Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Gary Bauer

Last week’s Road to Majority conference put on by Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition must have destroyed every irony meter within a thousand-mile radius. Gary Bauer actually gave a talk in which he claimed that President Obama is “obsessed” with gay issues — at a conference full of people who spend nearly all their time and energy to prevent equality and demonize gay people. Bryan Fischer would be so proud.

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  • ArtK

    The religious right thinks and talks more about gay sex than any gay man I’ve ever met. You could probably go into a bar in West Hollywood and not hear as much as at one of these conservative conferences.

  • Modusoperandi

    He’s right. Obama is obsessed. Why do you think Obama is so secretive about the past and won’t release his transcripts? Because they’re all drawings of cocks. Say what you want about president George W Bush*, but at least he paints pussies.


    * …who was never a conservative and we never said he was or defended or backed or voted for him at all and the war was a bad idea and we should have done it anyway and we wouldn’t change a thing and we had it won until Obama lost it and shut up that’s why…

  • John Pieret

    Obama is obsessed about the rights of LGBT people here in America and their safety in more benighted places in the world because the of religious right’s obsession with depriving LGBT people of both.

    BTW, this time I not only turned off the irony meter, put I it in an underground bunker and surrounded it with a Faraday cage and it didn’t explode! … It only sizzled and popped and smoked a little.

  • freehand

    The adult SBC congregants I grew up with were obsessed with sex, their own and other people’s, more than any 13 year-old boy I knew, including me. That’s …not healthy, I think.