Cruz Would Void All Discrimination Laws

Sen. Ted Cruz says that Christian business owners should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people. That’s no surprise. But the argument he makes for that position quite plainly would void all anti-discrimination in the Civil Rights Act completely.

Christian business owners should be able to discriminate against LGBT people and others if they believe the Bible tells them to, said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

“Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others, and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it,” Cruz said Friday at a Houston Baptist University forum on Faith in the Public Square.

The Tea Party favorite said Christians should not be forced to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples or photograph their marriage ceremonies, although he personally had no problem doing so — although conceded he was a terrible cook.

“I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner, and so, you know, from my perspective I am perfectly willing to interact with anybody,” he said. “Look, I work in the U.S. Congress. But at the same time, I don’t think the law should be forcing Americans to violate their religious faith.”

So if it’s up to every individual to decide what their religious beliefs demand in terms of who they should discriminate against, all anti-discrimination laws would have to be eliminated. There are Christians who firmly believe in discriminating against black people and virtually every religion contains people who think that women should not be allowed to work, which would mean the end of laws that forbid discrimination in hiring. So does Cruz really favor repealing the Civil Rights Act? He should be asked that question directly and pressed to answer it head on.

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  • I bet he’d have a problem if someone wanted to discriminate against christian white guys, right? So he’s really just worshipping power and authority.

  • peterh

    People like Cruz give stupid a bad name.

  • colnago80

    Re peterh @ #2

    Assuming that Cruz is stupid would be a mistake of monumental proportions. In fact, Cruz is highly intelligent and this type of rhetoric is designed to appeal to the teabagger base of the Rethuglican Party. As I have stated previously, Cruz is the most dangerous man in the Rethuglican Party because he combines high intelligence with a exceptional capacity for demagoguery. Think of Huey Long with an additional 50 IQ points. The big problem in assessing Cruz is determining how much of this crap he really believes and how much is sheer pandering. Not that it makes much difference. The bottom line is that Cruz not a man to be underestimated.

  • Katie Anderson

    My representative Bill Huizenga told me he doesn’t support ENDA because he doesn’t support discrimination, but “Granting preferences to people based upon the fact that they belong to a certain group is contrary to our country’s commitment to equal opportunity and equality under the law.” And he is just such a big fan of equality that he can’t support it…

    I haven’t heard back since responding with “Thank you for your prompt response. I am a bit confused by your position – does this also mean that you are against Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? That act and EDNA were both created specifically to extend equal opportunity and equality under the law to groups that are discriminated against.”

  • What colnago said. Cruz is amazing in his shamelessness. He knows what the teatards want to hear, and he hits his marks perfectly.

  • garnetstar

    And if these Christians follow through, they’ll have to not serve or associate with adulterers, fornicators, thought criminals, and liars, which would leave them out of business and shut up alone in their rooms.

    But, since consistency isn’t a “moral value”, no problem.

  • Michael Heath

    Ted Cruz writes:

    “I’m very much a believer that the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner . . .

    Thereby validating that Ted Cruz is a standard-issue conservative Christian bigot who dishonestly categorizes gay people into the category where he belongs.

    The more interesting question is whether he’s smart enough and lucid enough to know this and therefore doesn’t give a flying fuck how this evil position causes millions (billions?) of people to suffer. I’m firmly in the camp he isn’t that smart and lucid. That’s in spite of all the best arguments I’ve encountered from people pointing to his educational performance and claiming that proves he is.

  • dingojack

    Michael Heath – ‘smart’ and ‘well educated’ aren’t completely over-lapping sets. Cruze could well be in the latter but not the former set*.



    * I can’t say, I don’t have enough data.

  • colnago80

    Re dingojack @ #8 & Michael Heath @ #7

    We have it on the opinion of Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz that Cruz is off the charts brilliant. Elsewhere, Dershowitz stated that Cruz and Elizabeth Warren were two of the best students he ever had in class.

  • Randomfactor

    I agree with Cruz that a Christian baker should not be forced to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex union.

    After surrendering his business license, he can do what he wants.

    What? They don’t have even THAT small regard for their religious beliefs? They only follow the Bible when it’s convenient?

