Huntsville, AL City Council Cancels Wiccan Invocation

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on opening local council meetings with prayer was a bad one, but it did say firmly that the prayers could not be limited only to Christian ones. The city council in Huntsville, Alabama seem to have missed that memo.

Freedom of religion apparently only goes so far in Huntsville.

Blake Kirk, a Wiccan priest who had been scheduled to offer the prayer tonight, June 26, 2014, at the Huntsville City Council meeting, was notified Wednesday that the invitation had been rescinded. Kirk was un-invited, said city attorney Peter Joffrion, because of phone calls from citizens alarmed about Kirk’s faith once the agenda was made public on Tuesday. Kirk had been listed on the agenda as “Priest of the Oak, Ash and Thorn tradition of Wicca.”

“We decided to pull back, to do some education maybe, and to introduce him more gently at another time,” Joffrion said, adding that the decision to rescind Kirk’s invitation aimed to ensure that the invocation would remain a time of focus and coming together, not a point of contention.

Yeah, that’s a lot easier than, ya know, following the law and telling those “alarmed” citizens to grow the fuck up, shut the fuck up and insert their Christian privilege into their anal cavity.

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