Bible Found Among Dead People, Film at 11

Oi vey. Here’s another one of those stories that I find so irritating, where a terrible tragedy takes place, lots of people dead, but irrational and hyper-emotional people go all gaga when a religious relic is found in the wreckage. This time it’s a Bible found in the rubble of exploded buildings in New York City.

Over three grim and grueling days of digging through the rubble of two East Harlem buildings annihilated in a gas explosion, rescue workers uncovered eight bodies and a catalog of ruined lives. On Saturday, though, they also discovered a small, but precious treasure.

Buried among the scorched debris, firefighters found a Bible belonging to the Spanish Christian Church, which occupied the basement and ground floor in 1644 Park Avenue, one of the buildings destroyed. Though dust-covered and crumpled, the Bible was largely intact, a gold inscription on its spine reading “Santa Biblia.”

A precious treasure? Finding someone alive in the rubble, that would have been precious. Finding a Bible in the rubble of a church is too mundane to notice. Seriously, what do they think happened here? God made the effort to save a Bible but let all the people die? Is that really their position here?

When firefighters presented the Bible, the church’s 83-year-old pastor, the Rev. Thomas Perez, who had often stood vigil over the blast site these past days, was overcome. Mr. Perez, who arrived near the site to lead a small prayer gathering, experienced chest pains, witnesses said, and was taken away by an ambulance.

In a news conference, Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano of the Fire Department said that Mr. Perez was recovering at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Okay, I certainly feel bad for Rev. Perez, but seriously? Even if you believed that the Bible had some meaning, that it was some kind of message of hope from God, wouldn’t the fact that the pastor collapsed with chest pain disabuse you of that notion?

“We were very proud to get that back for him,” Mr. Cassano said, referring to the Bible.

Why? It was laying there and you picked it up. Gah, save us from such irrationality.

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  • rationalinks

    Bible found at exploded church…what are the odds! Oh right…like 100%

  • hexidecima

    indeed, a dust covered, crumpled bible at a church that exploded. How “rare”. if it were pristine and kept all of the people alive, well, then they might have a point. As always, the ignorant arrogance of theists is ridiculous.

  • Christoph Burschka

    At least eight human beings, each a universe of experiences, memories, hopes, etc.; versus one copy of the most reprinted book in the world.

    Good to know that god has his priorities straight.

  • What do you expect the NYTimes to do — talk about the actual cause of the explosions? That would be too complicated. Who do you think they are — the BBC?

  • Larry

    And, even more miraculously, it was opened up to the chapter and verse that read

    And, lo, the Lord did blow up the House of Worship to smithereens, and, when it was done, saw that it was good. And the Lord sayeth: That blowed up real good! And he did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and breakfast cereals.

  • Synfandel

    Let’s see the reaction when the firefighters uncover some spaghetti in the rubble. What clearer sign could there be of a divine presence?

  • dingojack

    How many bills, phonebooks, cheap novels by such luminaries as Dan Brown, etc. were found and ignored before this precious relic* was found?



    * was it encrusted in gold and jewels? Was one bible really worth more than eight lives?

    [Pol Pot never destroyed any bibles (AFAIK) so I guess that balances up the killing of millions of people, right?]

  • D. C. Sessions

    Close, Larry. It was open to Judges 16:29

  • bahrfeldt

    It is indeed a miracle by the Lord. Saint Pat Robertson had noted that he was able to pray a hurricane away from Virginia and into New York because there were no Xtians up there in Damn Yankee Country.

  • caseloweraz

    <ahem> To quote from Yellow Submarine: “Twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea it lays — or lies; I’m not too sure.”


  • The thought occurs that rephrasing the headline could make it a Lovecraftian don’t-read-that-fucking-book horror story.

    ‘Intact Bible Found Surrounded By Corpses At Explosion Site. Police Baffled.’

  • chilidog99

    They turned the bible over, they kept the porn stash for themselves.

  • freehand

    So… is this evidence then? Clearly an act of God, and at last we’re able to connect that fucker to one of his crimes! We may not be able to make him pay for all those millions he has killed over the centuries, but at least he’ll pay for these eight!

  • Obviously it’s a possessed bible. Any time you find an artifact lying mysteriously undamaged with death and destruction all around it, you should be suspicious. When you show it to a priest, and the priest immediately collapses, I’m pretty sure tubular bells is playing softly in the background and only the bible’s lack of orifices is keeping bystanders safe from a rain of pea soup.

  • felidae

    What would be the response if they found an intact copy of Hitch’s God Is Not Great in the rubble? I would guess deafening silence

  • Sastra

    Since the particular Bible is old and has sentimental value, the story can be read as similar to someone finding their grandmother’s candlesticks, or their child’s birth certificate. Lucky, but not any sort of sign, and no implication that this is more important than finding grandmother or the child. Can be read that way by us, of course.

    We’ve become too jaded to think it will stay there.

  • zero6ix

    Honestly, if the bible was hovering three feet off the ground and glowing with an otherworldy aura, then I’d be impressed. Otherwise, a news story about a mundane item that doesn’t get destroyed in a gas explosion is the height of fluffery.

  • This reminds me of the media’s reaction when someone accused of a crime is found to have pornography at home. It’s obvious that the naughty pictures are to blame! If you searched a little more you’d probably find a Bible in the house, too, but no one gets too excited about that.

    It would be entirely consistent for the news media to present articles with scare headlines about this Bible being at the root of this disaster. (“Foreign language Bible kindles God’s wrath!”)

  • anubisprime

    Well that bible was a waste of print if not space…8 of the nearest lives destroyed, that has got to rank as a screaming failure at the very least.

    I wonder if the Pastor can get his money back for defective goods or indeed sue for personal injury when it came back to haunt him?…fuckin’ pesky thing is obviously cursed!