Tony Perkins is Suddenly a Cultural Relativist

The Christian right constantly, and wrongly, accuses “the left” of being moral and cultural relativists. But in a recent email to his followers, Tony Perkins suddenly transforms himself into a cultural relativist — but only for a single issue. And yep, it’s all about The Gay.

No sooner had Hillary Clinton taken over the State Department than the White House ordered her to use the agency as a club to beat other nations into submission on sexual politics. Now, while American forces look anxiously to Iraq, the Obama administration is launching another global offensive: Operation International “Tolerance.” While the rest of the world debates the Middle East, the President is trying to put troops on the ground in the fight to promote global homosexuality.

Secretary John Kerry made that quite clear Thursday in a speech to his own State Department, where he sent a warning shot to other nations that same-sex “spouses” of U.S. personnel will be treated as “married,” regardless of the host country’s beliefs. “Let me be clear,” he lectured, in a defiant speech, “we oppose any effort by any country to deny visas for spouses of American staff. It’s discriminatory, it’s unacceptable, it has no place in the 21st century.”

Neither, apparently, does real diplomacy – which, until President Obama’s election, meant a respectful deference to other countries’ values and traditions.

So Tony Perkins thinks that American diplomacy should show deference to other countries’ values and traditions, does he? So obviously, Obama should not do anything to help the Christian woman in Sudan who was sentenced to death, right? After all, that’s part of Sudan’s “values and tradition.” Nope. He demanded action on it (and rightly so). And on Christian pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran, too. In fact, he demands that the State Department get involved anywhere a Christian’s rights are being denied in other countries (and again, rightly so).

But when it’s gay people being imprisoned, tortured and killed, he’s suddenly a cultural relativist and is outraged — OUTRAGED — that our government would even speak out for their human rights. And funny how he thinks only the United States should respect other countries’ laws, but only on this one issue. He doesn’t demand that other countries respect our laws and grant visas to the same-sex spouses of American diplomats. He doesn’t even pretend to be consistent or coherent.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Well, after all “consistent” and “coherent” aren’t in the Bible.

  • dingojack

    So Tony – If Christians serving the US (as diplomats, Military personnel, government functionaries and so on) in a country where being a Christian was considered ‘heretical’, and they were suddenly rounded up by the local authorities, tried and beheaded as ‘heretics’ that’d be AOK with you ’cause it’s all about that country’s ‘values and tradition’, right?



  • culuriel

    Duh, Ed, don’t you know that American diplomatic pressure only exists to reinforce Christians’ rights?

  • matty1

    @2 For an added bonus and to deprive him of a “but Muslims. ..” defence it should be one of his Christian heroes. Say Putin revoking diplomatic status for all protestants.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Before anyone asks about the Christian diplomatic staff bringing SS spouse, the obvious reply is that “homosexual Christian” is a null set. By definition.

  • Now, look, we have to not defend Rights over there so that we don’t have to defend them over here.

  • dingojack

    D C Sessions – how about ‘luggage carrier & masseur’ or ‘toilet stall buddy & coke-snorting table’?


  • lordshipmayhem

    To give the devil his due, in some places in Europe (Britain, for example) we have seen urges by those in the liberal camp to tolerate such “cultural” activities and beliefs as FGM, honour killing and Sharia courts. They’re wrong, in my opinion, but the members of this subgroup can be influential.

    I don’t tolerate such behaviour in right-wing evangelical Xians, and I don’t see why I should in any other religious or “cultural” behaviour.

  • D. C. Sessions

    lordshipmayhem, do bear in mind that the word “liberal” has different meanings in the USA vs. other countries that speak “English.”

  • Nick Gotts

    To give the devil his due, in some places in Europe (Britain, for example) we have seen urges by those in the liberal camp to tolerate such “cultural” activities and beliefs as FGM, honour killing and Sharia courts. – lordshipmayhem@8

    Have we? Sharia courts, like the Jewish Beth Din, can currently be used to resolve civil disputes if both parties agree, and their decisions will then be enforced by the civil courts provided they are compatible with British law. I don’t agree with this, but it’s not something that “those in the liberal camp” have to “urge” being “tolerated”, since it’s already practiced, and has been for many years. As for FGM and honour killings, I’d be very interested (and disgusted) if you can actually produce citations of “those in the liberal camp” calling for them to be tolerated.

  • drizzt

    @Lordshipmayhem : Liberal in the US sense means Centre-right in European sense, like PSD in Portugal, CDU in Germany, etc. Conservative in America almost means UKIP, Front National, Gold Dawn etc…

    To illustrate it let’s see what the US Right (Republicans) wants : hating immigrants, no science (evolution,etc) teachings, hating regulation of any kind, etc… and the US left (Democrats) are like our centre-right : Immigration with limits, teach science in science classes, sensible regulations…

    No commies. no anarchist or greens or anything of the sort in the US, at least with electoral visibility. Here commies are still strong in some countries, greens used to rule in Germany and anarchists are still spreading mayhem.