How Does Someone Hate This Much?

Malia Obama spent a day on the set of a new Halle Berry TV show as a production assistant, fetching coffee and that sort of thing. When this was reported at Breitbart and other right wing “news” sites, the commenters spewed some horrifying hatred and racism over it. From Breitbart:

butchz: Elite POS *(Piece Of Shit)* like her daddy!

sally forth: sorry but that one always appears to have attitude imo. always scowling PERIOD.

jay28elle: Of course. Sure, why not? My son is beating the street to find a decent job, and this bozo kid gets a cush job ONLY because she is the kid of the prez. Great example, Mr & Mrs Obama – that kids only need to be connected in order to get a job. But then again, neither of you ever earned anything you ever got.

2BFree2B: I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Guess that celebrity mentality is a family trait. I won’t be watching Halle Barry’s anything or buying from any sponsors…she just passed the “liberal” test.

Merry: Wonder if she’ll dress as badly as her mom, who, for most of the photos I’VE seen dresses like a washerwoman.

UpChuck.Liberals: Which is an upgrade from what she should be wearing, an orange jump suit.

Felix Rodkin: This is funny: her garb cost like gazillion bucks but it looks on her like a caricature! I guess it is because he can’t shake ghetto off…

Lou Gibbons: Shake the ghetto off when it comes so naturally to someone like her ?

freedomfighterx: another commiePIG on a commie PIG network, how sweet

And from Drudge:

Cathie Smeal Kennedy: is she old enough to send to Iraq

Larry Blanks: Not a biological daughter. Doesn’t favor either one of them nor her sister.

Sabomnim Pamela Scott-Czerwin: Wow. That is all we need. Another camera whore

Mary Spencer: Using her “black privilege” to get into show business

Richard Jones: black privilege.

George Houston: Looks like they hire unqualified minorities, just like president Obama

John Lambert: UGLY!

Larry Ceja: Should be in “roots”.

Lesa Mason-mullen: Blah blah blah…COCKROACH

Dean Minshall: As ugly as her mammie.

I just don’t understand where this kind of hatred could possibly come from. She’s a 15 year old girl in an impossibly difficult situation. Would you want to be a president’s kid? And I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this about the Bush daughters. Chelsea Clinton got it, with Rush Limbaugh calling her a dog and much more.

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  • Dr X

    And they like to say liberalism is driven by envy.

  • colnago80

    Ah gee, Matt Drudge, the closeted gay man.

  • Konradius

    > Would you want to be a president’s kid?

    Well, actually, with the incredible amounts of privilege that come with it, I would not mind it that much. It does mean you can just about try anything for a career.

    Of course, no person deserves this much hatred, least of all children who are only famous for their parents.

  • dugglebogey

    I’m assuming these folks believe Jenna Bush got her job as a “special correspondent” at the Today show while still in her 20s because she was so “qualified.”

  • Daniel Fincke

    I’m sure George W. Bush became president because he just happened to be the best person to run the country and that it had nothing to do with his being the son of a president.

  • colnago80

    You can bet that Fascist outlets like Breitbart and Druge will raise holy hell if/when Malia is admitted to an Ivy league school or Stanford, forgetting how Dubya got into Yale via legacy admissions and Clarence Thomas got into Harvard law school via affirmative action..

  • CaitieCat, getaway driver

    @5: and that the Preznit’s daddy being called a wimp for not deposing Saddam had nothing to do with the creation of fictions to encourage invading Iraq, too.

    But sure, criticize a teenager for working a day as an intern on a movie set. That’s clearly more important than war crimes.


    Crap. Anyone know of an eye-ropractor? I think I subluxated my optical bone. Or maybe Dr. Oz has a supplement with amazing properties…

  • D. C. Sessions

    Well, there’s a touch of truth there — she has networking opportunities that very few girls her age can even dream of. Of course, as the daughter of a University of Chicago law professor and a corporate lawyer who sits on several boards of directors, she’s still have networking opportunities that etc.

    Still not quite in the same league as having a family with Yale legacies going back to before the Civil War, though.

  • Marcus Ranum

    no person deserves this much hatred

    How do we know this is an unusual amount of hatred? What if all african-american women her age were subjected to similar abuse, and we only care because she’s a more public target?

  • LightningRose

    Nobody had to make up shit about the Bush twins – they did a fine job on their own with their underage drunkenness.

  • democommie


    Let’s rephrase the question.

    How would you like to the son of a N—— president?

    Did Shrubya belong to Numbskull & Bones?

  • Zeno

    Jenna Bush got a modicum of media grief because she often drank too much and liked to smoke. Her sister was less of a party girl and got less coverage. Still, nothing compared to the abuse heaped on Chelsea.

  • D. C. Sessions

    What if all african-american women her age were subjected to similar abuse, and we only care because she’s a more public target?

    Damn, Marcus. That hurts.

    Not that you aren’t right, mind, but it still hurts.

  • Doug Little

    jay28elle’s comment is somewhat true but I think that it that in general these types of jobs are all taken by people that know someone in the industry, I don’t think that you can just walk in off the street and get these jobs. Xe needs to take this line of thinking and apply it to a lot of other jobs where who you know trumps what you know. Wallstreet would be a good example.

