Ugandan Catholic Bishop Calls for Anti-Gay Violence

One of Uganda’s Catholic bishops delivered an Easter homily that focused not on the resurrection of Jesus or the church’s message of hope and atonement but on the need for people of that country to commit violence against gay people in order to rid the country of homosexuality.

The Bishop of the Jinja Diocese of the Catholic Church, Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for the Anti-Homosexuality Act that provides life in prison for gay (LGBTI) people in Uganda. The Bishop called for a blessing for Uganda’s Christians who worked so hard to ‘free the land of gays.’ The Bishope also asked for parents to hand over their gay children to authorities, so they would be rewarded in heaven. I would call that a statement praising and calling for a genocide…

From the voice of a young man “accused” of being gay who is in hiding in Uganda:

“The Bishop of Jinja Diocese – Bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Charles Wamika, in today’s Easter Message delivered at St. Chalres Lwanga Catholic Church, praised the Members of Parliament for taking a stand to see to it that the Anti-homosexuality bill passed into law, he went ahead and called on the faithful to vote for President Museveni in 2016 general elections for signing the bill into law.

He reminded the Christians that, it has been a law and he sent blessings to all Christians who have been working so hard to make Jinja a land free of gay persons. He said throughout human history the catholic church has fought evil and blood has been shed, he called on all the Christians to do whatever they can in their own means to clean this city.

I am surprised that a well educated bishop, well traveled and studied in different western countries uses his position to justify killing. He asked parents with gay suspected children to handle them over to authorities and their reward is in heaven. This is too much hatred. I wonder if we will hear from the Pope on this. If not, I lose all hope.”

To my way of thinking on this Easter Sunday the Ugandan Catholic Bishop of Jinja has indeed called for the extermination of gays. I hope Pope Francis has a great Easter while Ugandan Gays have to hear this hate sputtering from his Bishops. I think this Bishop should be recalled and put to pasture. Perhaps a petition is called for. And what about an apology and a clear message from Pope Francis on this tragic issue.

Yes, I would say this is a test of just how serious Pope Francis is about humanizing his church. It isn’t just this one bishop doing this, it’s a lot of priests and bishops throughout the region, including Uganda and Nigeria, who have supported brutal and barbaric laws that eliminate the human rights of gay people. I have been impressed so far with Pope Francis and his efforts to change the tone and focus of the church, but if he does not speak out and take action against those who are calling for hatred and violence in the name of the church, he will have rendered that message irrelevant and hypocritical.

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  • No, the bishops just want the alleged gay boys rounded up so that they can molest them.

    … And then have them killed for being gay.

  • This is pretty clever. Once the family goes out looking for gays to beat, the clergy can swoop in on the unprotected children left at home.

  • dantalion

    Pope Francis was hired to reform the church’s image, not to reform the church. Sometimes the catholic church appoints a figurehead who smiles and speaks in soft, friendly tones. This does not change anything about what the catholic church is.

  • A leader of the Catholic Church calling for bigotry related mass murder. Hmmm, where have we seen that one before? (I will leave Godwinning this thread as an exercise to the reader.)

  • grumpyoldfart

    Any film, audio, or written versions of the Bishop’s speech?

  • To be fair, Jesus did talk about dividing families. I don’t think He said anything about turning your kids over to the Romans, though.

  • eric

    @6 – Paul at one point returns an escaped slave to his Christian master. But he also tells the master to treat this one slave better than his other slaves, because the returning slave was now Christian. How’s that for Christian love and charity?

  • anubisprime

    # OP

    I have been impressed so far with Pope Francis and his efforts to change the tone and focus of the church

    Exactly what efforts has he promoted to change the tone and focus of the church?

    Women priests……nope…

    Priests marrying….nope…

    Gay rights ………….nope…




    Child sex abuse….nope…

    Concept of ‘hell’….nope…

    Scrapping utter nonsense like possession, exorcism and demon infestation…nope…

    A more rational approach to conferring sainthood referencing dubious and unevidenced ‘miracles’ …nope…

    He might smile a bit more then the last one…might appear a little less senile…a bit less creepy…might indeed ‘talk’ a good ‘talk’ in far more coherency…might indeed like displaying his supposed dislike of ostentation and luxury…might pretend the poor are his concern.

    Might do a lot of photo opportunities boasting his ‘common touch’…

    Best will in any world it all comes across as damage limitation control.

    After the last disaster, which Benny baby undoubtedly was, there is only a pretending it never happened and the church is run under a new management anyway and who actually comes across as human…well ish!

    But tone and focus change…nope…Catholic Church is the Catholic church, take from that what you will!

    No change, just a relaunch of brand, slightly different less arcane language, more apparent sanity in the head honcho, but same old same old underneath.

    As for condemning or discipling such wholly abhorrent bilge spouted by his Bishops and Cardinals, no one should hold their breath!

  • bionichips

    I’m with anusprime – all talk, no action. Only the presentation has changed, not the content. I have no idea why Ed is impressed with what Pope Francis has done so far. A triumph of PR over reality. I think people who remain as members of the Catholic Church are morally culpable for the evils of the Catholic Church since they support the church. How much more responsibility does the Pope have who could speak out and is silent, who could take action and does not? Staying in a modest apartment and washing the feet of the poor does not begin to come close to the evils of his silence and lack of action on Uganda and pedophilia.

  • gardengnome

    Second that.

  • lorn

    I agree that pope Francis has changed the public image of the church by offered a smiling face and words of moderation without changing any of the doctrine or methods. It is like changing the SS symbol from a death’s head to a smiley and calling the problem solved. The Catholic church is incapable of real reform if it will not alter its underlying and motivating doctrine. Pope Francis has not, and has shown no inclination, to change the established dogma that continues to lead to abuses.

    Developments in Uganda:

    – Minority vilified.

    – Problems depicted as a result of the actions of this minority.

    – Conflict framed as a nation oppressed by this minority.

    – Friends, neighbors, family encouraged to report and turn in members of said minority.

    – Violence against this minority framed as justified and a service to the nation.

    Hmmm … where have I seen a similar constellation of developments?

    I’m sure I’ve seen all this before … it is right at the tip of my tongue.

  • lijdare

    Strangely enough the Catholic Church in Uganda was ‘officially’ not in favor of the Bahati bill. The Archbishop in Uganda spoke out against it about 2010. But then again he hasn’t said much anything more about it since. If he did he’d probably start loosing Catholics to Anglicans. It is also not the policy of the Catholic Church to make gay sex illegal. So this priest should be at least severly reprimanded…. should. I don’t expect the Catholic Church to follow its own policy, they’re gutless in this regard.

  • royandale

    Yes, I’m afraid the Catholic Church is, as one friend put it, same circus, different clowns.

  • Erp

    I note that some out there are doubting the story’s accuracy saying, for instance, that there is no St. Charles Lwanga church in the Diocese of Jinja (and admittedly I can’t find one on the diocese’s homepage [there is a small community, a subdivision of a parish, with that name]). The bishop of course could be preaching outside his diocese (though that sounds odd for an Easter Sunday sermon by a bishop, one would expect a sermon from him at his Cathedral [which is not named after Charles Lwanga] or at least being present at the Cathedral); there is a church by that name in Kampala some 80km away and another in Lugazi (though that is Karoli Lwanga Church) which is between Jinja and Kampala. The bishop has also allegedly denied the story, saying he was at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Jinja that day but neither preaching nor presiding.

    The story could be true, but, I would like some supporting evidence.