Beck Freaks Out About Fake Fetus Burning Story

A couple weeks ago a story started circulating that a facility in a tiny town in Oregon that burns waste to produce energy was importing aborted fetuses from Canada to burn, prompting much pearl-clutching among the righteous. Glenn Beck predictably ranted about it:

Last week, Glenn Beck was very upset about reports that the biomedical waste that was being burned at an Oregon waste-to-energy facility included the remains of aborted fetuses, comparing it on his radio show to the science fiction film “Soylent Green” while screaming “electricity is people, your electricity is people!”

It was, for Beck, simply further proof that America is in a moral nosedive and will soon become “the most horrific nation on the face of the earth” as he grew somber and beseeched his listeners to “go off the grid” if this is how our nation’s energy is being produced.

“Do not be a part of that. Is there anything more evil than that?”

The story, of course, was complete nonsense:

But as it turned out, the accusation was completely erroneous, according to Jill Stueck, vice president of marketing and communications for Covanta Energy Corporation, the company that owns and operates the plant in Brooks.

“It’s not just inaccurate; it’s completely false,” she said.

Stueck said “fetal tissue” refers to other biological material associated with birth, such as umbilical cords and placentas — not fetuses. Fetuses would be classified as “human remains” and are in a different category.

“This is a mixing-together of terms that mean completely different things,” she said. “We’re not burning babies.”

But even if it were true, so what? They’re dead. The energy company didn’t kill them. What else are you gonna do, have them stuffed and mounted?

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  • Kevin Kehres

    Broiled in lemon butter?

  • Trebuchet

    What else are you gonna do, have them stuffed and mounted?

    Yes. Mounted on little crosses to be carried around at abortion clinic harassment operations.

  • Chiroptera


    Does Canada really produce enough aborted fetuses to make it worthwhile for anyone to import for energy production?

  • Synfandel

    Mr. Beck is not going to be happy about the Enbridge pipeline that will export Canadian fetal tissue to Oregon.

  • Chiroptera

    [Beck] beseeched his listeners to “go off the grid” if this is how our nation’s energy is being produced.

    “Do not be a part of that. Is there anything more evil than that?”

    Well, fossil fuels come to my mind as being more evil.

  • chrisdevries

    Obviously you evil libruls haven’t read the paper by Goebbels et al. entitled “Fetuses: the miracle fuel.” Apparently unbaptised souls have an energy density comparable to uranium-235.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    “This is a mixing-together of terms that mean completely different things,” she said.

    Which isn’t uncommon among Beck and those like him.

    What else are you gonna do, have them stuffed and mounted?

    You laugh now but just wait until the next round of anti-abortion legislation comes down the pike.

  • Lea

    Electricity is people, my friend.

  • It’s possible Beck has fallen victim to a distorted story from the UK. Reports came out last month that some UK hospitals may have burned fetuses in hospital heating plants alongside various forms of waste.

  • Doug Little

    How much energy do you get per fetus?

  • NitricAcid

    If you turn fetuses into electricity, you have to make sure that none of the electricity gets back into the pile of fetuses that are waiting to get burned, or some horrible Frankenstein-fetus monster will arise and terrorize the area.

  • haitied

    In his defense at least when he said “Off the grid” he meant the power grid. I’m not sure what grid most batshitters are talking about when they claim they want to be “off the grid” because their plans invariably include power from the electric grid.

  • felidae

    Maybe capturing all the hot air Beck spews could be a new untapped energy source

  • Artor
  • “It’s possible Beck has fallen victim to a distorted story from the UK.”.

    It’s also possible and much more likely that Beck is completely aware that the story is absolute bullshit and he’s pushing it anyway.

  • Or, or… Beck doesn’t know and would have made it up anyway, or Beck does know, but will not suffer to be outdone by some Brits. Any scenario except one including the truth is possible with Beck.

  • jpf

    Of course the original rumor was fake. It was planted by the White House to trick conservatives into buying solar panels from Solyndra, the profits from which would fund ACORN’s cover-up of Benghazi, which was actually a false-flag op to distract from the BLM’s cattle rustling at the behest of the UN’s Agenda 21, who need the cows to serve as surrogate wombs for the still-living “aborted” Canadian fetuses who will be raised as black helicopter pilots. Beck knows all this, but THEY are blackmailing him into silence with info about his 1990 activities.

  • @ jpf

    You forgot the IRS. Never forget the IRS.

  • mikeymeitbual

    In the Godfather (the book), Luca Brasi forces the midwife delivering the baby of the Irish whore he impregnated to do just that – baby goes in furnace or bullet goes in your head.

    More fiction to confuse poor Glenn…

  • dingojack

    Ed asked “What else are you gonna do, have them stuffed and mounted?”

    Well of course not. Have them stuffed, mounted and sent to Glen Bek, en masse.

    Kevin Kehres (#1) – with Favre Beans and a nice white-wine Chianti.


