Beck Praises Person He Says Doesn’t Exist

Remember a few weeks back when Glenn Beck was actually on the right side in standing against Russia’s authoritarian anti-gay law and said that he didn’t know anyone who would support it or who was anti-gay? He actually said that while wearing a hat honoring Ken Hutcherson, the virulently anti-gay preacher and Becks buddy. Right Wing Watch catches his hypocrisy on this yet again:

As such, Staver and others from Liberty Counsel have made multiple appearances on Beck’s radio and television programs, despite the fact that Staver and his organization are among the most vehemently anti-gay activists operating today.

It is no small irony that Staver and his colleague Matt Barber have openly advocated for enacting Russia-style laws here in America, which was the very topic that made Beck declare just a few months ago that he would stand with GLAAD while proclaiming that anyone who supported such laws could not consider themselves to be a fan of his.

So naturally, when Staver appeared on Beck’s radio program yesterday, Beck had nothing but praise for him, saying it was “truly an honor” to work with them and calling both Liberty Counsel and Liberty University, where Staver serves as vice-president, “a true force for good” that are serving “front and center when it comes to the Army of the Lord and being a shield for many, many people, including most of our children.”

He doesn’t know any anti-gay people, except all the ones he lavishes with praise on a daily basis.

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  • Avo, also nigelTheBold

    It could be they’re not anti-LGBT. They’re just anti-anyone-being-LGBT.

  • busterggi

    Some folks say Beck doesn’t know shit but they’re wrong – he invites it onto his show every day.

  • dingojack

    Beck Praises Person … [who] … Doesn’t Exist

    What Mr Bek is necro-felching Jesus again? How surprising!*



    * Or maybe it’s those pre-adults (of undermined years and sex) he killed then raped in the Eighties.