Santorum’s Special Pleading on Marriage and Poverty

Rick Santorum went on Fox News and Neil Cavuto asked him a very good question about his new book, which claims that marriage is a powerful anti-poverty institution. So why doesn’t that apply to families of gay people? Santorum bobbed and weaved and refused to answer the question.

He doesn’t answer the question because he knows any answer he gave would either contradict his premise or be a lie. Gay couples pooling their resources also helps boost their financial security and that of their children. This is called special pleading, applying one’s reasoning inconsistently to support a predetermined ideological conclusion.

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  • smrnda

    Maybe he could have been honest that he would find gay people living in poverty to be desirable. After all, without some negative stats how can he back up his homophobia?

  • Kevin Kehres

    Santorum’s views appear to be based on this Census data:

    Children living with neither parent (47 percent) or with a mother only (45 percent) are most likely to be below poverty, followed by those living with a father only (21 percent), and those living with two parents (13 percent). The estimates for children living with neither parent and those with a mother only are not significantly different.

    So, statistically speaking, a two-parent (and, by extension, two-income) household is far less likely to be living in poverty. Whether those parents are of the same gender or not is not addressed.

    One thinks that Neil Cavuto is going to be given a stern talking-to by his producers for asking difficult questions.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Ooops. Also, the census data also do not say whether or not the two parents are married or not, either.

    The conclusion that can be reached is: Two incomes are better than one.

  • eric

    @3: yep, but the savings are bigger than that. Even if one person works and the other doesn’t, the pair of people together is still only paying one rent/mortgage, one heating bill, one electricity bill, etc… rather than two.

    Maybe the broader conclusion is: one household is cheaper than two.

  • dhall

    #3 – those statistics also illustrate the income disparities between men and women pretty starkly, which is something Santorum doesn’t care about either. The bigger questions is why that jerk still gets any air time at all, and why anyone still cares what he says.

  • doublereed

    I actually don’t understand why Santorum doesn’t just say that gay families aren’t stable or something like that.

    Oh right, now I remember. Santorum is one of the wussiest, most cowardly politicians out there. His instinct is just to flail around, whine, and cry about it later.

  • Modusoperandi

    Sure, gay “married” couples might avoid “raising” “their” child in poverty, but what about the resulting moral poverty?

  • Synfandel

    Modusoperandi wrote,

    Sure, gay “married” couples might avoid “raising” “their” child in poverty, but what about the resulting moral poverty?

    And the inevitable smiting. Don’t forget the smiting.

  • Artor

    …any answer he gave would either contradict his premise or be a lie.

    I still don’t get why he didn’t answer. Santorum’s never hesitated to lie like a rug before.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Doublereed, don’t forget that Santorum is the heir apparent to the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016.

  • pacal

    Who care what frothy mix thinks about any thing?