Moron: All Racists are Atheists

Hemant has the audio and transcript of some truly idiotic statement from Dan Caplis, a Rush Limbaugh wannabe in Colorado. In the wake of Donald Sterling’s racist statements he claimed several times on his radio show that all racists have to be atheists.

The roots of this kind of racism, this kind of attitude where somebody really thinks they’re superior to somebody, just because of the color of the other person’s skin? First, what it tells me, you know, my constitutionally-protected opinion about that person, is: they don’t believe in God. Nobody who believes in God can be a racist, in my view, because once you believe God made us, you mean, God made junk? God made somebody lesser just by virtue of the color of their skin? So my starting point is always: All racists must be atheists. They can’t possibly believe in God…

I also managed to anger some atheists this morning, because I took the position, and I think this is true… that you cannot believe in God and be a racist. Because if you believe in God, then you cannot possibly believe that God made somebody inferior just because of the color of their skin. But then I’ll read you the email from our racist friend who says that’s an insult to atheists.

No, I never said that all atheists are racists. In fact, I’ve never had that impression whatsoever, that any sort of big number of atheists were racist. My point is the opposite, or a different point, I should say. That I think, probably, all racists are, at the end of the day, atheists…

… I’m not deciding for anyone whether they believe in God. I was just making the point that, having known a lot of racists during my life — I grew up on the south and then southwest side of Chicago, was around many courageous civil rights champions, such as my parents — but, in that area, I was also around many true racists, including, you know, that’s where the American Nazi Party set up.

And my impression has always been that those people can’t possibly believe in God. Or there’s no way you could think somebody is lesser just because of the color of their skin. Those two ideas just can’t fit together. But I never suggested — I apologize if it was taken that way, but never could’ve imagined somebody would think I was saying that all atheists are racists. That would be a goofy thing to say. I was just saying all racists are atheists…

Yeah, he’s not saying Monumentally Idiotic Statement A, he’s only saying Incredibly Idiotic Statement B. So get off his back, okay? If all racists must be atheists then there must not have been any such thing as Christians for about 1800 years. Racism was justified with the Bible for centuries and still is in some churches and in some areas of the Christian right. Oh, I know — No True Scotsman, right? Get back to me when you learn how to think clearly.


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  • Those two ideas just can’t fit together.

    Yes, because no one ever holds mutually contradictory beliefs. In fact, God would wipe out certain groups of people because he didn’t believe in himself.

  • cptdoom

    Wasn’t the split between the Northern and Southern Baptists all about whether God had ordained that black people live in slavery? Just askin’

  • The Southern Baptist Convention came into being in 1845 because the national Baptist organizations opposed slavery and were not permitting slave-holders to serve as ordained missionaries. In 1995, the SBC issued a statement acknowledging its racist origins and apologizing for its part in defending slavery, segregation, and white supremacism (a move that, not surprisingly, pissed off a lot of Southern Baptists and led to large walk-outs and even entire congregations deciding to disaffiliate with denomination.) I suppose that, according to Caplis, the SBC and its members are not and never have been True Scotsmen Christians?

  • dugglebogey

    If his point is that racist christians are shitty christians, then I agree.

  • Randomfactor

    Sterling reportedly self-identifies as Jewish.

  • busterggi

    Odd, I doubt you can find any ateists who believe in the Curse of Ham.

  • hrafn

    Shhh — nobody tell this guy about the Christian Identity movement.

  • scott

    What’s with this “my constitutionally-protected opinion” bullshit?

    “Look at me, I’m so brave, Obama would love to throw me in a FEMA camp for this but he can’t because Constitution, so neener neener neener.”

    It’s all projection. Because they’d use the law to shut us up in a second, they think we’re out to do the same to them.

  • Chiroptera

    Is this guy criticizing racists? ‘ Cause according to homophobic legal theory, criticism is a violation of their free speech.

  • A Masked Avenger

    Nobody who believes in God can be a racist, in my view, because once you believe God made us, you mean, God made junk? God made somebody lesser just by virtue of the color of their skin?

    Of course not! God, praised be he, made everything “very good,” with a particular place in the great circle of life. Animals he made to become our delicious barbecue. Women he made to fetch us beer as we eat our delicious barbecue. The yellow people he made to build our stereos, iphones, and other sources of enjoyable music while we enjoy our delicious barbecue. And the black man he made to tend the animals, pick the cotton, mow the lawns, and all the other myriad things that need doing to make our delicious barbecue a reality.

    So you see, a true believer can never be a racist. He must stand in awe and wonder at the grand design, and thank and praise his maker when he sees each one playing their divinely-ordained part in the tapestry of life. To do otherwise is to be a blasphemer. (Oh, and to deny one’s rightful place in that grand design is also blasphemy. That too.)

  • Nobody who believes in God can be a racist, in my view, because once you believe God made us, you mean, God made junk?

    Does he realize that religious people arguing in favor of racial equality have been using this same argument *against their racist coreligionists* for a long time? They were using this argument precisely because there were/are racist religious people; they were presenting them with a different religious interpretation to convince them to not be racist.

  • cafink

    I like that he explicitly points out that his opinion is “constitutionally protected.” It reminds me of that recent xkcd comic: “you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.”

  • scienceavenger

    Just one more data point confirming that the conservative mantra about them dealing with facts while liberals deal with feelings is bunk. They deal with speculation, and blinkered speculation at that.

  • Synfandel
  • felidae

    I think this would be big news for the folks at the Christian Identity movement who believe that Jesus was a white man and only whites are true Christians

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    I had no idea the KKK were atheists. So that’s why they also hated Jews and Catholics.