Bigot Promises Boycott of Any Team That Drafts Michael Sam

Remember Jack Burkman, the astonishingly bigoted Republican lobbyist who tried to pass a bill banning all gay players from the NFL? Now he’s promising a “relentless” boycott of any team that drafts Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the history of the NFL draft.

Jack Burkman, head of the Washington, D.C. lobbying firm J.M. Burkman & Assoc. who is seeking to ban gays from the NFL, says he intends to build a national coalition to boycott any football franchise that picks openly gay football player Michael Sam in the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

In a release issued Thursday, Burkman said he would “leverage his political clout” to ensure that the franchise that selects the 6-foot-2, 260-pound defensive end from Missouri would get “roughed up financially.”

“We shall exercise our First Amendment rights and shall not stop until the drafting NFL franchise cannot sell a single ticket, jersey or autographed football,” said Burkman. “In short, we shall be relentless.”

Burkman claims in the release that he is currently mobilizing “powerful grassroots organizations in 27 of the 50 states,” as well as a “coalition of Evangelical Christian leaders from across the nation to take part in a protest if Sam is drafted.”

“The NFL, like most of the rest of American business, is about to learn that when you trample the Christian community and Christian values there will be a terrible financial price to pay,” said Burkman.

Aww, that’s kinda cute. He actually thinks such a boycott would work. Does he realize that the NFL is the most popular sport in America by a country mile? And that a vanishingly small percentage of the fans of any team would give two shits about it? I say knock yourself out, asshole. We’ll just point and laugh at your futile efforts.

But here’s my favorite part:

At least one powerful voice in the Evangelical Christian community, however, decried Burkman’s actions in an interview with The Christian Post Thursday.

“I’m adamantly opposed to such efforts,” said Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, and former president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission who is also the executive editor of CP. “A person’s sexual preference should not be an impediment to their livelihood in the sports industry.

“I think it’s unwarranted, unjustified and unfair to try to intimidate NFL teams from drafting someone because of their sexual orientation,” he ended.

Okay, when Richard Land thinks you’re too bigoted, you’re entering Fred Phelps territory. That’s like Ann Coulter telling you to tone down the extreme rhetoric.

Update: And that team would be the St. Louis Rams.

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  • colnago80

    Gee, why pick on the NFL? How about the NBA or MLB?

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Maybe this bigot should have a word to his fellow bigot Donald Sterling about where bigotry gets ya these days in US sporting circles?

    Yeah, homophobia and racism are different forms of bigotry but close enough.

  • nichrome

    This bigot will ensure that the St. Louis Rams will sell more tickets and merchandise than ever!

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Not so coincidentally how are Chick Fil-A sales these days?

    Two side scan play at the boycotting game and when one of those sides – the homophobic bigots one – is rapidly losing even the semblance of the fight in the court o’public opinion, probably best not to go there.

    (Or hey, they can and get smashed helping make the point against’em maybe?)

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    two sides can .. sigh.

  • Seth

    And what about the WNBA and other women’s sports leagues, who’ve accepted openly-gay players for decades? Oh, right, those players don’t have penises, so they don’t count as ‘major’ sports. Women are supposed to be weak, demure, soft. Even though women can gain quite a lot of muscle by working out with weights, and many actively avoid doing so in order to keep from ‘bulking up’ and therefore appearing ‘unfeminine’.

    Then again, perhaps the paucity of attention to women’s sports has allowed them to be so open to their players’ sexualities, since they’re beneath the attention of the bigots in the OP (except again for ‘trampling on Christian values’ by having women run and be active and ‘unfeminine’). Notice how the bigots openly acknowledge their bigotry; any organisation, even an ostensibly secular one, which acknowledges the existence and the dignity of people that Christians don’t like, is ‘trampling on the Christian community and Christian values’. As though the Christian community has the right to dictate everyone’s values.

    Fuck ’em.

  • dugglebogey

    Wait, we’re admitting that boycotting is a first amendment right now?

    Because it wasn’t when we were talking about Mozilla and the Clippers. Then it was fascism and terrorism and several other isms that make people afraid.

  • Loqi

    Yesh, I’m sure he’ll take down the Rams and the NFL, just like he did with the NBA.

  • Spiffy45

    @#1, Jack Burkman, Bigot at Law, is whining about the NFL because it was the first major US sport to draft an openly gay player. The NBA has 1 openly gay player now, but Jason Collins is at the end of his career, and John Amaechi retired before he came out.

    This is a perfect situation for Michael Sam. He played for Missouri, and has played in the Rams’ stadium. Also, St Louis fans are among the most loyal fans in the US, and probably are the nicest.

  • roggg

    I just love how drafting an all American is “trampling the Christian Community”. In Wingnuttia, a gay guy playing professional football somehow leaves them feeling violated. It’s kind of cute how they see persecution in the most mundane things.

  • dingojack

    Yes I’ve posted this before (this is a cut down version of the germane bit):

    “BARONESS WOOTTON OF ABINGER: … I can only suppose that the opponents of this Bill will be afraid that their imagination will be tormented by visions of what will be going on elsewhere. Surely, if that is so, that is their own private misfortune, and no reason for imposing their personal standards of taste and morality on the minority of their fellow citizens who can find sexual satisfaction only in relations with their own sex.”

    Not to mention the majority who couldn’t care less what you do with your genitals, in private, with another consenting adult (or even alone).

    And when was this said? Wanna guess? (No peeking).


  • John Pieret

    This is the same numbnutz who said he already had the political support to pass a law in Congress to ban gays from playing in the NFL.

    How’s that gone?

    And, get this: ‘If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it.’

