What Conspiracy Theorists Hath Wrought

Anyone who has ever tangled with a conspiracy theorist knows that they are simply not in touch with reality. They’re so wrapped up in denying reality that they are prone to truly bizarre behavior. Here’s a perfect example of one such person. I’m sure Alex Jones approves of this kind of thing:

A 50-pound vinyl peace sign was stolen from a Mystic playground built in memory of one of the 20 children killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre.

The sign at the entrance to the Grace McDonnell playground was taken Tuesday.

William Lavin, who’s “Where Angels Play Foundation,” has been building playgrounds to honor all 26 victims, told The Day of New London McDonnell’s mother Lynn found out about the theft when the man who apparently took the sign called her.

The thief reportedly told McDonnell he stole the sign because he believes the shooting at the school was a hoax.

That’s some seriously deranged behavior. I hope they catch the guy who did it.

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  • That’s some seriously deranged behavior. I hope they catch the guy who did it.

    “They” never will, because the sign “theft” was really a False Flag operation to make seriously deranged people look bad.

  • Erik

    Here’s something to keep you up at night: What do you want to bet said deranged conspiracy theorist has an arsenal of firearms at home too?

  • raven

    Needs more UFO aliens.

  • Goomba

    No, no, no, Modus everyone knows that this theft was perpetrated by an Obama sleeper agent designed to take attention away from Bengazi.

  • dingojack

    What rage this wrath hath wrought.



    If stealing a peace sign is ironic, would this be wrought irony?

  • No, Goomba, Hillary Clinton caused Benghazi to distract from Benghazi.

  • Goomba

    No, the peace sign was actually a transmitter. It alerted the Obama sleeper agents in the area to activate in a coordinated to distract from Bengazi. See, the chem trails spread the mind altering “Bengazi Dust” around, so that not even the sleeper agents themselves knew they were sleeper agents. It’s all a plot to make us forget that Obama actually has a Bengazi Birth certificate, and is know working with the space vampires to undermine the meal of breakfast.

    Uh, uh, Bengazi!!!

  • kyoseki

    This asshole apparently told the mother he didn’t believe her child really existed.

    That’s a special kind of delusional.

  • raven

    BTW, this sort of thing is common after massacres. After John Holmes killed many in an Aurora, Colorado theater, the survivor’s families received a lot of threats and crank phone calls. The police actually caught one of them.

    Oregonlive. com

    Portland man who harassed relatives of Colorado shooting victims accused of making bomb threats October 11, 2013

    The Portland man convicted of stalking and harassing relatives of people killed in the Colorado movie theater massacre faces new accusations of making dozens of threatening phone calls against local government employees and facilities, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office said Friday.

    Kevin Purfield, 45, was arrested Thursday after investigators traced more than 30 menacing calls – including bomb threats – aimed at Multnomah County agencies and the Portland Police Bureau, officials and court documents allege.

    Purfield had been sentenced to a year of probation in June after he admitted repeatedly contacting the family of people who died last year in the Aurora, Colo. shooting – telling them that their loved ones weren’t dead.

    telling them that their loved ones weren’t dead. Well, OK. So where are they then, locked up in a FEMA camp?

  • John Pieret

    Stealing the sign because he believes the shooting was a hoax is delusional. Calling up the mother of the girl the park was named for is fucking sick!

  • Moggie

    The thief walked right into Obama’s trap! He’ll be picked up shortly, thanks to the RFID chip hidden in the sign: it’s probably already too late to wrap it in tinfoil. His capture will provide a nice distraction from Ukraine, which is a distraction from Benghazi.

  • grizzle

    I don’t understand it because this behavior isn’t just with the crazies. My boss is one of these conspiracy theory people. He’s the head of my company’s entire IT department and he’s a very smart person. I really don’t get it at all, but he’s said candidly on many occasions that he doesn’t buy a single word of any of these mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years and thinks its just propaganda to ‘take away our guns’.

    Its just part of this whole hatred of government mentality.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    He called? That should be traceable.

  • Sastrei

    grizzle – If it’s just your boss, be glad. I work in an entire office building FULL of them. And I’m at the bottom of the food chain. And my fellow bottom of the food chain co-workers think that way too! O.o

  • grizzle


    Several people under my boss are of the same mentality. I think it’s reaching a tipping point. Safety in numbers. People see others in positions of status who believe this crap so in their eyes that lends some credibility to it.

  • frankniddy

    The top comment cements the reputation of comments sections as being terrible.

