Perkins Guest Debunks His Lie

Tony Perkins brought Republican Congressman Mark Meadows on his radio show this week to support his claim that the Obama administration hasn’t done anything to help Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death for apostasy. Meadows debunked that claim completely:

Asked if the State Department was working to help Ibrahim and her children, Meadows reported that the U.S. has in fact worked vigorously behind the scenes to free Ibrahim: “I got off of a call not more than an hour or so ago and a number of agencies across the board are working hand-in-glove to make sure that this is handled quickly and efficiently. And I am heartened by what I heard on that phone call and really encouraged that this is a government that cares about people. Sometimes I wish they would speak up louder and quicker, but I can tell you behind the scenes a number of agencies are working to make sure that they are safe.”

Just minutes later, however, Perkins completely discarded the congressman’s assessment and once again accused the Obama administration of doing little to help secure Ibrahim’s release.

Of course he did. Tony Perkins doesn’t give two shits about the truth, he cares only about scoring political points.

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  • ragingapathy

    Perkins has no shits to give. He’s too constipated.

  • otrame

    This an example of why Fred Clark, of the Slacktivist blog, always refers to him as “the liar Tony Perkins”.

  • Modusoperandi

    I’m stunned that Mark Meadows, who I used to respect, would go on Perkins’ show and spread such terrible lies about Obama not being terrible!

  • John Pieret

    Once a scenario gets into the wingnut mind, it simply cannot be dislodged, certainly not by anything as inconsequential as reality. Perkins’ audience probably heard what Meadows said as: “the U.S. has in fact NOT worked vigorously behind the scenes to free Ibrahim” … “a number of agencies across the board are working hand-in-glove to make sure that this is NOT handled quickly and efficiently” … “I am DISheartened by what I heard on that phone call and really DIScouraged that this is a government that cares NOTHING about people.”

  • D. C. Sessions

    Well, when you combine authoritarian religion with political dogma, what do you expect? The wingnuts have Revealed Truth: Obama is everything evil on earth, the literal Antichrist.

    Mere assertions of fact, no matter who may make them, can’t stand up against God’s Own Truth.

  • Kevin Kehres

    @5: If you want to have a depressing couple of hours, just go over to YouTube with the search term “Obama anti-Christ”.

    It’s not so much the number of videos on the subject, nor their vitriolic content — it’s the number of views and “likes” that will chill you to the core.

  • patrickashton

    But I thought the president was supposed to show deference to other countries’ values and traditions? Consistency isn’t his strong suit either, is it?

  • bahrfeldt

    Perkins’ primary concern remains bible based profit$.

  • Moggie

    The belief underlying conspiracist thinking is “people in authority are lying to us, but I’m too smart and well-informed to fall for the lies!” So, if Meadows contradicts Perkins, that simply gets incorporated into the narrative, either as “Meadows is part of the conspiracy” or “Meadows has been duped by Obama”.

  • colnago80

    Latest news out of the Sudan is that Ms. Ibrahim has been given asylum in the US embassy there. Now the problem is to get her, her husband and child out of the country.

  • chilidog99

    Remember. Perkins is an eunuch.