    If Congress could find any morals, lobbyists like Burkman would be out of business.

  • dingojack

    So Burkmann wants GOVERNMENT to decide questions of MORALITY for PRIVATLY OWNED ENTITIES?!?

    Isn’t that Evuuulll Socialism, Big Goovernment, Agenda 21, Blackhelicopters contrails and JUST LIKE HITLER!!!!!

    How will we find a concord in this discord?



  • timgueguen

    Guys like this should worry. Sam, assuming he has a successful career, will serve as another example of the silliness of homophobia, and help amplify the gradual movement of society away from it.

  • W. Kevin Vicklund

    And when was this said? Wanna guess? (No peeking).

    Hmm. I’d guess late 60s. For s&g’s, I’ll guess 1967, the Summer of Love.

  • Area Man

    Huh, I’ve been refusing to buy Rams merchandise all this time even before Sam was drafted. I must be super-Christian or something.

    “The NFL, like most of the rest of American business, is about to learn that when you trample the Christian community and Christian values there will be a terrible financial price to pay,” said Burkman.

    I know this is a recurring theme, but it still amazes me how, in the process of doing nothing more than persecuting the innocent, the wingnuts always posture themselves as the victims. It’s so transparently ridiculous you wonder if they had to have a committee meeting to come up with it. At least it has the virtue of making them impossible to reason with.

  • dingojack

    13 July 1967. Second reading in the House of Lords of the Sexual Offenses Bill which decriminalised private homosexuality between consenting adults in England and Wales.

    Same old fearmongering from those against (‘Dogs and cats living together’, ‘prey on innocent little children’, ‘it is ickky’ & etc.); same robust responses from those in favour (‘Why is it any of your business?’, ‘done elsewhere and caused no harm’, ‘should the government legislate morality?’ & etc.).

    The bigots still use the same ol’ anti-arguments, desperately to try delaying the inevitable, after nearly the last fifty years !!!

    (And still soundly lose to the forces of equality and dignity, I’m happy to say).


  • Drew



    That’s a weird thing to refuse to do. I mean if they’re not your team then they’re not your team, but saying that you “refus[e] to buy” their merchandise suggests that you’re purposely not doing it as an act of defiance.

    I’m just curious what or who you’re defying. Is someone trying to pressure you into buying Rams merch? Are you a St. Louisan who has some deep seeded hatred for them? Former LA fan who never forgave them for leaving?

    It was just such an odd way of stating your position that I had to ask.

  • Area Man

    I’m just curious what or who you’re defying.

    I am defying the St. Louis Rams because they suck gigantic donkey balls and deserve to lose every single game by a thousand points, which is only a slight exaggeration of what happens anyway, probably because their shitty fans radiate fuck-nut rays out onto the field and cause them to play like brain damaged earthworms. And if anything, Sam’s drafting by the team is a giant step backwards for gay rights, because it’s an insult to him and to all things queer, kind of like if the first gay astronaut were sent to study extraterrestrial life in Fresno.

    No, seriously, I don’t care about the Rams one way or the other. You’ve over-interpreted a joke.

  • marcus

    dingojack @ 13 “Isn’t that Evuuulll Socialism, Big Goovernment, Agenda 21, Blackhelicopters contrails and JUST LIKE HITLER!!!!!”

    It would be but it’s not, it’s totally different in this case (although it’s really the same). See?

  • left0ver1under

    And that team would be the St. Louis Sams.


    Kidding aside, we’ve already seen the NFL’s office take action, suspending and fining one player who said something negative about Sam or when he kissed his love on camera, live on TV. (That was a “WOO HOO!” moment, wasn’t it?)

    I doubt the league is going to pay much attention to what some politician-bribing windbag has to say. Goodell knows which way the wind is blowing (e.g. the NFL starting to bend on the concussion issue).

  • John Pieret

    Hey! The boycott is working already! Sam’s jersey sales are ONLY second among NFL rookies, behind only Johnny Manziel’s:

  • jefferylanam

    Merchandise proceeds are split equally between all NFL teams. The Rams aren’t going to be affected significantly by any boycott of their jerseys. There may be a few cancellations by season ticket and luxury box holders, but those will be snapped up in an instant by people on the waiting list.

  • cjcolucci

    Got me thinking, jeffreylanam. If I were a cynical sort, I’d suspect that he’s pushing the Rams boycott to free some tickets so he can get them for his lobbying clients or politicos.

  • magistramarla

    I grew up in the St. Louis area. While I have never been a fan of any sport, I’ve always been happy for the city when the Cards were in the playoffs or won the World Series.

    I pay even less attention to football, but I will now be cheering for the Rams to do well.

    I hope that Michael and his wonderful boyfriend enjoy life in St. Louis.

  • Taz

    This is like a gnat threatening to smash into a semi. The NFL is an unbelievable juggernaut. The first two days of the NFL draft had more TV viewers than the NBA playoffs airing at the same time. And the second most popular sport in the US after professional football? College football.

  • coffeehound

    @ #12,

    And, get this: ‘If the NFL has no morals and no values, then Congress must find values for it.’

    If Congress could find any morals, lobbyists like Burkman would be out of business.


    Funny, I seem to remember when the discussion ran to finding morals for banks that had ripped off seniors pensions and helped to nearly topple the world economy in the bloodbath that was 2008-2009 , it was all about no restrictions on free markets and that we had no business legislating morality. I guess government oversight should only apply to what’s in one’s knickers.

  • martinc

    I’m curious … were there any similar boycott threats when American sports teams began to let black players play for them? It would be interesting to see how matching the Christians’ arguments in both cases are.