Greatest Candidate Committee Name Ever

Howard Worthy is kind of a perpetual candidate for a spot in the state legislature in Michigan. In 2010 he ran for the state senate as a Democrat; in 2012 he ran for the state house. This year he’s running for the senate again and he’s filed for his candidate fundraising committee. You’re gonna love the name:


Yep, it’s the God Jesus Elect Howard Worth State Senator, To “God” Be the Glory (TGBTG) Committee. Beautiful.

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  • Vicki, duly vaccinated tool of the feminist conspiracy

    I remember when we thought CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) was noteworthy.

  • John Pieret

    If To “God” Be The Glory, does that mean, if Worthy wins, God will become a state senator from Michigan? Seems something of a comedown.

  • Sastra

    Jeez that’s stupid — especially so given his actual name. It could have been the “How Worthy He Is” Committee.

  • Moggie

    Oh “God”.

  • kantalope

    I like the little crosses at the end of the name and then at the end of the addresses…that just screams classy.

  • DaveL

    Did he get Glenn Moon to be his campaign manager?

  • anubisprime

    It screams indolent adolescent dawdling on his textbook at the back of the class when bored with actually learning stuff!

  • Scr… Archivist

    The problem for this candidate is that God Jesus is not a U.S. citizen. He can’t vote for Worthy, let alone elect him.

  • timgueguen

    kantalope, the crosses seem to me like something a teenage girl would do, not a middle aged would be politician.

  • pixiedust

    That last part be T”G”BTG.

    If you’re gonna use scarequotes, own ’em!

  • Moggie

    It seems to be missing three footnotes.

  • vmanis1

    I think the crosses are footnote. daggers: `†Yes, I am a fruitcake.’

  • caseloweraz

    My prediction: Now that Howard Worthy has given the glory to “God”, that entity will return the favor by making Howard “worthy” of election.

    Howard Worthy isn’t worthy to be Senator;

    He played the God card, he’s not one to vote for.

    But somehow it is strange to hear conservo-Christians say

    They’re for freedom of religion ‘long as you believe their way.

    I like to think that Phil Ochs would have appreciated that, if he had survived.

  • http://dontlinkmebro F [i’m not here, i’m gone]

    It looks like a flippin’ mockery. Especially with “God” in quotes (but only in the latter section of the name, which is even weirder). WTF?

    But in poking around for this guy, I came across quite a few, rather mildly right/Republican-leaning sites. Even they manage to disgust me. I honestly don’t think there are any significant number of conservative/Republican types out there anymore with which I could even hope to have a reasonable conversation. I would probably rather deal with the most idiotic Liberals one could find than Conservative-lite individual.

  • ThorGoLucky

    How could God forsake such piety as evidence of boldly scribbled cricifixes on a government form!?

  • Jordan Genso

    He doesn’t expect to raise more than $1,000 for his campaign? (he checked the waiver box)

    How could people not be eager to make checks out to: God Jesus Elect Howard Worth State Senator, To “God” Be the Glory (TGBTG) Committee

  • gardengnome

    Are those crosses his attempts to sign his name?

  • anubisprime

    Mentally ill…

    that is all!

  • vilstef

    It really should be the He is Worthy Committee, but I can understand why not because of so many people either despising or not getting puns.

  • dfarmer1584


  • Jordan Genso


    Technically, the committee name has to include the full name of the candidate, so it’d have to be:

    He is Howard Worthy Committee

    And then the pun is lost.

  • Artor

    His opponent can run with the slogan, “I’m Not Worthy!!!”

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Didn’t prudish anti-porn campaigner Mary Whitehouse once start a lobby group titled Clean Up National Television before having the unfortunate acronym pointed out and changed?

  • Nick Gotts


    No, she didn’t.

    If only there were some easy way of checking such alleged facts! Finding that link took me almost half a minute.