The Peter is Threatening to Sue

Remember that incident at a college in Ohio where unhinged bigot Peter LaBarbera was speaking, when most of the audience got up and walked out in a planned protest? Well The Peter is highly upset about it, but mostly by the fact that the woman who wrote about it said he used the term “effing.” And he’s gonna sue.

An attorney representing anti-gay crusader Peter LaBarbera has accused a writer for Salon of defaming his client, by reporting that he used the term ‘effing’ in a public forum, and has demanded a retraction and an apology.

The demand is in response to an article posted on entitled “You’re leaving? Are you effing kidding?” An anti-gay bigot gets humiliated,” written by Kate Geiselman…

The email, sent to Geiselman and Salon editor Cindy Jeffers, accuses Geiselman of “false and defamatory statements” that are injurious to LaBarbera’s reputation.

Really? That is defamatory, to suggest that you used the term “effing”? That’s really effing stupid.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    There’s got to be video/audio evidence of this.

  • Trebuchet

    “Peter” is a euphemism for “penis”. That’s appropriate — he’s a dick.

  • Jared Ragland

    Let me guess, he’s suing for defamation? Wouldn’t he need to have a reputation to defame first?

    If anything, as a completely deranged bigot, this kerfuffle and the ensuing lawsuit and counter-suits are going to improve his reputation with other deranged bigots.

  • marcus

    Jebus, what a self-important little snot he is.

  • vilstef

    If the effing lawsuit makes it to court, the Judge should dismiss out of hand, with prejudice.

  • His claims are ineffable.

  • dingojack

    HAWKEYE: Whadda gonna do Frank, sue him for definition of character?*



    * one of my favourite M.A.S.H. oneliners

  • eric

    Public speaker sues reporter for negative review of speaking event. Yeah, that has a snowball’s chance of winning.

  • John Pieret

    Oh, please, oh please, oh please …

    Let his lawyer be Larry Klayman!!!!

  • John Horstman

    Here a SLAPP, there a SLAPP, everywhere a SLAPP SLAPP…

  • I’m guessing Porno Pete felt being called an anti-gay bigot was the defaming part. Can’t have people telling the truth about you, it might make you look bad.

  • Also, please let there be audio/video proof.

  • grumpyoldfart

    He’s back in the limelight – mission accomplished.

  • pianoman, Heathen & Torontophile

    She meant to say “Eefin'”, in that LaBarbera reminds her of the guys that did the “Hambone” thing on Hee-Haw.

    Pffoo! Pffaw!

    Pffoo! Pffaw!

    Pffoo! Pffaw!

  • Larry

    Hey, good luck with that, Pete.

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  • Artor

    Wayne, while your post is amusing in it’s delusion and spectacularly poor writing, it’s a bit off-topic. You might want to take that over to Pharyngula’s Thunderdome forum.

  • Wayne, Wayne, Wayne…

    Your shit is for stupids, which are in short supply in these parts. Take Artor’s advice, there’s plenty of suckers over at Thunderdome.

  • Trebuchet

    Maybe Wayne could give an invocation at the Greece township council meeting. Just sayin’.

  • Trickster Goddess

    Given that he is on the SPLC’s list of hate groups, I think quoting him as allegedly saying “effing” isn’t really going to defame him any more than he has already done to himself.

  • Kilian Hekhuis

    “The Peter is Threatening to Sue” – For a moment there, I thought someone named Peter was threatening someone named Sue… I really wonder where Peter LaB. get it’s hatred from, and whether he actually believes what he’s saying.

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