Levin Flips Out on Atheist Caller

Mark Levin, a B-team right wing ranter, kind of lost his mind on an atheist who called the show to disagree with him when he said that faith in God is required to be a good leader. He became instantly smarmy and sarcastic and accused him of being intolerant when he said nothing remotely intolerant, then to cement the hypocrisy he hung up on him.

“Oh, I forgot, I’m not supposed to mention faith or God,” Levin interrupted sarcastically. “I’ve decided to bring it up because I’m sick and tired of us being told, ‘Just tax cuts, don’t bring up that other stuff. Oh, my God! Don’t bring up God! For God sakes!’ Right? You got it?”

“To narrow down your desires, your qualifications for the next president, to list among them a professed faith, a religious faith, is ridiculous,” the caller noted. “I don’t want a religious president, no.”

“So, you’re an atheist, right?” Levin asked. “Okay, great. Can I help you out, pal? This world wasn’t created by atheists. Meaning, this country was not created by atheists.”

“The great thing about our Constitution and the great thing about the Judeo-Christian belief system is its tolerance,” he continued. “You see, you have almost no tolerance for my viewpoint. This is the thing that really angers you! On the other hand, if you’re an atheist, I could care less.”

“First of all, Mark, it’s ‘couldn’t care less,’” the caller observed.

“Actually, it is could care less,” Levin shot back. “You know, you’re an ass. I’ve had about enough of you. You’re a real punk. You know that? You have contributed nothing to this program in ten minutes. Zero. And you’re not that smart.”

“The problem that some of you atheists have is you’re intolerant. You’re intolerant. And you’re a punk. So, get lost. Get out of here.”

The really stupid part is when he tries to argue that the First Amendment doesn’t ban mandatory prayer in schools. I hope this embeds correctly so you can hear it in all its moronic glory.

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