Mike Rogers Lies About Amash

Rep. Mike Rogers is leaving office in January to become a conservative radio talk show host. He’s practicing for the only gig that requires one to be more dishonest than being a Congressman by lying about one of his fellow Michigan Republicans, Rep. Justin Amash.

“Once you get to know [Amash], and I know that district from being around Michigan for long enough, he’s completely out of line with these people,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, a senior Michigan Republican in an interview. “He votes more with the Democrats than with the Republicans, and that’s not out of principle, that’s out of him branding himself as something different.”

PolitiFact calls bullshit.

A spokesman for Amash linked us to OpenGovernment.org, a website from the nonpartisan Sunshine Foundation that aggregates voting records.

The site also studies which colleague on each side of the aisle votes with members of Congress most and least since January 2013.

Pelosi’s profile page says the Republican she least often votes with is, indeed, Amash. The two have been on the same side of just 22 percent of votes…

So if Amash seldom votes with Pelosi, is it possible he still votes with Democrats more, as Rogers said? In a word, no.

As a whole, Amash has more often sided with the GOP caucus. Amash’s profile on OpenGovernment.org says he has voted with his party 82 percent of the time since January 2013.

And when asked about it:

Rogers spokeswoman had no response but forwarded our request to Amash’s challenger Ellis.

You have learned well, young jedi. You will fit in perfectly on wingnut radio, where lying is among the highest virtues.

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  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    [Amash and Pelosi] have been on the same side of just 22 percent of votes…

    …he has voted with his party 82 percent of the time…


  • http://www.facebook.com/josef.mulroney Josef Mulroney

    all republicans are rinos.