Allen: Obama ‘Desecrates’ Easter Prayer Breakfast

As soon as I saw that President Obama had asked Gene Robinson, the openly gay former Episcopal bishop, to deliver the closing prayer at the annual Easter prayer breakfast, I couldn’t wait to see the Christian right losing their minds over it. Jeff Allen, come on down:

Blasphemy: Obama Picks ‘Gay’ Bishop for Easter Prayer

President Barack Obama hosted about 150 Christian leaders at the Fifth Annual Easter Prayer Breakfast on Monday. At the conclusion of the event, the president chose to desecrate the Easter observance by spontaneously inviting the Episcopal Church’s first self-avowed, practicing homosexual bishop to offer the closing prayer. In his and the culture’s celebration of everything “gay,” apparently nothing is sacred…

At one time, even Bishop Robinson thought marriage should be defined only as the union of one man and one woman. But he later embraced apostasy and began an open homosexual relationship with Mark Andrew. The two made it legal in a civil “union” ceremony in 2008, followed by a “religious” service, both held in St Paul’s Church, Concord, New Hampshire. Earlier, Robinson reportedly said, “I always wanted to be a June bride.” Oh, please!

Evidently, there’s solidarity between fellow “evolvers” on this issue.

Blasphemy! Desecration! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

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  • dmcclean

    Pretty much as soon as anyone uses the word “apostasy” without scare-quotes, you know they are being ridiculous.

  • Chiroptera

    But he later embraced apostasy….

    Uh, that’s not what apostasy means.

    Holy crap! They don’t even know what their own words mean!

  • “Apostasy” is just like “communist”, “nazi”, “anti-colonialist” and a host of other phrases. It has no meaning beyond “something I don’t like.” “Ooogly-boogly” would do just as well.

  • robnyny

    We need more scare quotes:

    “The” “two” “made” “it” “legal” “in” “a” “c”i”v”i”l “union” “ceremony” “in” “2008”, “followed” “by” “a” “”””””“religious”””””” “service.” “””””””””””””””

  • robnyny

    I think it might be time to stop saying “openly gay.”

    Fifteen years ago or so the human resources department of my law firm employer telephoned me to find out if I was plain old gay or openly gay. (There is an organization that keeps track.) I said I didn’t know the difference. Apparently I got tabulated as “openly gay,” which got me laid about 0% (or slightly less) more than otherwise.

  • John Pieret

    apparently nothing is sacred

    Well not Episcopalians, apparently, since they made that desecration a bishop. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Christian killing Christian war …

  • It’s a pagan holiday anyway. Silly christians.

  • When I read the title, I thought Obama’s mere presence is what they were claiming was desecrating it. Remember when the wingnuts where totally up in arms about Obama not attending various prayer breakfasts and stuff? Good times, good times.

  • Seriously Area Man, he can’t win no matter what he does. If he doesn’t show up, it’s a scandal. If he does, it’s like “how dare he pretend to be a beliving Christian!”

  • pocketnerd

    Wait, wait, wait — how is this Obama’s fault? Shouldn’t Jeff Allen be whining about the Episcopal Church for appointing a gay bishop? Or maybe he should blame the two million Americans baptised as Episcopal for not hatin’ gays enough.

  • Michael Heath

    Sandy Rios:

    In his and the culture’s celebration of everything “gay,” apparently nothing is sacred…

    I agree nothing’s sacred, but I concede that within conservative Christianity, bigotry is sacred. And I don’t see that ending anytime soon, at least inside their church walls. So millions will continue to suffer, especially children.

  • Ellie


    That’s correct, and we know we will be third up against the wall when the RWNJ fundies take over. We will process in an orderly fashion waving rainbows.

  • @5:

    Well, Robnyny*:

    They, the HR** people of 15 years ago, had not yet been infected with teh GAYcooties (there weren’t more than a handful of gays in corporate MurKKKa, back then, it was like Iran with an M&A unit). For them “closeted gay” meant men who dress in women’s clothing in the privacy of their own homes or, occasionally, at “Rocky Horror Picture Show” nights***. “Out Gay”? Well that was everything else but most especially; for men those who wore cutting edge fashions or, conversely, punkstyle with lots of piercings AND doted on their mothers; for women, the only markers were plaid flannel shirts, “dad” jeans and Doc Martens.

    * I’m just curious, is that blognomen a play on NY, NY, USA or something do with Curly from the Original (and Waaaaaaaaaaaay fucking better) 3 Stooges?

    ** I ran into somebody last night who said the HR was trying to eliminate his position–and him along with it–at his employer’s business. I asked him if he knew what “HR” stood for. He looked at me blankly, so I told him, “Headcount Reduction”.

    *** There never were, aren’t now and never will be any “closeted gay women”, that’s as laughable a notion as female orgasm.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    I want to know why Allen thought it necessary to put the word “gay” into scare quotes. Not really gay?

    And the headline?

    Blasphemy: Obama Picks ‘Gay’ Bishop for Easter Prayer

    I laughed at it. I mean, if the bishop IS a bishop, doesn’t that mean that his religion doesn’t consider it blasphemy?