  • Agreeing with the Commenter Formerly Known as SLC1, many people who knew Cruz in law school say he was brililant. He was definitely an economic conservative, and argued his positions well, but they’re surprised by his conservative social rhetoric these days. Did he really, become a social conservative, or is it a pragmatic political tactic? Who, besides Cruz can say for sure, but sometimes people who take up positions disengenuously become true believers via cognitive disonnance.

  • raven

    Did he really, become a social conservative, or is it a pragmatic political tactic?

    I doubt if Cruz believes in anything except that Ted Cruz needs a lot more power and money.

    He is an obvious demagogue.

  • Michael Heath

    Dr. X writes:

    . . . sometimes people who take up positions disengenuously become true believers via cognitive disonnance.

    [Heath emphasized]

    Disingenuousness demonstrates a distinct lack of wisdom, an important aspect of demonstrated intelligence. So either way, Ted Cruz does not demonstrate intelligence, regardless of his educational accomplishments. What matters is here and now where the man acts like delusional moron. He has far more in common with Sarah Palin than somebody who demonstrates they’re actually intelligent.

    What Dr. X describes here is also a trait I’ve seen in some successful people, particularly in sales. They start to become true believers in their own swill, precisely because that swill is rewarded with money in the pocket. Donald Trump is another example of a successful numbskull who was able to graduate from college.

  • steve84

    >”the scripture teaches that you hate the sin and love the sinner”

    No, it doesn’t. That some BS Christers made up all by themselves.

  • “Everyone has to reconcile their own faith with how they interact with others…”

    So I guess that Cruz is okay with legalization of marijuana so that Rastafarians can engage in their religious faith practices? Peyote so that certain Native Americans can engage in their religious faith practices? Ceremonial warfare and human sacrifice so that still others can engage in their religious faith practices?

    Oh wait, there was another part of his statement:

    …and that’s a choice you’ve got to make based on your understanding of biblical teachings and based on the best understanding you can come to it,”

    So, it only applies to Christians. Still, then, I wonder if Cruz is willing to allow polygamy for Mormons; a religion that does have their own “understanding of biblical teachings”… Or slave ownership, based on someone’s “understanding of biblical teachings” (a topic on which the Bible expounds on a *lot*, especially compared to the topic of discrimination against LGBT people)… Or does it only apply to his kind of Christian with his kind of “understanding of biblical teachings”?

    I suppose his statement only refers to Christians (tough luck if you happen to worship a different invisible sky-daddy) who hold non-Mormon understandings of biblical teachings (especially excluding those Mormons and Christians who want to return to “plural marriage”), and are of the deluded mindset that the Bible was somehow anti-slavery (despite all the scripture passages and biblical justifications of slavery used in this country pointing to the contrary).

    Yeah, I guess that – for that rather limited set of religious views – Cruz believes that the government should allow people to make their own decisions. But for the rest of America: tough shit.

  • colnago80

    Re Michael Heath @ #13

    I think that raven @ #12 may have it right. Cruz may well be a sociopath who will say anything that he believes will advance his ambitions. Joe McCarthy with brains.

  • felidae

    Hey, Teddy, how do you feel about your buddies in the KKK and Christian Identity expressing their deeply held religious beliefs about Jews and Catholics

  • I’m not sure what Elizabeth Warren might have in common with Cruz; I do know that Cruz and Dershowitz have being assholes and shitheels in common.

  • colnago80

    Re democommie @ #18

    As to whether ole Alan is an “asshole” and a shitheel I have no opinion on. However, it is my information that virtually every student who attends Harvard Law wants to take the course in Constitutional Law taught by him so that there is a computerized lottery as the number of attendees is limited. Cruz and Warren were lucky, Barack Obama was not, even though he tried several times to take the course section taught by Dershowitz. The fact that virtually every student at Harvard over the lat few decades wanted to take the course section taught by Dershowitz says something about the regard in which he is held.

  • Look, America has spent too much time and energy pretending it’ll defend the Little Guy. Besides, all the money that could go in to the DoJ et al defendening “Rights” could be used to give Our Betters tax cuts. These tax cuts would Trickle Down, eventually reaching The Gays and other Unpopular Minorities, leaving them with so much money in their pockets that they won’t care that they have no place to spend it.