Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Georgia Anti-Choice Groups

My friend Robin Marty has an article at Talking Points Memo about some serious infighting going on among the anti-choice groups in Georgia, pitting rabidly anti-abortion Republicans against even more rabid and extreme anti-abortion Republicans. And the shit’s getting real.

Here’s the background: Georgia Right to Life (GRTL), the state-based anti-abortion group that historically has held the most sway in the state of Georgia, but it’s been dealing with some heavy baggage this election cycle. With a highly combative GOP primary for an open Senate seat, the Republican primary candidates seem to be battling to see who can be the most extreme when it comes to opposing any form of abortion rights. For GRTL, this should be simple choice – with all candidates hostile to abortion, it would be hard to endorse a loser.

But simply being hostile to abortion is no longer good enough for GRTL. Unlike many of the National Right to Life affiliates across the country, GRTL has been a vocal proponent for complete abortion bans with no exceptions, not even in cases of rape, incest of a pregnant person’s health being in jeopardy. Their website openly and passionately advocates for a “Personhood” amendment, which would ban almost all forms of birth control. Many of the National Right to Life affiliates across the country, by contrast, argue against such a policy, fearing that an aggressive, highly unconstitutional ban on abortion and potentially hormonal birth control could backfire and reaffirm the right to an abortion codified in Roe v. Wade.

These deviations from the National Right to Life’s playbook that has given an opening to a new anti-abortion group. So far, Georgia Life Alliance is little more than a web landing page and an email sign up, but its goal is to be the new Georgia affiliate for National Right to Life, leaving GRTL out on its own.

That GRTL has angered its national umbrella is undeniable. GRTL fought against the mothership this summer when it argued that a politician who refused to vote in favor of the federal 20-week abortion ban because it had exceptions for rape victims was actually more pro-life than those who voted for the ban. The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) considered the ban a must-pass vote. GRTL continues to balk at the idea of the incremental strategies to overturn Roe championed by major anti-abortion policy groups like NRLC and Americans United for Life, instead advocating for all-out bans or nothing.

The arrival of a new anti-abortion advocacy group is a clear signal that it’s time for GRTL to conform to the rest of the National Right to Life team talking points, or go independent. If GRTL does so, it won’t be the first “pro-life” group to lose its NRLC affiliation. Cleveland Right to Life was cut off in 2013 after it decided to go rogue and join the fight against in the gay marriage, and was told to remove any claims from its website stating that it was affiliated with the National Right to Life organization. Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati was also ousted when it decided to back “personhood” a few years earlier. Still, neither were as big as a statewide affiliate like GRTL. Losing Right to Life affiliation to another anti-abortion organization, especially a start up, would be particularly mortifying.

When you get to the point of thinking that Right to Life is a compromised, squishy group of moderates, you’ve left rationality behind a loooooooooooooooooong time ago.

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  • Loqi

    I’m just waiting for a group to start advocating a total birth ban since birth stops a pregnancy.

  • Synfandel

    They should be fighting their real enemy, the Judean People’s Front.

  • dingojack

    If they do split, they should call themselves Conservative Right To Life Committee (or CRTL-C).


  • eric

    Given they want to ban hormonal birth control, are they trying ot say that unfertilized eggs are people? And what about sperm? (Let me guess…they’re only really concerned about controlling ladyparts…)

  • If these people really believed a fetus was a person, then they would consider miscarriages to be a national tragedy and advocate pouring tons of money into research and access to medical care for pregnant women to reduce the number of miscarriages.

  • D. C. Sessions

    tommykey, they are working on that. One of their people in Georgia has already introduced legislation criminalizing so-called “miscarriages,” which as everyone knows to be a euphemism for “abortion.”

  • @eric (#4) One of the ways hormonal birth control works is to keep fertilized eggs from implanting into the uterus.

  • abusedbypenguins

    I’m convinced that the really religious people are spoiled, narcissistic 5 and 6 year-olds in adult bodies. They are stuck with their version of santa claus and an imaginary deity rolled into one. The amount of nurture it took to accomplish this state of mind is a constant breaking down of the emerging child’s spirit to force a narrow view of how life is supposed to be lived and they can not comprehend why everyone isn’t like them. I want nothing to do with them.

  • busterggi

    Ah heck, they don’t really mean it. Its not as if they’re bombing not-extreme-enough anti-choice headquarters or murdering not-extreme-enough anti-choicers in church.

    When they start treating each other as they treat pro-choicers let me know.

  • unre9istered

    @Robin Pilger (#7) According to a recent study, hormonal birth control pills do not function by preventing implantation and were actually unable to prevent implantation. The belief that birth control pills prevent implantation comes from labeling on the pills that was based on a hypothesized method of action. The labels are now out of date but are unlikely to be corrected due to politics.

  • caseloweraz

    Dingojack: If they do split, they should call themselves Conservative Right To Life Committee (or CRTL-C).

    It seems appropriate since, by computer tradition, CTRL-C stops input-output operations.* The people who join these extreme groups have closed their minds.

    * It’s more accurate to say it once did so. Back in the days when DOS was king and hackers were good guys.

  • D. C. Sessions

    caseloweraz, I think you’re confusing CTRL-C with CTRL-S/CTRL-Q

    Then again, I’m a neckbearded Unix user.

  • mikey

    CTRL-C was indeed ‘break’ on DOS, RT-11, RSX-11 systems, among others….

  • mikey

    CTRL-S/CTRL-Q was scroll lock on/off….