Beck Didn’t Like Biden/Dreyfus Video Because Nazis

Joe Biden and Julia Louis-Dreyfus did a very funny video for the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend but Glenn Beck didn’t find it funny at all. He didn’t actually watch it, of course, but he did see this clip of it where Nancy Pelosi is getting a tattoo. And then…Nazis! I’m serious. Nazis.

Beck insisted that the video he had not seen was definitely “not hilarious” as “only the blind, deaf, dumb or those in the administration think it is hilarious.”

He proceeded to discuss a clip from the video in which Louis-Dreyfus and Biden walk in on Pelosi — whom Beck mocks as wearing “a giant clown jumpsuit” — in a tattoo parlor. “Why are they getting tattoos?” Beck asked. “Don’t they know that they’re the ones that are going to be running the camps? They don’t get the tattoos, they give the tattoos,” he said, alluding to the tattoos that prisoners were given at Nazi concentration camps.

He’s also upset that his own website put up the video and called it hilarious.

Oh, and he went to that dinner once. He felt like he’d been raped. Because that doesn’t diminish the reality of rape victims at all or anything.

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  • zero6ix

    I wonder how many Mental Gymnastics gold medals these people posses. “I didn’t watch the video, and that video is not funny! Plus, NAZIS! Did you forget the NAZIS? Two things you should never forget, 9/11 and NAZIS! This hilarious video, which is not hilarious, and which I haven’t actually seen, endorses NAZIS! Or something. I don’t know. Here’s a silly voice!”

  • Brett McCoy

    That was surprisingly pretty damn funny.

  • Martin Lefebvre

    It’s like that Louis Black bit on the Daily Show a few years back: “GLENN BECK HAS NAZI TOURETTES!”

  • bushrat

    Why didn’t that talk about BENGHAZI!!!? Are they trying to hide something?

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    You know who else liked to declare a video to be unfunny without even having seen it? Hitler.

  • caseloweraz

    He’s right to protest The Blaze showing this video, because The Blaze is “a wholly owned subsidarary of Glenn Beck Incorporated.”

    I mean, if your own subsidarary shows a video you’ve decided is inappropriate, your only safe strategery is to refudiate it, amirite?

  • robb

    @5, sigurd jorsalfar:

    you almost made my spit out my mountain dew!