RGA Illegally Sends Adelson Money to Corbett

The Republican Governors Association illegally sent nearly a million dollars from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to a PAC for Gov. Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, who is floundering in his bid for reelection. It’s illegal because Adelson is an owner in a casino in that state.

The Republican Governors Association, chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, reported receiving $1 million for its federal political-action committee on Dec. 31 from Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

The group immediately moved $987,844 of Adelson’s money into its “RGA Pennsylvania 2014 PAC,” according to a state campaign-finance report filed Jan. 31.

Pennsylvania’s gaming law prohibits casino owners in the state from making contributions to candidates for state office or political-action committees in Pennsylvania.

Adelson, a Republican mega-donor known for his keen interest in foreign affairs – especially as they relate to Israel – owns 7 percent of the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem. His wife, Miriam, owns 16 percent. Another 18.6 percent is controlled by two trusts in the name of Sheldon Adelson.

Ron Reese, vice president of corporate communications for the Las Vegas Sands Corp., said the Republican Governors Association was alerted at the time of Adelson’s contribution that the money could not be allocated for use in Pennsylvania politics.

Reese described the movement to Pennsylvania of the Adelson cash as an RGA mistake.

Now here’s the best part:

RGA spokesman Jon Thompson tried to blame notice of the mistake on Democrats in Pennsylvania.

“The RGA has transferred the donation out of the Pennsylvania account,” Thompson said via email. “It’s clear Democrats are desperate to talk about anything other than Tom Wolf’s failed record.”

Oh yes, of course. It’s clear the Republicans are desperate to talk about anything other than their illegal actions.

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  • marcus

    Democrats= party-poopers.

  • D. C. Sessions

    That wasn’t Adelson’s money they gave to Corbett. It was a different million.

    And no, you can’t excuse your mistake by claiming that “they all look alike.” Racist.

  • Quite frankly, if I were Corbett, I’d rather talk about an illegal campaign contribution than his failed record as governor.

  • This is like one of those voter fraud things, right?

  • mkoormtbaalt

    @Marcus Ranum

    It is like those voter fraud things, but rich people do it so it’s ok.

  • blf

    mkoormtbaalt, In that case, what’s needed is Political Donor ID Cards! You make a political donation by standing in a long queue on a specific day being harassed by (disguised) members of Teh Other Gang until a harassed and underpaid funky can look at your various documents, your Political Donor ID Card, and assorted biometrics — to be sure you are who you claim to be and not a private underpaid / rented flunky — and then takes your donation (which must be in cash) and puts in the transparent box designated for Teh Gang you are donating to…

    A similar scheme has cut down on “voter fraud”…

  • If money is speech then they were just playing telephone. That’s also why $1,000,000 turned in to $987,844watermelonbutterfly.