Schlafly Thinks No One is Objecting to Marriage Equality

Phyllis Schlafly was on Vic Eliason’s Crosstalk radio program last week and could only leave one to wonder what planet she lives on because she thinks that no one from either the Christian or the political world is speaking up against court ruling on marriage equality.

In an interview with VCY America’s Crosstalk program yesterday, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly declared that she was “very disappointed in the leadership of all the churches” and “positively amazed” that neither politicians nor pastors are voicing “any objection” to a recent spate of marriage equality rulings in the courts.

“I think everyone in leadership is to blame for not speaking up against this whole series of judges who are knocking down the constitutional provisions who were voted by the people of their state to say that marriage is a man and a woman,” Schlafly said. “Where are they? Where are the spokesmen?”

Oh yes, of course. If there’s one thing we have a shortage of, it’s people who are speaking out against those court rulings. I mean, other than every Christian right leader in the known universe and half the conservative politicians as well.

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  • eric

    She is positively amazed that most politicians won’t speak out against something 60% of the voting population wants legal?

    Where are the spokesmen?

    In the back, preparing their 2020 “we have always supported gay marriage” speeches.

  • subbie

    The problem is that none of them are up her ass, which is where her head has been for several decades. That’s probably why she missed them.

  • richardelguru

    I think we’re missing what she means…


    “You call that ‘objection’!!?

    “I’ve seen objection beside which that would be advocacy for SSM”

  • pocketnerd

    Funny how those who object to marriage equality can be either the overwhelming majority, and a tiny, persecuted minority… or even both at once, if that’s most convenient to the argument of the moment.

  • lorn

    Well … this is another case where they just aren’t going far enough. Yes, they are shouting in their up-to-11 voices, and claiming that very bad things will happen, everything from the wrath of God to the destruction of western civilization. I personally agree with Gandhi, when asked about western civilization he said he was in favor of it … da-dum.

    On the other hand she may have a point, as far as I can tell, the Christian leaders have, so far, avoided advocating suicide bombings as protest. Phyllis Schlafly is obviously embarrassed that Christians have failed to pick up the gauntlet thrown down by the more radical Muslims.

  • Neil Rickert

    Those of us from Illinois have long wondered what planet she came from.

  • John Pieret

    richardelguru @ 3:

    I think you’re right. She probably thinks there should be mass marches through San Francisco and sit-ins at county clerks offices in New York to prevent gays from getting marriage licenses. Of course, I havent seen the Eagle Forum organizing anything like that …

  • dingojack

    Hey Phyllis perhaps you should organise a tens of angry, incoherent, undereducated old white guys’ march or something…..

    :) Dingo

  • Big Boppa

    Only a matter of time and this crone will be with her pal Fred Phelps.

  • Area Man

    Phyllis Schlafly has been the stupidest pundit out there for decades now. Everything awful about modern conservatism is demonstrated by her mere existence.

  • mickwright

    First phase of making sure Christians take credit for the inevitable marriage equality, the way they did black and women’s rights.