After saying that liberal academics should be “taken out and shot” and then going on an extended tirade when Right Wing Watch dared to criticize him for it, ranting about how those horrible “leftists” were trying to silence him and call him names, Austin Ruse has “apologized” for causing problems for others.

I deeply regret and apologize for using the expression “taken out and shot” on the Sandy Rios Show this week. It was not intended to be taken literally. I have dedicated my life and career to ending violence. I regret that these poorly chosen words are being used to attack my friends at American Family Radio and American Family Association.

Austin Ruse


Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

Really? You’ve dedicated your life and career to ending violence? Please name a few things you’ve done to end violence. We’ll wait.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Funny, there’s almost no mention of violence on the C-FAM website. It’s all abortion, birth control, those evil gay people, blah blah blah. And most amusingly, there’s a section on “human rights,” by which they obviously mean the human right to discriminate against gay people.

Here’s what a real apology looks like: “I’m very sorry for what I said. It was wrong to say and I should not have said it. I will not say it again.” Not “I regret that my words are being used to attack me and others” or “I regret that people took me literally.”

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  • richardelguru


    I think I heard a Roach there too (probably Archie)

  • Nemo

    I’m sure abortion is what he means by “violence”.

  • Matt G

    I said it, I meant it, but now I realize it is harming me so I’ll issue a notpology.

  • Larry

    I can sympathize with his problem. These days, it is just so hard to advocate the mass murdering of a class of people in a jocular, amusing, not-at-all-meant-to-be-taken-literally way.

    Lighten up, people.

  • gshelley

    Sure, it’s not great, but it isn’t a classic notpology

  • scienceavenger

    @2 As well as fighting against Teh Gay, who as everyone knows commits violence against children.

  • caseloweraz

    Scienceavenger: @2 As well as fighting against Teh Gay, who as everyone knows commits violence against children.

    And not only that, but they killed half of the people murdered in Chicago last year.

    ‘Struth — I heard it from… somebody or other.

  • bachalon

    “It was not intended to be taken literally.”

    Yes it was. You were just shocked that some people found it appalling. Now you’re trying to say, “Just kidding!” and that doesn’t work either.

    Just own it, man.

  • had3

    Figuratively taken out and shot? What does that mean?