Okay Karl Rove, I’ll Blame Both Sides

Karl Rove went on the Bill O’Reilly show and they blathered on about how terribly unfair it is that anyone would blame Bush and his administration for the current situation in Iraq. It’s “old news,” Rove says. And besides, why isn’t anyone blaming Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, who supported the war?

O’REILLY: Our pals over at MSNBC are blaming you and Bush for the whole thing. You know that. We shouldn’t have gone there. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t have this and on and on.

ROVE: I notice that the MSNBC crowd is not critical of the two Secretaries of State who served President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry, both of whom voted for the authorization of the use of force against Iraq. I think it might be sort of selective outrage at the Republicans who supported Iraq (crosstalk).

O’REILLY: But that’s because you and President Bush fooled the world by consciously saying there were weapons of mass… look, you have to understand what this is. The far left says that you and Bush and everybody involved with this, did it on purpose, that you knew there weren’t weapons of mass destruction and you said it anyway. That’s their… and they’re never going to get out of that. But I’m just pointing it out… (crosstalk)

ROVE: Yeah, that’s an old argument that we waste time on because people on the other side who have looked at this say the intelligence came to the same conclusion, including people like Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton…

Okay, I’ll happily blame them too. There is no question that Bush and his underlings lied about the intelligence. That has been proven beyond all doubt. But Clinton, Kerry and most of the other Democrats in Congress were cowards. They knew that the American people almost instinctively support any war when it starts and, especially in the wake of 9/11, didn’t want to be seen as opposing a wildly popular president who was pretending to protect us (alliteration!). So they voted to give Bush the authority to invade, knowing damn well he was going to use it (hell, he’d have gone in without authorization).

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  • scienceavenger

    ROVE: I notice that the MSNBC crowd is not critical of the two Secretaries of State who served President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry…

    That has about as much truth as the claim that atheists don’t criticize Islam. He’s just making shit up. And even if its true, so what? Inconsistency on one side doesn’t absolve the other side of their just blame. Old good arguments are still good arguments, and arguments that amount to “but you’re a hypocrite” are BAD arguments.

  • Artor

    “… because people on the other side who have looked at this say the intelligence came to the same conclusion,…”

    Yeah, it’s totally those other guy’s fault. I mean, they believed US! How stupidly irresponsible is that?

  • Moggie

    The far left says…

    It must be endlessly frustrating for the few thousand remaining members of the CPUSA to see everyone to the left of the Koch brothers referred to as “the far left”. If Bill met an actual Trotskyite, I think his head would explode.

  • tfkreference

    To quote a line from Animal House, “You fucked up; you trusted us!”

  • dingojack

    Uh Karl – what did the sign on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s desk say? “The buck stops with the ‘far left'” was it? Does George H W Bush’s invasion of Kuwait become the responsibility of the some junior senator from Idaho? Does Clinton’s reduction of the US’s debt become the idea of some old age pensioner from Florida?

    Where, ultimately does the buck stop Karl?

    Just more of the Right being caught with it’s pants around it’s ankles and bleating the old libertarian mantra as it’s ‘best’ excuse: no care, no responsibility.


  • matty1

    Blame away but don’t forget the real issues are.

    1. Holding those who committed or authorized war crimes responsible. Did Clinton or Kerry do this, then yes they should be tried but if not you are comparing apples and baseball scores.

    2. Learning the lesson and not assuming that the solution to all problems is more intervention. This will be tough with the spread of ISIS but that is all the more reason to remember that just because we can do something does not mean that something will make things better.

  • colnago80

    Re Chihuahua @ #5

    Actually, the sign the buck stops here was on Harry Truman’s desk.

  • dingojack

    SLC – Meh close enough., the point still stands.


  • http://polrant@blogspot.com democommie

    Gosh, whither our current interntroll? He really hates him some bi-polar “Right/Left axis”. Then again, there’s nothing about gunz, here.