Help the Homeschool Prom Dissident Go to College

Most of you have probably heard by now about the girl who was kicked out of a homeschool prom because the middle-aged fathers couldn’t control their hormones. The story gets worse. The girl’s parents don’t think girls should go to college, so they’re refusing to pay for it. A fund has started up to help her go to college.

You’ve read Clare’s story about prom, and you love her voice and wish she hadn’t gotten kicked out. We’ve recieved a couple offers to throw her a “second prom,” but Clare feels that this would detract from her main point: that slut shaming is culturally insidious and always wrong.

She’s going to be a freshman on campus at a state school in Virginia this fall, and she feels it’d be more appropriate (and helpful) to give anyone who wants to help her out the chance to contribute to her education.

My family has nine kids and she’ll probably get some merit and need-based aid, but she’s pretty much on her own for paying the difference.

Based on last year’s numbers, 15 credits at the college she’s been accepted to and enrolled at would be approximately $5,000. She told me Tuesday night that her laptop lid won’t stay up (though it mostly works), so any overflow will go toward replacing that.

We don’t want anyone to feel pressured to give, but after so many requests, we thought we’d give you an opportunity here, if you have a burning desire to show her your support.

Thank you, everyone, for your kindness to my sister.

If you feel so inclined, here’s the link.

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  • nichrome

    And if you haven’t heard about this story (like me), here’s a link:

  • greenspine

    You’ve read Clare’s story about prom

    No, I haven’t, and providing no links or background doesn’t help me either.

  • Kevin Kehres

    @3: You’re too lazy to do a simple google? Do you make your parents do your homework?

    @Ed: I don’t think “dissident” is the right word for the headline. She wasn’t dissenting at all. She was at her prom, wearing a dress that was within the standards set for the event by the organizers. Sadly, she was the hottest girl in the room; and the dads were ogling her. And instead of asking the dads to cut it out, they kicked her out of her own prom.

    That’s a victim, Ed. Not a dissident.

  • LightningRose

    My parents refused to pay for my college education.

    If anyone would like to help re-reimburse me for my expenses, contact me and I’ll send you my payPal address.

  • Tried to donate but they don’t take PayPal. Don’t have any credit cards.

    Other options for payment?

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    Get in line, LightningRose. Although, I’m all for supporting education, so I might kick in anyway.

  • jeevmon

    The claim that the girl’s parents don’t believe that girls should go to college is not really supported by the link. What is supported is the claim that her family has nine kids, and therefore cannot afford to pay for college.

  • lofgren

    @3: You’re too lazy to do a simple google? Do you make your parents do your homework?

    Citing the original story you are talking about has been proper blogging practice for about a decade and a half now. Ed routinely criticizes wingnuts (especially WND) for failing to do the same even though he is perfectly capable of doing a Google search.

  • lofgren

    By the way, here is the actual original story.

    Fuck the Patriarchy at Wine & Marble

  • Moggie

    Christ, I had to give up reading her story, because her inability to spell “than” had me grinding my teeth to stumps.

    As for “impure thoughts”… you know what causes teenage boys to have impure thoughts? Pretty much everything!

  • Sample comment from ogling dad who is dry humping the balcony’s railing.

    “That slut, she’s more provocative than any of the harlots that I see on Christian Mingle or even the pron I download after the kids go to bed! She’s teh EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVul!!”


  • I know it isn’t mentioned in the article, but if you see the young ladies photos, she is very white, and her boyfriend is, shall we say, “reflectively challenged”. One hesitates to invoke a race issue where none is mentioned, but this IS Virginia we’re talking about…

  • *lady’s

  • bahrfeldt

    @12- That occurred to me as well. Small town Virginia homeschoolers’ prom, pretty white teen arriving with a black boyfriend. But like you mention, one hesitates when we are provided no information concerning the make-up of the rest of rest of students/dates and her own posting did not mention race as the issue. Can we assume the parents/organizers are teabaggers, racist and perverts? Or that her determination of the motivation is correct, that they are just intolerant lechers? Frankly, since I did speculate, I agree with you.