Elmore: Gay People Want to Murder Conservatives

From the Department of WTF comes this column by Phil Elmore in the Worldnetdaily, in which he makes this fantastic leap from a dating site criticizing the (now-ex) Mozilla CEO for his anti-gay views to the claim that gay people and liberals want to murder conservatives.

Specifically, the management of dating site OKCupid has declared Mozilla’s new CEO, Brenden Eich, persona non grata because – GASP! – Eich has dared to exercise his constitutional right to free speech and freedom of religion by donating to political causes he supports (and of which progressives disapprove). Eich donated to California’s Proposition 8, stating his support for the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman (a position held by President “Mom Jeans” Obama until only recently)…

Mozilla makes the free web browser Firefox, which (at least until recently) was the browser all the cool kids and engineers were using. Offended that Mozilla would dare employ a CEO who once donated to a cause liberals consider politically incorrect, OKCupid recently asked its users not to access its content with Firefox. You read that correctly: Because a completely unrelated website’s management disagrees with the privately held political views of the CEO of a software company, you have been asked not to use that software to get to that site…

We saw it when the progressives targeted Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby. In every case, whether the target is high technology or old tradition, the result is the same: Liberals wish to purge from both public and private life any religious conviction or devotion to traditional morality. They do so by marginalizing and criminalizing any opinion with which they disagree, declaring it “hate” and an assault on “rights” (while denying First Amendment freedom to those they threaten, bully, and hector)…

If you are a liberal, you have rights. If you are a conservative, you don’t. You are, in fact, an evil, hateful person if you believe in traditional morality or, God help you, Christianity. You must therefore be denigrated, punished and silenced – and that’s only because the libs haven’t worked up the courage to murder you.


Oh, Phil. I don’t want to murder you. Your staggering stupidity is far too entertaining.

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  • lordshipmayhem

    When are they going to realize that the ranks of gays INCLUDE conservatives??

    Oh, wait, the WNT brand of “conservatives” is limited to the reactionary far-far-right wing.

  • lordshipmayhem

    *WND, not WNT. My bad, deepest apologies.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Oh, Phil. I don’t want to murder you.

    The fact that you say that is PROOF that you really DO want to murder conservatives!!!

  • eric

    I would classify that rant as shooting himself in the foot. He had a grain of a good point (OKCupid asking people not to use Firefox because of the CEO’s political position is pretty silly), but proceeded to make that good point look ridiculous through his own bombast and hyperbole.

  • dogmeat

    Okay, I think I’ve got it now…

    Conservative boycott in favor of suppressing the rights of others = GOOD


    Liberal boycott in favor of protecting the rights of others = BAD


    Conservative expressing their opinion and spending money to support an idea they agree with = GOOD


    Liberal expressing their opinion and spending money to support and idea they agree with = TYRANNY !!!

    That sound about right?

  • rationalinks

    I’m with ya, Phil! We should murder all the liberbulls before they have a chance to murder all of us….out of our Christian love of course.

  • marcus

    I think he is arbitrarily limiting the field.

  • cptdoom

    @5 – dogmeat, you’ve got it totally right. The hypocrisy of these people is really breathtaking. Just days after urging “Christians” not to continue donating to the charity World Vision, and thereby taking food and medical care away from thousands of poor people (Jesus would be so proud) because the charity had the gall to announce it would treat married gays and lesbians the same as it does other human beings (the charity reversed itself in 2 days), they decry this outcry over Eich.

    Of course Eich was not fired for his political position (his donation became public in 2012 when he was CTO of Mozilla) and the real outcry came from employees of Mozilla and the company’s technology partners (on whom the company relies for its continued success) when he was named as CEO. These are people who had worked with Eich for as long as 12 years, so they clearly knew more about him and his management style than anyone else and didn’t believe he could foster the culture of diversity and tolerance for which the company was known. But when did facts ever have an impact on right-wing religious extremists?

  • pinkey

    Dear Phil Elmore,

    Just a reminder, but OK Cupid used their “constitutional right to free speech” to place a notice on their website encouraging people to make their own choice to not use firefox due to Eich. Free speech protects all speech, not just the hatred toward gays that you approve.

    Free speech means your words are protected from censorship by the government. It does NOT mean you can say or do whatever you want without having any repercussions of said action. Act like an asshole, expected to be treated as one.

    Now piss off.

  • dingojack

    So – A CEO says he supports a political position and that’s his First Amendment right, but when a gay dating site asks it’s members to voluntarily not use the products produced by the company headed by the aforesaid CEO as a protest against this political position, IT’S TYRANNY!!eleventy!!

    Nope sorry, I can’t see even the faintest glimmering of the merest outline of something very vaguely resembling a good argument there.

    If the CEO can have free speech, so can a dating site. It’s really that simple.


  • Chiroptera

    Wut? Eich has the constitutional right that no one can stop using Firefox?

    They do so by marginalizing and criminalizing any opinion with which they disagree….

    Wut? It’s now illegal to use Firefox?

    Are conservatives even aware that the sounds that come out of their mouths are supposed to be a form of communication?

  • D. C. Sessions

    The general rule (examples by dogmeat@5) is that anything on the Left [1] is evil and anything that they use is a tool of evil and to be condemned. The same practice used for All That is Good and Holy (i.e. on the Right [1]) inherits the virtues of the Holy Cause and is good.

    It’s not hypocrisy, it’s totally consistent.

    [1] Defined as “relative to me”

  • dugglebogey

    Um, Chrome is the browser all the “cool kids and engineers” are using. Mozilla Firefox is niche.

    You know what matters when you are niche? Your image. When you are one of a half dozen viable and totally free choices, you better not fuck up. And Mozilla fucked up.

    Had Eich come out and said “I did this several years ago and since then like many Americans including President Obama I have changed my opinion.” all of this would have gone away.

    Instead, Eich went with the “I’m sorry you were offended” non-apology.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    dugglebogey @ # 13 – Directly delivering your entire online life to Google’s data-miners counts as cool these days?


  • Michael Heath

    dugglebogegy writes:

    Chrome is the browser all the “cool kids and engineers” are using. Mozilla Firefox is niche.

    What is the demographic for Firefox these days since Chrome became an established browser?

  • greg1466

    The level of projection and lack of self awareness is simply breathtaking.

  • U Frood

    I almost get the impression hat he would respect gay people more if they did “work up the courage” to go murder conservatives.

    I there’s a long history of conservatives with the “courage” to assault and murder gay people. He apparently expects them to retaliate in kind.

  • joelperkin

    I thought it was their holy book that called for death for gays. Must have read that wrong. Silly me.

  • Are those GAYkillaz from the GPF* or the FfGP**? The answer IS important.

    * GAY Peoples’ Front

    ** Front for GAY People