Alan Keyes Does Faux Outrage So Well

I love listening to Alan Keyes give speeches. He’s a great performer, a tour de force behind the podium, even while his eloquence is put in the service of some of the most bizarre, irrational claims imaginable. Here he says that gay marriage is a plot to create a totalitarian society. It’s kind of fun.

Al Franken wrote an amusing story about Alan Keyes during the 1996 presidential primary in his first book. He talked about how eloquent and passionate he thought Keyes was after hearing his voice crack and seeing him become overcome with emotion while giving a speech. But after he saw the exact same thing at the same point in his stump speech several times over several days, he realized it was just a performance.

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  • Pen

    Oh.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that before… Statements that wouldn’t stand up to minimal examination, yet expressed with so much passion. At first, I assumed he was talking about torture… But no…

    You know, I have seen this sort of thing somewhere before. in animal training classes. The first thing they tell you is, ‘it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s all in the tone of voice.’ When you look at it like that, his approach is a bit insulting, really.

  • comfychair

    Only by cleansing society of all the undesirables and troublemakers can we avoid totalitarianism. Sure, that makes sense.

  • d.c.wilson

    Even among the fringe of the fringe, Alan Keyes is considered a lunatic.

  • vilstef

    A much more sensible argument is opposing gay marriage is a totalitarian action. One will not hear that argument from Keyes and others of his mindset.

  • vmanis1

    I assume (but do not know) that Keyes is married. If so, I also assume that he has a government-issued marriage certificate.

  • escuerd

    Just got around to watching this. Now that’s some funny shit.

    I love the part where he asks “Who defines the content of right in homosexual marriage?” then after a dramatic pause ominously announces the answer: “The government!”

    *Gasp!* The government is involved in a special legal arrangement accorded to people forming a family‽ Say it ain’t so! Still not sure what “the content of right” actually means, though.

  • colnago80

    Re vmanis1 @ #5

    Keyes is married and has a lesbian daughter who he disowned and kicked out ot the house.