Beck: Barton is Exporting His Lies

Glenn Beck and David Barton are friends and allies in the right wing’s courageous war against reality and rationality. And on his show this week, Beck claimed that Barton was being asked by a former Soviet country to come and teach them how to be American.

During the segment, he revealed that David Barton has been contacted by high-ranking government leaders in an unnamed former Soviet state because they believe that he knows “more about the underpinnings of [the American] republic than anybody else” and want Barton to help them “put those underpinnings together” in their own country.

“He’s on his way over to former Soviet states to help them,” Beck reported. “Is that not incredible? And it’s not just like a couple of people; I think it’s the main people in the government [who] are saying ‘help us.'”

One can only hope that they’ll keep him.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    I’m sure that he’ll be able to prove conclusively that the founders of the modern Russian State (and of the other former Soviet Republics) were deeply committed Christians and that the 1917 Revolution was based entirely on the Bible.

  • John Pieret

    they believe that he knows “more about the underpinnings of [the American] republic than anybody else” … Is that not incredible?

    Why, yes, it is! It is incredible that anyone thinks Barton knows anything about the underpinnings of the American republic. But it is even more incredible that former Soviet states want to become an American-style republic. I can, however, see them wanting them to become the kind of theocracy Barton imagines the US to be. The funny thing is that the theocracy they will likely become won’t let Evangelical Christians like Barton anywhere near their citizens.

  • Modusoperandi

    Oh great, now we’ll have a whole country of Borats, but with Bartonesque checkered shirts, bolo ties, and lies.

  • raven

    Beck claimed that Barton was being asked by a former Soviet country to come and teach them how to be American.

    They are on it.

    Putin Orders Central Russian Troops On ‘Full Combat Alert’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his…

    Business Insider

    Considering who Beck and Barton are, this looks like a plot by Obama and the Illuminati to destroy the former Soviet Union. If we could also send Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Brian Fischer, Ted Cruz, and a few others, they would be lucky to fall back to the Dark Ages instead of the stone age.

  • anubisprime

    They want to know how to hate on teh ghey…they go to the expert!

    They would be in a whole heap of trouble if they want Barton’s delusional rantings to underpin their democracy…

    Might be funny though!…as the reality dawns on them that he is totally full of runny shite on a jeebus pole!

  • Dr X

    Modusoperandi @ 3,

    Please give someone else a chance to win the internet once in a while.

  • pocketnerd

    That sounds completely and totally 100% REALLYTRUE™ and plausible and not at all a self-aggrandizing lie.

  • Jared Ragland

    This is exactly like how John Locke was invited to the Colonies to help write their constitutions!

    Except that Locke was a real scholar, with a knowledge of real history and real politics, and did actually help.

  • wordsgood

    So glad he belongs to you guys. Want Mayor Ford too?

  • grumpyoldfart

    The Russians are famous for their revisionism. They don’t need Barton.

  • smrnda

    All said, this could only end up sinking the former USSR even further into the shithole.

  • Pyra

    I just can’t bear to watch this guy, anymore than I already have. Luckily between the Play button and his old tyme microphone, I didn’t even need to look at much of his face, either!

  • sunsangnim

    Just what they need…more western fundies pushing for more anti-gay laws.

  • Jonas Pell

    Sure, we all know how tolerant, rational, unbigoted and advanced Tsarist Russia was with its close alliance with the Orthodox Church. That church, BTW, paved the way for modernity & human rights by advocating Democracy and full integration of the Jews