Rapert: Why Can’t We Be More Like Saudi Arabia?

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert has a habit of saying really, really dumb things. He told a Tea Party rally last year that he wanted to “take this country back for the Lord.” Now he seems to be pining for the kind of theocracy they have in Saudi Arabia:

When judges assert the will of the people wholly in this country, they are pulling the rug out from underneath representative democracy. By the way, Saudi Arabia, they don’t live under the same kind of law that we do. They live under the law that they see fit to live under there. We have that right here, too. And that’s why there’s such an injustice here.

Leaving aside the fact that he doesn’t know what the word “assert” means, he also doesn’t seem to know that Saudi Arabia is a feudalist system ruled by a monarch. What Rapert clearly wants, as he has suggested so many times in the past, is a Christian theocracy in the United States that mirrors the Muslim theocracy they have in Saudi Arabia. And he thinks it’s an injustice that we don’t have one.

All of this is in response to an Arkansas judge overturning the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, of course. And Rapert wants to change the Arkansas constitution to allow recall elections for judges. I’m of the opinion that judges should not be elected at all, at any level. One of the smartest things the founding fathers did at the federal level was insulate judges from the influence of voters and legislatures as much as possible.

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  • John Pieret

    What Rapert clearly wants, as he has suggested so many times in the past, is a Christian theocracy in the United States that mirrors the Muslim theocracy they have in Saudi Arabia. And he thinks it’s an injustice that we don’t have one.

    Of course, I’m willing to bet that if that theocracy was by run Catholics, he’d suddenly be interested in rights for those who don’t share the theocracy’s beliefs. But then it would be too late.

  • David Marjanović

    I’m of the opinion that judges should not be elected at all, at any level.

    Indeed I’m not aware of a country other than the US where they are elected.

    I’ll never get over seeing that campaign poster on TV in 2004 that said “[name] – REPUBLICAN FOR JUDGE”. That man was running under the promise that he would not be impartial. *barf* *barf* *barf*

  • busterggi

    Poor priviledged white Christofascists, always having to allow lesser beings to exist. Mostly.

  • Randomfactor

    Saudi Arabia is a feudalist system ruled by a monarch

    He gets that. He just sees himself as one of the lords, by skin color and church.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    If he loves it so much, why doesn’t he run for office there?

    I’ll pitch in for his one way plane ticket.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whumenansky williamhumenansky

    I’m sure Rapert thinks he’ll be on the board of directors in the theocracy, but one or two pages of history is all he needs to understand that those in office are the first ones eaten – same stuff that happens when a secular coup takes place. The strongest politician joins with the strongest military with the strongest theocrat and everybody else is an employee (at best) or slave. That 1000 years of RCC control of Europe and their continued influence right up to modern times, the 1400 years of Islam with only 2-3 years of a golden age that ended about 1200 because some iman said knowledge was contrary to the muslim way. He has no idea what he is asking for or what injustice is and I would hope he gets it except that all the rest of us would be getting it to.

  • Ellie

    Rapert hates women so it’s hardly a surprise that he thinks Saudi Arabia is a nifty place, although he may change his mind in 2015. I understand women will be allowed to vote in Saudi, then.

  • J B

    I would agree that judges shouldn’t be elected, except then you get the ones like Clarence Thomas who will not recluse themselves, even when they blatantly should.

  • steve84

    Japan also has retention elections for supreme court judges. But they had that insanity imposed on them by the US after WWII. So it hardly counts.

  • sabrekgb

    The election vs appointment question for judges has always somewhat vexed me. I could see an initial election, then the judge holding that term for life, perhaps. Appointment is good as well, but isn’t that just kicking the can down one block? The way we have it now at the federal level seems to work not horribly…except for all the vacancies.

    Also, sheriffs. Trips me out when i see an “(R)” next to the name of my local sheriff on his campaign signs. How does political party matter for that position?

    If two elected positions cry out to not be politicized, surely it’s those.

  • http://onhandcomments.blogspot.com/ left0ver1under

    “A drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.”

    Rapert is only saying aloud what other christian extremists say in private, when they think no one hears them (re: Mitt Romney’s “47%” speech).

  • fmitchell

    As a Texas resident I prefer the California system, where district court judges are appointed by a (theoretically) bipartisan/apolitical process, but face recall elections every six years. Sometimes judges just can’t or won’t do their jobs.

    However, I can see how a concerted effort by a tiny minority could oust a judge for political reasons. Maybe recall elections only happen if there’s a petition signed by a sizable percentage of district residents? Because sometimes judicial review boards also can’t or won’t do their jobs.

  • whheydt

    Re: fmithcell @ #12.

    Look up Rose Bird.

  • dingojack

    Hmmm …. Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert — yet another Secret Muslim commie/facist extremoterrorist….

    Just wait ’till Mr Bek, Limbaugh, Rush etc., hear of it (the silence will be deafening).



  • dingojack

    williamhumenansky – only 2-3 years of a ‘golden age’, eh? Someone needs to do a little more reading on the history of Muslim countries….



    sabrekgb -‘vexed’? What, are you a minor Jane Austin character now? :)

  • steve84


    It gets worse. Prosecutors are also elected. And that position especially is often a stepping stone towards higher political ambitions. So you have law enforcement, prosecution and judges elected and beholden to the mob. Aside from the “war on drugs”, no doubt a reason why the prisons are overflowing with inmates.

    America does democracy very, very wrong.