Perkins Lies About Poll on Workplace Discrimination

Tony Perkins is lying, which means this must be a day that ends in Y. This time the lie is about a new poll that shows the exact opposite of what he claims it shows. And he uses that lie to spin a tale of Obama using executive orders to overrun the will of the people.

No wonder the President had to resort to an executive order on special treatment for homosexuals. Turns out, the American people aren’t nearly supportive of his agenda as the media led us to believe. In a Huffington Post poll, only 50% of Americans support an ENDA-type (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) law, which gives preference to homosexuals and transgenders in the workplace. Congress had been reluctant to act on ENDA, and now we see that leaders are more in line with the majority of Americans than the President, which jumped ahead of the legislative branch to impose those rules on federal contractors. So much for the groundswell of support for measures that crush the constitutional freedoms of both employers and employees. Most people apparently think the current anti-discrimination statutes are strong enough.

The poll had three questions. Even on the one most favorable to his argument (Would you favor or oppose a law prohibiting job discrimination by employers against gays and lesbians?), the result was 50% in favor of such a law and 38% opposed. So even the number he cites doesn’t support his claim. But the second question shows just how completely he got this wrong:

Do you think it should be legal or illegal for an employer to fire someone for being gay or lesbian?

Legal: 12%

Illegal: 76%

Not sure: 12%

Only 12% agree with him that prohibiting a business from firing someone for being gay would “crush the constitutional freedoms of both employers and employees” (employees? WTF?. Even if you counted every undecided person on their side, it’s a whopping 3-1 margin against his position. And if most Americans “think the current anti-discrimination statutes are strong enough,” it’s only because only 14% of respondents know that anti-gay discrimination is not prohibited nationally.

He’s lying. It’s what he does. How else can you keep the money flowing in?

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  • roggg

    How many percents does he think there are anyway? He goes form “only 50% support it [ENDA]” to implying that a majority actually oppose it. If you’re going to lie, you need to do a better job than this.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    We may have more percents than he does, but his percents are stronger because they have God on their side.

  • cptdoom

    He also failed to note that more than 60% of respondents already thought such discrimination was illegal under federal law, which it is not, and that makes the 50% statistic Perkins cites even weaker. Of course if most people thought it was illegal to fire people for being gay or lesbian, they are less likely to support new laws to the same end; they’d be considered superfluous.

  • dhall

    “only 50% of Americans support an ENDA-type (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) law, which gives preference to homosexuals and transgenders in the workplace.”

    None of the questions asked were about “giving preference” to gays or transgenders, they were about treating everyone equally. He apparently can’t understand the questions either. But it furthers his agenda to say that the law would give gays preferential treatment.

  • leftwingfox

    (employees? WTF?.

    Of course! Employees don’t want to be forced to work with “teh gay”. At least, not the employees that matter to Tony Perkins.

  • This is hilarious if 50% are for then there is no way that the majority could oppose because a percentage would be undecided. So… Where’s the majority against? Oh in his head, my bad.

  • laurentweppe

    Isn’t “Tony Perkins lies” part of the physics curriculum, alongside the speed of light, the proton’s mass and all the other universal constants, yet?

  • matty1

    You keep doing this Ed, writing xxx lines and then following it with unnecessary extra words. Most of these people rhe first bit is enough

  • matty1

    And I apparently don’t know the difference between lies and lines

  • @ roggg,

    Just like the Christianists’ Bible says nothing but “ghey is icky” and gives Christianists a free pass to be giant assholes, and the Constitution says that ‘Murka is a Christian nation and Jesus loves capitalism and AR-15s, Christianist mathematics always adds up to whatever number they need it to, neither more more nor less, and always proves their view is correct. Every single time.

    So “only” 50 percent of Americans supporting a law banning discrimination against people whom they want to discriminate against is a clear mandate for their side. And if 50 percent of people support the right to choose, that would mean that abortion should be illegal in all cases.

    It just takes faith.