  • leonardschneider

    Yes, go off the grid. Buy 20K watt diesel generators and run those. That’s much better. (Your neighbors may complain, but you won’t be able to hear them.)

    ‘Sides, any report involving the disposal of fetuses that does not include the word ‘Hormel’ in it is, by definition, inaccurate.

  • What else are you gonna do, have them stuffed and mounted?

    Stuff ’em with catnip, turn ’em into toys?

  • dingojack

    Atheist hors d’oeuvres?

    😀 Dingo

  • OldEd

    In response to the question as to how much energy you are going to get per fetus, the answer is a negative number.

    Flesh – human, other animal, most vegetable, whatever other kind of flesh their may be, contains lots of water.

    Believe me, it does. If you don’t believe me, just try dumping some fresh grass clippings on your barbeque grill the next time you have a cook-out.

    Fetuses are simply flesh and bone, just like the steak you dropped on the hot coals. Burning them, assuming that there is anything flammable to begin with (I don’t think bone burns to well: char? yes. burn? no.)

    All that water must be gotten rid of prior to being able to burn what’s left. Thats why you don’t run your grill on lawn clippings.

    The energy required to get rid of the water is certainly greater than the energy gained by the combustion of the rest of the material.

    The hospital that was “burning human remains” in the heating plant was actually spending more to buy the additional calories needed to get rid of the water, and then calcine the bones and turn what was left into CO2.

    They were simply taking advantage of an existing, permitted, facility – complete with pollution abatement measures, etc. to properly dispose of the waste.

    No different than if they had sent the material off to a “proper” crematory.

    Safer, in a way: no hazard of transporting the material off site.

  • dingojack

    Just for your edification and amusement:

    Assume a foetus is 3Kg and 95% water.

    It would take 1014.30075KJ to heat the water from 15 Celsius to 100 Celsius (4.187KJ/KgK)

    It would take 6469.5KJ to evaporate the water (2770KJ/Kg)

    A total of 7483.80075KJ.

    In order to be exothermic the remaining 150g of foetus would have to have an energy density of 49892.005KJ/Kg (about 1.4254059 times the amount of energy in 1 litre of petrol).


  • serena

    I’m sure no one here has missed the irony of pleading to an internet audience to go off the grid while sitting in a well electrified studio full of electronic equipment. I’m betting he didn’t call the power company and shut off the lights after the broadcast.

  • dingojack

    Oops. About 1.0681144 x the energy density of petrol in KJ/Kg (@ 15 Celsius) or 1.4254059 times the amount of energy in 1 litre of petrol, per kilogram of desiccated foetus.

    Perhaps Mr Bek might consider it as an alternate fuel source (if he should ever ‘go Gault’).


  • Mostly Harmless

    Blimey Dingojack. You should probably go easy on the quoted significant figures. Given your starting assumptions and constants are only a couple of sigFigs, it’s totally unjustified to list your final answer to 9 (it’s not like you’re measuring the wavelength of light with a high resolution spectrometer or something).

    Sorry, pet hate of mine, but such spurious precision makes it look like you don’t know what you’re doing and you could probably just list to the nearest KJ with no loss of information and a great deal more clarity.

  • #28 You need a little sig fig sang-froid!

  • Mostly Harmless

    Probably 😉 This is a site that encourages scientific literacy though, no?

  • Mostly Harmless

    Although I commend dingojack unreservedly for his use of the phrase “per kilogram of desiccated foetus”…

  • There are several exceedingly egregious comments here about cooking MURDERED HUMAN BEINGS; this one, though, is over the top like the British at the Battle of the Somme! But the first one:

    “Broiled in lemon butter?”

    Is by far the worst.

    You NEVER broil anything in butter.

    You spritz the little squirt with a little bit of grapeseed oil and then, AFTER, it’s broiled you put on a little bit of a nice compound butter and simply run it back under the broiler (or your “salamander” if you’re one of those rich fucks with a restaurant equipped home kitchen) and voila! Baby, it’s what’s for dinner!!

  • dingojack

    Demo – nah just puree* with a little lemon juice and virgin olive oil and pop it into a vol au vent. garnish with split baby asparagus** or salmon roe for that true 70’s abortion feel.

    Bon appetit !



    * What’s pink and goes round and round a million miles an hour?

    ** Hey don’t cast no aspersions

  • Assume a foetus is 3kg?? That’s the average size of a full term baby. A more typical weight for an aborted foetus would be about 8g & just over an inch long.

  • dingojack

    A deliberate overestimation.



  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    God, I love what you people can do with a comment thread. But now I have to explain to the boss why I’m laughing my ass off at my desk.

  • leonardschneider

    @mostly Harmless (#30) :

    Yes but too many numbers for me in dingos posts. I ca balance a checkbok & tha’ts it. (So of coruse I married a math major — flunked 2 years off algeba in HS — I want to tkae a remedial algerbra class at CC, learn it and go to reunion to toll the ex=teachers ‘Fuckyou, i learned t anyway”.