Beck: A New Distraction From the Old Distraction

Glenn Beck threw a curveball in response to the deal that released an American POW in Afghanistan. Instead of claiming it was done to distract attention from Benghazi, he says it was only done to distract attention from the VA scandal. Which, one presumes, was orchestrated to distract attention from Benghazi itself. Or the IRS non-scandal.

Obama “was starting to look very, very weak because of the VA,” Beck said, and so “the only reason why this happened is because the President is trying to get the VA off of the front page of the newspapers. That’s all he’s doing. He’s just trying to get everybody to stop talking about the VA.”

And he knows this because Jesus told him this personally.

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  • eric

    Um, yeah. Second term president, and there will likely be no congressional movement on appropriations until maybe December. Exactly what major presidential action is this distraction supposed to distract us from? Is Obama worried that the bill to allow prison guards to use pepper spray won’t pass if people are upset over the VA? Maybe its supposed to distract us from a 39th (or whatever) attempt to repeal ACA, because that would otherwise be sooo much more embarassing for Obama than vetoing the first 38th attempts?

  • timgueguen

    Of course the real truth is that Beck is a distraction from the imminent invasion of America by Eviltron and Robotoid 12, who will force all American Patriots and Christians to work in the chrome polish mines of Crapuloid 6.

  • petemoulton

    Distraction, distraction, distraction. That’s really the only answer repubes have, mainly because that’s what they’d do themselves. They just know that crafty black guy’s up to something devious, and doubtless nefarious.

  • Kevin Kehres

    @1: Point of clarification. Obama has never vetoed a bill that would overturn the ACA. That’s because no bill overturning the ACA has ever been passed by the Senate.

    Gotta have both houses agree to a bill before it becomes law. Obama has vetoed nothing because nothing has reached his desk.

    In fact, according to the always-reliable Wikipedia, Obama has vetoed just 2 bills his entire presidency. Ronald Reagan vetoed 39 and had another 39 “pocket” vetoes.

    Bush the Dumber vetoed 11 bills during his Misadministration.

  • caseloweraz

    It’s distractions all the way down (or around)!

    Reminds me of the SF tale in which (to paraphrase) the Duke controlled the ministers by means of a post-hypnotic command, and the ministers controlled the people by the same means, while one of the people had managed to implant a post-hypnotic command in the Duke.

    (No, I don’t remember the title or author. Wish I did.)

  • Pierce R. Butler

    When did Hawai’i move to ~600 miles off the Mexican coast, and a purple blob eat north Louisiana?

    caseloweraz @ # 5 – Could you be thinking of “The Day of Complete Control” by “William Tenn” (aka Philip Klass)? The plot in same was a lot more complicated (the prime minister, his mistress, the mistress’s therapist, et al…), and I may not have the title correct verbatim, but that’s the bell you rang in my little head.

  • Trebuchet

    When did Hawai’i move to ~600 miles off the Mexican coast, and a purple blob eat north Louisiana?

    That purple looks vaguely like areas to be inundated by global warming!

    In addition to having moved, Hawaii is much too large.

  • caseloweraz

    @Pierce R. Butler:

    Yes, that is the one I was thinking of. Thank you.

    Although, according to this blog, the title is “The Servant Problem.”