ACLJ Lies About ICANN Transition

The Christian right just keeps lying about the Obama administration turning control over domain names over to ICANN. The latest is the American Center for Law and Justice, which is pushing a petition to get it stopped (which is, of course, just a means of getting email addresses so they can beg for money). And they’re selling it with a lie:

The Obama Administration is giving up American control over the Internet, handing over its most important technical functions to a “multinational” body – perhaps even the U.N.

But do we want Russia or China influencing whether we can create websites?

Do we want the U.N. controlling key aspects of the world’s most powerful mode of communication – our free speech?

America has kept the Internet free. Don’t let our nation sign over our freedom to dictators.

But wait…I thought Obama was a dictator? What they leave out is what disproves their paranoid bullshit. Russia and China were opposed to giving control to ICANN. They wanted control given to the International Telecommunications Union, which is run by the United Nations. So this decision does the exact opposite of what the ACLJ claims it does. And if that surprises you, you haven’t been paying attention.

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  • Never mind the fact that this process began in 2006, under Bush II, as part of a larger GOP campaign to eliminate government oversight.

  • John Horstman

    ICANN is a private (sort of) non-profit corporation; it’s right there in the name – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. I thought these people *liked* privatizing public sector functions. Just more “Obama’s doing it so it must be bad” illogic?

  • Got it in one, John Horstman

  • brucegee1962

    But wait, they used the magic word “perhaps” in their statement. You must not have gotten the memo that once you’ve used magic word “perhaps,” you can follow it with any kind of counterfactual bs you feel like making up, and nobody is allowed to challenge you. Perhaps the ACLJ are all a bunch of child molesters — see, works every time!

  • I’m really enjoying the hype over the US giving up the DNS root zone. This has been in the cards for over a decade . They should read:

    “The Green Paper called for the

    creation of a new private, not-for-profit

    corporation17 responsible for

    coordinating specific DNS functions for

    the benefit of the Internet as a whole.

    Under the Green Paper proposal, the

    U.S. Government 18 would gradually

    transfer these functions to the new

    corporation beginning as soon as

    possible, with the goal of having the

    new corporation carry out operational

    responsibility by October 1998”

    There is absolutely no reason to have Department of Commerce controlling it. If people who yell about this shit had any idea of what the DNS root zone is (or, better yet how dns and it’s hierarchy work), they’d shut up.

    This is essenially why the ICANN exists

  • Crudely Wrott

    Shiny and barely touched InnerTube to John Horstman who, as Stewth so aptly pointed out, got it in one.

    Now, if only people who are satisfied to call themselves leaders would be so perceptive.

    And . . . who follows them . . . anywho?