Another Kern in the Oklahoma Legislature?

The Oklahoma state legislature already has one Kern, the utterly idiotic Sally Kern, and now her husband Steve is looking to join her. And they appear to share a brain, or at least a tiny little portion of one. He’s running for the state senate against five other Republicans:

A familiar name is on the ballot in a Republican primary for the open Senate District 40 seat in northwest Oklahoma City that includes portions of Nichols Hills, Bethany, The Village and Warr Acres. Steve Kern, a 67-year-old evangelical pastor, is the husband of state Rep. Sally Kern, who made national headlines in 2008 when she said homosexuals pose a greater threat to the country than terrorism.

A vocal critic of gay marriage, Steve Kern didn’t distance himself from his wife’s comments, saying that “they were true in the sense that the (gay) agenda was more stealthy than the terrorists’ agenda.”

In a separate incident two years ago, Sally Kern was reprimanded and delivered an apology on the House floor after denigrating blacks and women during debate on an affirmative action bill.

No idea whether he’s got a good chance of winning or not, but since this is Oklahoma it’s probably faily likely.

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  • scienceavenger

    And they appear to share a brain…

    Who’s using it today?

  • Mr Ed

    I told they gays years ago no meeting minutes no agendas but they insisted on following Robert’s Rules.

    The gay agenda is just 21st century red menace of fear politics. If you want to hold office tell me what you will do not who to hate.

  • John Pieret

    No idea whether he’s got a good chance of winning or not, but since this is Oklahoma it’s probably faily likely.

    Unless, of course, it is someone worse.

  • Johnny Vector

    No idea whether he’s got a good chance of winning or not, but since this is Oklahoma it’s probably faily likely.

    You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

  • Modusoperandi

    scienceavenger “Who’s using it today?”


  • Trebuchet

    As proper fundies, presumably Sally only does what Hubby tells her anyhow. A woman thinking for herself would be heresy.

  • Michael Heath

    Ed writes:

    And they appear to share a brain…

    scienceavenger responds:

    Who’s using it today?

    I bet nobody can tell.

  • katzenklavier

    A one-time resident, I’m a bit surprised that he is running in NW OKC (other than college-town districts, probably as liberal an area as you’ll find in the state).

  • Childermass

    Here is today’s scary thought: Sally is the smarter of the two.

  • vhutchison

    The Rev. Steve Kern is just as ignorant as his spouse, if not more so. I have heard him debate, give talks, and testify before a legislative committee (where I also testified). The Rev. is a young earth creationist, total Biblical literalist and disputes evolution with arguments made many years ago. I once confronted him with examples of transitional fossils – hi answer was always “I don’t believe it.” This was often the same answer given to questions by debaters. I fear that his election in Oklahoma would make the reddest of any state even worse. Two Krazy Kerns in the Lege at the same time? Awful.

  • ArtK

    Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber?

  • John Pieret

    Maybe if he is elected it is God’s punishment for New York State legalizing same sex marriage … given God’s notorious aim.

  • Childermass

    Kern 20%, Other guy 39%. He advances to the runoff election.