Donohue’s Delusions

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League — really just an angry, red-faced guy with a P.O. Box and a fax machine who likes to put out press release — is a bit delusional. The Catholic Church has no problem with priests abusing children anymore. “I don’t know of a single institution which has less of a problem” with sexual abuse than the Catholic Church, he said in this interview. Wow.

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  • barry21

    I take him at his word. He probably DOESN’T know what he claims not to know. There’s virtually no limit to what he doesn’t know.

  • greg1466

    To be fair, I’d say it’s pretty easy to argue that the Catholic Church doesn’t have a problem with sexual/child abuse. In fact, it would appear that they virtually endorse it. Kind of like how the Bible doesn’t have a problem with slavery or genocide.

  • What Bill doesn’t get is that it isn’t about the crime, it’s about the coverup. We literally have written documents from the last pope telling bishops how to coverup any sexual assault claims and to never go to the local authorities about it. I can’t think of any other institution that would get away with something like that.

  • roggg

    Meh. When Donohue professes his ignorance, I find it easy to take it at face value.

  • maddog1129

    Well, he’s right. They evidently don’t have a problem with it.

  • Mike Morris

    It is a wonder that the catholic church doesn’t take out a restraining order (or contract) on this fool. The church really doesn’t need anyone making them look more evil or more inept.

  • Larry

    Of course the church doesn’t have a problem with it. They’ve made it a part of the ritual.

  • Randomfactor

    Few things are a problem if you have a worldwide crime syndicate to cover up for you.

  • “I don’t know of a single institution which has less of a problem”

    Yeah, what’s the problem? I fuck the altar boys then forgive myself. No problem.

  • cptdoom

    Ouabache #3 has it right. No institution or company that deals with children is going to be able to 100% effectively screen out sexual abusers. The real issue is what happens when the abuse is reported/uncovered. That is where the Catholic Church has an enormous issue, one that neither Donohue nor the bishops seem to grasp. The Church continues to have a problem with obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting known rapists and defrauding both their insurers and parishioners. Until and unless they open their records to outside organizations/experts and really allow for a full airing of the truth, they will continue to face outrage and disgust.

    It is a wonder that the catholic church doesn’t take out a restraining order (or contract) on this fool. The church really doesn’t need anyone making them look more evil or more inept.

    Don’t you get it? Donohue is a useful idiot for the church – he can say all the really nasty, horrific things they can’t, but they get plausible deniability when confronted with his words.

  • Mike Morris

    I get the plausible deniability but Donohue has a pretty high profile in the US. He is on par with the bishops & cardinals in the public eye in some places. Only the pope gets more press as far as I can tell. Hard to deny the words of Billy after years of utter crap falling out of his mouth without a whisper of a reprimand.

  • cptdoom

    @Mike Morris #11 – I totally agree and I didn’t say it was a good strategy, but the Church is so used to blind obedience I don’t think they realize how he’s poisoning them.

  • Michael Heath

    Scott Pelley did a segment on the pope this past Sunday evening on 60 Minutes. It was all puff-piece; not once did Mr. Pelley confront this pope with the fact that the Catholic church continues to obstruct criminal investigations of those Catholics who abused children and those in the hierarchy that covered and continue to cover-up the evidence of this abuse.

    I thought Mr. Pelley was better than this. This was perhaps the biggest let down I’ve experienced from a journalist in my entire adult life. That’s because my perspective of him had me previously concluding he had integrity. Pelley now also has blood on his hands as does the current pope.

  • lorn

    Given the well documented history of a couple of century of abuse against women and children and the roll of the church in covering up and assisting in further molestations I doubt that the ‘Nothing to see here, move along’ gambit will work.

  • The church has no problem with child abuse.

    The children, however, just might have a fucking problem with it.

  • By which I mean, of course, that the church has, at the very least, covered up for the abusers, if not outright supported them.

  • anubisprime

    I wonder what exactly the RCC think about him…whether they support his statements or indeed acknowledge his piousness…

    I suppose when you are up to your sweaty hairy armpits in the sewage any sycophant whining about the unfairness of it all from the sidelines would be a comfort, but from a reasoned argument point of view he has never uttered one to my knowledge, and that does nor reflect that well on on the RCC in particular,.

    As far as I know they have never reprimanded or sanctioned his little spurts of katolik’ fandom often couched in terms of utter an derisory nature.

    Not sure that is a wise tactic seeing as the RCC like to be seen as a reasonable faith based on reason and logic.

    Like all the delusional religions reality and fact rarely sit in the same sentence without engendering mirth, or at the very least irony.

    But even so surely chummy is not doing their scam much good in convincing fresh meat or even in keeping what victims they already have.

  • re: Mike Morris @11: The Church’s problem these days is that their official position is so backward and repulsive that the establishment know they can’t articulate it without disgracing themselves beyond repair; and of course they can’t change that position either. So their only remaining option is to let “unofficial” spokespersons like Donohue do the articulating, while the establishment either quietly let him do their work for them, or quietly shut him up if his antics become a problem.

    And the fact that they haven’t shut him up yet only proves the Church approves of him. Which shouldn’t be a big surprise, given their latest Pope has told pretty much the same blatant lie already.

  • I grew up cath-o-lick and most of my family are still church goers and, publically at least, staunch believers. What I said about Christians (in general) @25 here:

    goes double for cath-o-licks.

    If it wasn’t for the incredible damage that religionists do, at their deities’ behest, it would be a lot funnier to watch groups who believe in a savage, vengeful supreme being with multiple personality disorder–who ordered a third of himself to die as an object lesson to his sheeple–quibble over the use of poisonous snakes and glossolalia being legitimate practices of worship.

  • gingerbaker

    Say what you want against my main man Donohue, he gets on TV more than David Silverman, he’s fearless, and he manages to get paid a hell of a lot of money every year with what is basically an operation out of his garage.

    He pisses us off. That’s his job. He’s good at it. I wish we had a few like him on our side. We are still woefully underrepresented in the media.

  • @anubisprime:

    wonder what exactly the RCC think about him

    It isn’t as if they’re of one mind or opinion. There’s a lot of internal disagreement about people and issues. Donahue isn’t even a blip outside the US. In the US, opinions probably range from positive views to disdainfulness. If I had to guess, most bishops are probably glad he’s not their problem, so to speak… not based in their diocese. Most of the bishops are careerists who don’t want to deal with people who make waves and stir up controversy. After clericalism and financial motivation, a third motivation in the sex abuse cover-up was the motivation of careerists doing what careerists do with controversy: silence, suppress and sweep things under the rug. The loudmouth clerics and bishops (e.g. Dolan) get most of the attention, but most would prefer to fly quietly under the radar and guys like Bill O’Donnell aren’t helpful for that.

  • Trebuchet

    For a while, a few years ago, I got Bill Donohue and Bill O’Reilley confused in my mind. There really isn’t all that much difference.