Bravo, Todd Starnes

I’ve spent a lot of time hammering Fox News’ Todd Starnes for his constant distortions and exaggerations regarding any church/state issue, but I have to give him credit for this. When the completely unhinged Rick Wiles suggested during an interview that Mikey Weinstein should be violently attacked for his views, Starnes hammered him for it and ended the interview.

Wiles: You know what Mikey Weinstein needs? I’ll say this on my radio show, I can get away with it: he really needs to be met in a dark alley by a couple of special forces commandos and given an attitude adjustment. You don’t have to comment, Todd; I said it on my program. I’m fed up with that guy.

Starnes: I have to really incredibly object to that.

Wiles: I’m fed up with the guy. I’m fed up with the guy.

Starnes: Well, that may be the case but this is a free country and individuals are allowed to voice their opinions of whether or not they agree or disagree and they should be able to do so without any threat of violence or force …

Wiles: Okay, but he doesn’t just express his opinions …

Starnes: It doesn’t matter …

Wiles: He’s pursuing Christians. He is on a war against Christianity.

Starnes: Well, that is certainly his right. The issue here is not Mr. Weinstein and, again, we should live in a country where people can express their views without any threat of violence. The issue here is the Air Force Academy and this idea that they kowtow to ever single telephone call they receive from him.

Wiles: That’s the point I’m making.

Starnes: And I do apologize, but I do have to end this interview. Again, we just strongly object to that comment you made, sir.

Wiles: I didn’t mean to offend you, Todd. I’m just saying I think many Americans are just plain fed-up with this guy.

Starnes: Well, I’m sure they are and again, but we do have to end this interview. Thank you very much.

Wiles: Okay Todd, thank you. Good bye. Well, I tried to five years to get Todd Starnes on TruNews. I finally got him and he hung on my after five minutes.

Well done, Mr. Starnes. You may be a world-class liar, but you at least showed some integrity here. Wiles went on to rant and rave about “feckless Christians” who won’t stand up for what is right. The man claims to follow Jesus, who said to turn the other cheek, and he’s advocating violence.

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  • theschwa

    That whole “turn the other cheek” comment has been so distorted. In its original form, JC said to turn the other cheek, and while they are distracted, you reach for your concealed 9mm.

  • GalapagosPete

    “…you reach for your concealed 9mm.”

    That’s ridiculous.

    Everyone knows Jesus packed a .45.

  • JustaTech

    My high school principal said the “turn the other cheek” thing was to force the nasty Romans to hit you like an equal (with an open palm), rather than just like a menial (with the back of the hand). I doubt that either of these guys have been the powerless person in an interaction involving violence.

  • tommykey

    Of course, Wiles doesn’t even want to honestly discuss Weinstein’s position or even have him on to give him an opportunity to discuss it. All Wiles cares about is that his particular religious belief should have special privileges.

  • Moggie

    Fucking chickenhawk, hoping for other people to commit violence for him.

  • jba55

    @1&2: Can we please stop this crap about “Jesus would pack this or that”? Jesus was known for his wisdom, do you honestly believe he would limit himself to just one gun?

  • naturalcynic

    Justa” I’ve seen that interpretation too. It’s a very standard technique in non-violent resistance to take down an aggressor a few notches [see Gandhi, MLK]

  • John Horstman

    @jba55 #6: Pffft, Jesus is fucking magical. He doesn’t need guns, he can just point and *poof* dead. Just like that poor fig tree.

  • democommie


    But I’ll bet hosannas to hallelujahs that he wants the “Extended Magazine-O-Miracles” when he does it!, just in case there’s more than a legion of demon-o-perps.

  • dan4

    Don’t give the dude TOO much credit. Wiles is such a lunatic that Starnes should have given a pass on appearing on the show in the first place.

  • democommie

    Somewhere in the bowels of FuckTheNew’sCorpse admin office there is a blast e-mail that sez:

    “Don’t let KKKrazzeepants mofos go full Secret Service Alert on any of our shows!”