NV Republican Deluded About the Youth Vote

The Nevada Republican Party recently decided to remove anti-choice and anti-gay language from their platform, prompting Republican state legislator Ira Hansen to go on the Janet Mefferd show and claim that the real way to appeal to younger voters is to embrace the “Pat Robertson wing” of the GOP.

We don’t see that younger recruitment into the party. I think they are actually being alienated partially by this absence of values. I also think as people get older, they lose some of their drive to fight, I think that’s even true of the pro-life, traditional marriage type crowd. I think they are basically not just shell-shocked but there’s like — you know what, I’ve been fighting this twenty, thirty years; me, I’ve been involved in the Republican Party virtually since I was eighteen, going back to the Reagan era. But I’d probably say in Nevada you still see a big strong element going back to the Pat Robertson campaign in 1988, and that was when there was a huge fight here in Nevada between the Rockefeller wing of the party, as I call them, and the Pat Robertson wing. And with time the Robertson wing won and you had these social issues openly adopted by the Republican Party. And, by the way, in the ‘90s and 2000s, the Republican Party actually did very, very well in Nevada with those in the platform.

Yes, of course. The way to appeal to young voters is to embrace the Christian far right agenda. I strongly encourage the Republican party to do exactly that. Polls — how the fuck do they work?

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  • Chiroptera

    I think they are actually being alienated partially by this absence of values.

    In a way, this is correct. An increasing number of young people are becoming alienated by the Tea Party’s and the Religious Right’s absense of values.

    (Absense of values is actually a good phrase. I have no better way of describing the contemporary conservative movement in the US.)

  • doublereed

    Because Pat Robertson is what young republicans aspire to…

  • Doug Little

    Polls — how the fuck do they work?

    Well once you unskew them anything is possible.

  • eric

    The folks around this guy face such a dilema – to enjoy bursting his bubble, or to enjoy not bursting it…

  • John Pieret

    Nothing says “youth” more than Pat Robertson!

  • Loqi

    You know us twenty-somethings. It’s all yolo this and Pat Robertson that. We’ve even got an abbreviation to express how much we stand behind Pat Robertson: ROFL (Robertson Opposes Foolish Liberals). Every time you see that, you know it’s another youngster expressing how much they wish their parents’ generation had fought harder against gay rights.

  • abb3w

    Hansen may “think they are actually being alienated partially by this absence of values”, but that seems to be more because such a belief is comfortable to him rather than because of external evidence indicating it corresponds to reality.

  • Larry

    Cause nothing says Freedom! like a 75 year old man telling a 25 year old what they can and cannot do.

  • anubisprime

    # OP

    I think they are actually being alienated partially by this absence of values

    So the GOP has an absence of values…colour me shocked!

    But alienated by that not so much, more by blowhards that think Pat Roberstson is the answer to all present woes in the Republican camp.

    If that is not out of touch with reality let alone rationality it would be interesting to know what is!

    And these fuckers are scratching their heads over this dilemma?…fuckin’ tarpit with the lot of ’em I would suggest!

  • This is actually progress for them. Their typical response to why the GOP does terrible among young voters is some version of the “Get off my lawn!” argument.

  • vmanis1

    I actually think this strategy might work. They should show clips of Robertson’s wackier moments, and then helpfully suggest `If you vote GOP, we’ll supply you with the same drugs Pat Robertson uses’. You never know, it might work.

  • mikeyb

    To replace Obamacare, let me propose randomly praying in tongues on TV about whatever disease I happen to imagine about at the moment. It saves taxpayer money, and as a bonus it isn’t any worse than any other current GOP health care replacement plan proposed – ZERO anyway. As a bonus, Ted Cruz’s father would heartily endorse it as well.

  • sugarfrosted

    @12 No, that’s an improvement over their only plan they ever offered. Tort “reform.” Hospital ruins your ability to work? Maximum damages are less than a year’s wage.

  • =8)-DX

    Look people, “Pat Robertson” is not what the initialism PR stands for.

  • freehand

    Larry: Cause nothing says Freedom! like a 75 year old man telling a 25 year old what they can and cannot do.


    A 75 year-old man who never had any fun in his life. Just imagine how wacky he’ll be when he finally starts cutting loose.