Beck: I’m MLK, Alex Jones is Malcolm X

Glenn Beck is responding to Alex Jones’ attack on him as a “White House operative” by saying that “history is repeating itself” because it mirrors Malcolm X’s attacks on Martin Luther King. Because if there’s one person who comes to mind when I think of Martin Luther King, it’s Glenn Beck.

“I am a guy who apparently a lot of people disagree with, and that’s fine,” Glenn said. “Last night, I saw a story. Somebody sent me a story from Alex Jones, and I wrote a long memo to everybody in my company… I’m not going to respond to Alex Jones anymore. Not because I hate him or anything else, but because Alex Jones has his path… and he has a right to say those things.”

Glenn went on to explain that he spent much of last night reflecting on and praying about what the correct path forward is. While his immediate reaction to want to “punch back with the facts,” he knows that is not the answer.

“Last night, I really prayed hard. What do I do, Lord? How do I do this? Because my instinct is to punch back with the facts, and I know that’s wrong,” Glenn said. “The reason why I wrote this memo last night is I don’t want any more division. I don’t want any more hatred… I have been saying to Pat – and say it as a really flawed individual – we have to love our enemies.”…

Last night, Glenn picked up some of the old speeches and writings of King and Ghandi in hopes of better understanding how they led such effective and peaceful movements in the midst of discontent.

Glenn came across an interview Malcolm X gave in which he smeared King and his mission…

“As I read those words last night, I thought: History is repeating itself,” Glenn said. “How did Martin Luther King respond? In a way that came natural to him, and I must learn.”…

“I am telling you the same thing. Are you more angry and bitter today than you were two years ago? If your answer is yes, you’re on the wrong path,” Glenn concluded. “I am a flawed guy. I am not talking about sitting down and taking it. I am talking about standing, linked arm in arm, and if the entire world goes the other way, that is fine. I will stand. I will resist when the cause is just, but I will do so without violence, and that’s not enough. I will do so without anger in my heart. That’s the real key. With charity for all, and malice toward none.”

On second thought, Glenn Beck is practically the second coming of Gandhi.

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  • Kevin Kehres

    Oh, I like this game: Beck is Jim Jones. Alex Jones is David Koresh.

    Beck is rubber; Jones is glue.

  • John Pieret

    Because my instinct is to punch back with the facts, and I know that’s wrong

    Since you are a complete stranger, if not outright allergic, to facts I think you gave yourself sage advice for once.

  • krisrhodes

    Last week Beck rejected the whole Bundy camp, this week refusing to get in a shit slinging right with a delusional guy.

    Maybe he Is trying desperately to become re-hinged.

  • dingojack

    Beck: I’m MLK, Alex Jones is Malcolm X


    Seriously?!? Martin Luther King Jr.? SERIOUSLY, Mr Bek?!!?


  • bushrat

    Glenn beck is a Typhoon, Alex Jones is a Hurricane.

    Both blow pretty hard.

  • dingojack

    krisrhodes – ‘rehinged’? Ya think? Bek compared himself to MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Glenn Bek!

    (And the take-home lesson here boys and girls is: when it comes to replacing hinges — get a professional)


  • dingojack

    bushrat – This both sucks and blows [/Bart Simpson]


  • dhall

    Next week, Beck will equate himself with Jesus, and Jones with Judas.

  • This isn’t even the first time Beck has compared himself to MLK. He once held a whole rally revolving around that claim.

  • cjcolucci

    Of course, we know how MLK and Malcolm X both ended up.

  • Loqi

    Yeah, punching back with facts would be wrong. After all, it would violate everything he stands for. He’s not going to sell out to reality. I’d say he’s not going to go corporate, but…

  • Fred Birch and Joe McCarthy is more like it.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    “Because my instinct is to punch back with the facts, and I know that’s wrong.”

    It’s ok Glenn. You wouldn’t be the only one pointing out that Alex Jones is nuts.

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    [hanging by one hand, the other having been cut off by a light saber] NOOO! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

  • Kermit Freehand

    “Fact” != “crap I assert”

  • You wouldn’t be the only one pointing out that Alex Jones is nuts.

    That doesn’t even begin to cover it. According to Jones, the leaders of the New World Order (who are all child-molesting Satan worshipers) have in their possession antimatter weapons that can destroy the entire Solar System.