Michelle Obama an “Evil Human Being”

Mat Staver and Matt Barber fired up the outrage machine on their radio show last week, calling First Lady Michelle Obama an “evil human being” who is just like Adolf Hitler because she praised a community health clinic in Miami that serves the poor and uninsured.

Staver: This whole Obamacare issue really shows the radicalism of the death culture and it’s being led by the President and his wife and his administration.

Michelle Obama, she spoke to so-called Obamacare counselors, people that are receiving taxpayer money, millions and millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars actually going to Planned Parenthood to sign up people for Obamacare, and she says ‘you are doing God’s work.’ Quote ‘you are doing God’s work.’

Barber: It’s jaw-dropping.

Staver: This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler. You’re doing God’s work? To what? To put people in these plans that actually kill children? That force employers to fund abortion and take innocent human lives? That’s God’s work? This is perverted. This is a perverted administration and a perverted president.

Barber: This is evil. It’s evil. And Michelle Obama, anybody who could say that, is an evil human being. Those are evil words, that’s an evil sentiment, and I cannot believe that Michelle Obama would say that ‘you’re doing God’s work’ by dismembering alive innocent pre-born children. It is Hitlerian.

The clinic she visited was the Jessie Trice Community Health Center in Miami. It provides health care to nearly 30,000 poor residents, including dental care, nutritional planning, prenatal care, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment and many more crucial health needs. She didn’t say anything at all about abortion. But when the only way to keep the money flowing in is by sowing perpetual outrage, everything must be distorted and oversimplified for maximum emotional effect. And….Hitler!

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  • matty1

    Did they get the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ entries in their dictionary mixed up?

  • Michael Heath

    And let’s never forget a credulous audience of cretins believe this shit. Otherwise these two yahoos wouldn’t have a venue to promote their falsehoods.

  • John Pieret

    Hitler Tourette’s Syndrome.

  • Mr Ed

    Barber: It’s jaw-dropping.

    So helping the poor get physicals is on par with genocide?

  • justsomeguy

    It’s pretty telling that the first thing they think of when the phrase “doing god’s work” comes up is Hitler.

  • The nerve of this Hitler in a skirt!

    She should be advocating for invading Iran, bombing — well something — in Syria, atomic war with the Ruskies and more executions of the mentally handicapped like good, pro-life Christians.

  • anubisprime

    This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler. You’re doing God’s work?

    Ahhh!…eeermm!..is that a Freudian slip?

    Is that a tacit admission that Hitler was a ‘gasp… pearl clutch’…Christian… that invoked his god at will to do his work?

    I thought the Christian right always insisted that Hitler would have nothing to do with a Christian god cos he was an atheist…in fact hated god and loved Darwin?…go figure!

    Or it means that the fuckers are to a fundy lying scumbags.

    What a revelation that would be!

  • I cannot believe that Michelle Obama would say that ‘you’re doing God’s work’ by dismembering alive innocent pre-born children.

    I agree. If she had been talking about slaughtering post born children, that would be much more God’s territory.

    Or have they not read the Old Testament lately?

  • Sastra

    Staver: This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler. You’re doing God’s work?

    Whoa! Light the candles and bring out the party balloons!

    A right-wing Christian wingnut just admitted that Hitler and the Nazis claimed and believed they were doing “God’s work.” We will celebrate this over the corpse of “Hitler-was-an-atheist.”

    (‘Course, I’ve a sneaking suspicion they’ll find a way to say it’s both.)

  • busterggi

    I knew there was a reason that “Devil Woman” was her theme music.

  • D. C. Sessions

    So helping the poor get physicals is on par with genocide?

    Of course it is. Look, this is a dog-eat-dog world — zero-sum from conception to cremation. For every one of those parasites who gets a free ride, there’s a white kid who’s going without essential medical services. It’s all part of the plot to exterminate Real Americans.

  • Good friends of our family have seen first-hand the “evil” of Obamacare.


    Last fall, she was diagnosed with a medical condition that is treatable with proper medication and follow-up care (a thyroid condition – maybe hypothyroidism?). But just a few weeks earlier, her husband lost his job, and they also lost their health insurance. They could not afford to pay for the treatment she needed. Her condition got worse, and as a result she suffered a massive heart attack. The next several weeks were horrific: ER, coma that lasted 6 weeks, prolonged hospital stay, many complications, including mild brain injury (anoxia) and the amputation of her left hand due to a clotting problem that went undiagnosed for too long. Now she is in rehab for at least a few weeks. This is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they do not have. BUT the family was able to sign up for Obamacare, and because pre-existing conditions are now covered (AS THEY SHOULD BE), her care and treatment are covered by insurance,


    While her story has a (relatively!) happy ending, here’s a case where, if we had health coverage for everyone regardless of employment status, she could have had her routine care last fall at FAR less cost than the emergency treatment, surgeries, rehab, and continuing care that she will now need. Not to mention the other costs to her family; they were already living on the edge before this happened. While this weeks-long crisis was going on, her husband was not able to seek employment (or start a job even if he had had time to job hunt), and their life has been precarious. Friends started a fund where we could contribute to help them pay rent, groceries, child care, etc.


    Providing health care for all just makes sense. Of course, it’s the humane thing to do, but it also makes economic sense.


    My family is fortunate in that my husband has excellent health insurance (with extension in case of job loss), but our friend’s case demonstrates just how close to the edge a lot of people are.

  • scienceavenger

    This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler…This is perverted.

    Indeed, I can’t think of anything more perverted than comparing Michelle Obama to Hitler.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Indeed, I can’t think of anything more perverted than comparing Michelle Obama to Hitler.

    Brown eyes, big on vegetables, love dogs, same mustache, …

  • a_ray_in_dilbert_space

    You know, as a general rule, I believe in trying to empathize with people I disagree with. I want to see the world from their point of view. I do not feel that way about these racist, reprehensible turds who have done everything they could to undermine the Obama presidency. I just want these assholes to choke on a fucking pretzel.

  • matty1

    @14 You forgot both evil monsters, and who can miss out Michelle’s invasion of Poland.

  • Spending money on healthcare is “the radicalism of the death culture?” Seriously? How can these tantrum-boys call themselves “pro-life” when they keep on confusing medical care with death?

    And how many ACTUAL murderers did these haters pass over to call Michelle Obama “evil?” If you want to see a “radical death culture,” just look at the hatemongers and pogromists they’re cheering on in Africa and Russia.

  • Thumper: Token Breeder

    …she says ‘you are doing God’s work.’ Quote ‘you are doing God’s work.’..This is reminiscent of going back to Hitler.

    Non sequiturs, what the fuck are they?

    It is Hitlerian.

    That’s not a word. I know online dictionaries have a definition of it, but seriously. Fuck it, if that’s a word, let’s start using “Stalinerian”. “Mugaberian”. “Hovinderian”. “Poperian”. For fuck sake.