    “I really don’t understand where Americans began to chastise others for researching available information. I’m surprised that people on these blogs become so emotional and angry – to the point of name calling – when someone suggests that the media may have gotten the story wrong.”

    Yeah, dipstick, *that’s* why people are upset at the crazy person. Not because he anonymous called one of the victim’s mothers to tell her it was all a hoax.

  • wanye smith

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  • Crimson Clupeidae

    ^^ Man, I am so tempted to respond to that. ^^ Ed, can I post the responses here? I’m sure we all want to know how to join the illuminati!

  • raven

    ^^ Man, I am so tempted to respond to that. ^^ Ed, can I post the responses here? I’m sure we all want to know how to join the illuminati!

    Sigh, not again.

    Don’t bother. Wanye Smith is a Fake Illuminati. I know this because my coven are all Real Illuminatis!!!

    If you really want to join, send bags of small, unmarked bills to…


  • DaveL

    Re: #17,

    The icing on the cake is the e-mail address, which includes “illuminati agent” but apparently is still dependent a free gmail account.

  • otrame

    wanye needs to get a better translator program. And for heaven’s sake, I refuse to believe that people in what ever country he is in don’t use paragraphs.

  • thebookofdave

    Not buyin’ it this time, raven. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…er…won’t get fooled again.

    So, what’s the Reptilian angle to this story?

  • Ichthyic

    I don’t understand it because this behavior isn’t just with the crazies. My boss is one of these conspiracy theory people

    this is why the word “crazy” was even dropped from the DSM decades ago.

    it’s time people really stop thinking that differences in psychology or cognition = “crazy”.

    it’s not productive. Conspiracy theorists are usually wrong, but it’s not because they are “crazy”, it’s because they have a different way of processing information than others do. They need to accept that this is the case, and learn how to deal with that, rather than be marginalized, called crazy, and dismissed.

    Imagine it like this: People suffering from depression often shift the way they process information and think about things. Does this make them “crazy”? fuck no. that’s hardly a productive way to look at it. there are two productive ways to deal with depression: one is to treat the symptoms and trust the person will be able to reset their own behavior to compensate for the things that caused the depression, and the other is to root out the causes and try to change those.

    neither includes labelling a person as “other” and then treating them as if they were fucking radioactive.

    ever try to sit down with your boss and work out why you see the same issues from an entirely different perspective?

    again, as I often have said, it is the same with those who score high on the authoritarian index vs those who score low.

    two people from opposite ends of that scale will indeed see the world VERY differently. Is one then crazy, and the other not?

    one might rely more on projection and denial than the other in order to maintain a consistent worldview for themselves. this does not make them crazy. It does, however, mean that the rest of us should work harder to understand why it is that they think they way they do, and deal with it on the face of it.

    politically, culturally, I understand the value and history of marginalization. I often recommend it as a tactic myself, but only in deference to the fact that it works to avoid serious damage in general to the community as a whole in many cases. That still leaves us needing to actually understand the differences in the way we think about things, and deal with it.

    as much as 30% of the population leans heavily authoritarian. Marginalizing that helps to remove their immediate power and control, but it does nothing to actually solve the problem in the long term.

  • Ichthyic

    So, what’s the Reptilian angle to this story?

    fund my kickstarter project and find out:

    “Why GODzilla has the word “God” in it.”

    just google it, I’m sure it will pop up for you.

    I only need 100k more to start writing the definitive treatise on the subject.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    ichthyic: it’s time people really stop thinking that differences in psychology or cognition = “crazy”.


    I’m sorry, but saying “Man, that dude really has a different way of processing information than others do” just doesn’t have the right oomph. “Crazy” never really had any specific diagnosis implied; it just means that somebody clearly thinks differently, thinks in a way that doesn’t make sense to me (us), and perhaps his behavior cannot be predicted. Folks generally don’t say schizophrenic, or bipolar, or such. When they do, they usually are incorrect for several reasons (unless they are mentioning a real diagnosis for some reason). But if the word isn’t a diagnosis in the DSM, then it’s officially not a technical word, and seems to me to be up for grabs in ordinary conversation.


    I’m open to suggested alternatives; but I need oomph Short words with emotional impact are likely to be baggage for some people.

    If I say that someone is blinded by his social privilege, does that imply something about blind people, or is it an appropriate metaphorical use of the word?

    If I say that the teenager was deaf to warnings because of his emotional state, does that denigrate deaf people, or is it an appropriate metaphorical use of the word?

  • Ichthyic

    just doesn’t have the right oomph

    your mind prefers platitudes to real information then?

    are you in advertising, by any chance?