  • Brony

    When it’s the perceived leader of the “other side”, some people will pull out all the stops to put them in as bad a light as possible. You see people who disagree with you and push for changes in the country and society that you don’t like are not just political opponents, they are monsters corrupting everything around you. So it’s not just Obama that gets constantly portrayed at the worst possible thing, his wife must also be a terrible person because no good person would end up with a monster like Obama. And their children are also terrible aweful people. Every little difference becomes not just a matter of taste, clothing for example, but a sign of what you are that should be avoided by all “decent folk”.

    You do see it on the left because it’s general political group behavior (raw rhetorical group competition), but much less often because the left is less authoritarian minded. We are not as preoccupied with the leaders so we don’t tend to hyper-focus on them. They are still important because leaders are a reflection of the culture that puts them into power, but not so important that every little bit of tabloid gossip can be made into a symbol of some kind. Unless empty symbolism is all a particular person can talk about like these individuals from Breitbart.

  • Modusoperandi

    They should be happy about having to support one less Moocher with their Hard Earned Tax Dollars®. I mean, an “urban” person (*wink wink*) with a job? How often does that happen?

  • Modusoperandi

    And also Liberals are the Real Racists. Somehow.

  • CaitieCat, getaway driver

    Modus, there’s an answer for that:


    It’s good for what Ailes ya.

  • kyoseki

    I’ve never met a bigger bunch of ignorant asshats than the fuckheads in the Breitbart comments sections.

  • Trebuchet

    Today’s xkcd is quite appropriate.

  • ButchKitties

    Really? Malia is stealing someone’s job?

    I can’t pretend to be an industry insider, but it was my understanding that PAs on these types of productions are usually UNPAID interns. And aren’t Republicans the ones fighting to make sure these positions continue to be unpaid?

  • scienceavenger

    2BFree2B: I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Guess that celebrity mentality is a family trait.

    Larry Blanks: Not a biological daughter. Doesn’t favor either one of them nor her sister.

    Ya’ll want to huddle up and decide which it is? And Larry, get your eyes checked, she’s a perfect meld of the two.

  • matty1

    Did Jenna Bush drink too much or just drink alcohol at all before an arbitrary age (21 is very late by the standards of most of the world)? Not that I really care but on the face of it 10 and 12 seem a bit contradictory.

  • throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble

    Today’s xkcd is quite appropriate.

    Almost too subtle for me. Took me a few seconds for it to click. Totally dig it. It could also be said about facebook news feeds and trending topics on twitter. Why subject myself to it? SIWOTI? I have no idea why. I go through waves of obsession with plumbing the depths of human decency and sapience. Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom…

  • comfychair

    Modus @ 17 – “And also Liberals are the Real Racists. Somehow.”

    OOH I KNOW I KNOW! It’s because Libruls are Socialists and Hitler was a Socialist therefore Libruls is the ones what done killed all them nice Jews and gays and immigrants and Communis… er, hey hang on a sec. All that doesn’t sound so bad, actually…

  • busterggi

    “Chelsea Clinton got it”

    And she’s still getting it – I caught of segment of some right-wing loon’s show last week where he & his guest were whining about Chelsea’s job with MSNBC, her pay, her experience, her connections and, of course, her being female.

    It never ends.

  • magistramarla

    I think that Malia is model quality beautiful, much like her lovely mother. I agree with scienceavenger that she is a perfect combination of both of her parents. I think that Sasha resembles her maternal grandmother.

    All in all, I think that the entire Obama family is stunning.

    I also think that Chelsea is a lovely young woman, in looks and in deeds. She is heading up the Clinton Foundation with her father, and is doing good things for women and children all over the world. That alone makes her beautiful in my eyes. She glowed as a bride and she’s glowing even more now as an expectant mother.

    It always astounds me that former Democratic presidents and their families use their time, talents and influence to help make the world a better place (the Carters and the Clintons are perfect examples). I just don’t see that happening with former GOP presidents.

  • democommie


    Bushjugend is too busy paintin’ and the puppetmaster is too busy looking for new hearts (they all reject his body) to waste time helping other people.

  • jesse

    I’m old enough to remember Amy Carter, and I don’t recall her getting anything like either Chelsea or Malia.

    While I think, as a journalist, public figures should be held to a high standard, I would abide (and do abide) by the now-old-fashioned “kids are off limits” rule.

    Is it slightly newsworthy that she did a PA job for a day? Yeah, I give it 100 words. But other than that kind of fluff stuff, unless she murders someone with a chain saw, she’s off limits.

    The Bush daughters were adults. But again, unless they were drunk driving (an actual crime) I can’t see my way to covering the stupid college kid shit they did either. “NEWS FLASH: BUSH KIDS ARE KIDS” would only fly if we suspected they were changelings. Perhaps aliens. Or if one of them was a member of a local anti-drug/alcohol organization. Maybe. Or, again, if they murdered someone, robbed a bank, set a cross on fire.

  • greg1466

    Funny how this kind of stuff seems to come primarily from the people who so strongly feel that even if you don’t agree with him, the POTUS should be treated with respect when a Republican is in office.