Another Dishonest Report on Voter Fraud

Accuracy in Media, founded by Reed Irvine and now run by his even-dumber son Don Irvine, has released a breathless report on voter fraud. Predictably, it vastly overstates the problem — I mean by orders of magnitude — and cranks up the absurd rhetoric to 11.

Yesterday, Accuracy In Media published a report by James Simpson alleging that voter fraud is a massive, “existential threat to our American Republic,” and the result of Democratic election tampering. Like other right-wing reports on voter fraud, the article is highly speculative and fails to offer any actual evidence of large-scale fraud.

In fact, legislative “fixes” to combat the non-existent voter fraud epidemic recently lost in courts in PennsylvaniaArkansas and Wisconsin due to the inability to find any actual evidence of voter fraud.

The only “proof” of voter fraud that Simpson lists is college students voting in the state where they attend school, which is legal, and the findings of the extremely unreliable “crosscheck” system, which checks to see if voters in more than one state have similar names and birthdays. He writes said that the campaign to replace the electoral college with a national popular vote and efforts to restore felons’ right to vote are will also increase voter fraud, mainly because he thinks such steps will benefit Democrats.

Simpson alleges that “Democrats’ attitude toward voter fraud is the voting version of reparations for slavery,” pointing to a case in Port Chester, New York, where the town switched to a new voting method following a court case on lack of Latino representation in government.

He claims that “Hispanics were allowed to cast six votes” in Port Chester’s council races.

However, the method known as cumulative voting (where each voter can cast multiple votes, including more than one to the same candidate), applied to all voters, not just Hispanic voters as Simpson suggests.

All this effort just to keep some minorities from voting.

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  • John Pieret

    But letting minorities vote is a threat to democracy by white males only which, in truth, was what the Founders intended. That overlooks a little thing called the Civil War and 200+ years of history but the wingnuts are good at that.

  • Modusoperandi

    To be fair, the only reason the Democrat party wins elections is because it cheats. And also it gets more votes than the other party.

  • sharonb

    This is why it is hard for me to envision ever casting a ballot for a republican candidate because that party represents a most ugly and un-American impulse to take away the lawful exercise of suffrage, hard-won and defended on a hundred crimson fields.

  • scienceavenger

    FWIW, Chris Hayes, who for my money is the most intellectually honest and thorough talking head on the tube, goes to great efforts to find the best representative of the other side to debate, being disinterested in having moronic punching bags on his show. He claims to have failed to find any rational representatives of only two positions: climate change denial and voter fraud.

  • D. C. Sessions

    scienceavenger, do you have a reference on that?

    Not a challenge, I would just love to see it — partly because Chris does, indeed, rock.

  • khms

    Yesterday, Accuracy In Media published a report by James Simpson alleging that voter fraud is a massive, “existential threat to our American Republic,” and the result of DemocraticRepublican election tampering.


  • jws1

    And remember, merely pointing out how this “voter fraud” craze negatively affects racial minorities disproportionately means that you are playing “the race card.” Still waiting for the scenario where conservatives approve of “the race card” being “played.”

  • scienceavenger

    @5 I do not, I didn’t read it, I heard him say it on his show.

  • Chiroptera

    Remember, kids, if there is even one fraudulent vote then we must put in place draconian measures that will probably disenfranchise many people, most of whom are members of groups that have been historically discriminated against.

    But for decades now, even if there was the slightest doubt that anthropogenic global climate change posed a grave threat to civilization itself, the we dare not bear the minor economic costs of mitigating it in an early and timely fashion.