Daubenmire and Klingenschmitt Get All Manly Together

When “Coach” Dave Daubenmire and Gordon Klingenschmitt get together, you know there’s some world class derp coming. On Klingenschmitt’s internet show, they bonded over their mutual fondness for the rugged, manly, Rambo-like Jesus that lives in their fantasies.


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  • D. C. Sessions


  • marcus

    Yes, to me Klingenschmitt is the very epitome of manliness.

    No wait… I meant smug, supercilious, narcissistic asshattery.

  • 12ab

    The Klinger never misses an opportunity to continue to assert that all his problems in the Navy were because he wanted to pray in Jesus’ name. What a crock of crap! He even secretly taped a training session where policy was being explained to all the chaplains and claimed that he was being told that he would be punished if he ever prayed in Jesus’ name. Clearly, the training session was a monologue teaching technique used by the trainer to explain that if a Commanding Officer requested a chaplain to pray a pluralistic prayer at a mandatory event and the chaplain agreed to do so and then did otherwise the chaplain would be guilty of violating his own commitment to obey the Commanding Officer. He also continues to lump himself in with 65 other Navy chaplains who have had a law suit going since 1999. All those chaplains were/are evangelical chaplains who pray in Jesus’ name and their law suit has nothing to do with praying in anybody’s name! It has to do with promotion issues in the Chaplain Corps. However, the Klinger wants his idiotic followers to believe that he has 65 confederates regarding his issue of praying in Jesus’ name. Other than both being nut cases, Daubenmire and Klinger are opposites. Klinger uses him just to have another angry idiot in his corner. Both these guys are disgusting human beings and what is more disgusting than that is the fact that there is a segment of society that isn’t smart enough to see these idiots for what they are.

  • timpayne

    @3 “the fact that there is a segment of society that isn’t smart enough to see these idiots for what they are”

    The fact is, Daubenmire wasn’t hired as an Ohio public school football coach by only 1 vote, and Klingenschmitt will soon win a seat in the Co. legislature. People know exactly who these assholes are, and shitloads, not a segment, love them.

  • flyv65

    “…and Klingenschmitt will soon win a seat in the Co. legislature.” His district would elect a fruit bat if it ran on the Republican ticket…PT Barnum was right.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Coach Dave meets Dr. Chaps. Sounds like a match made in gay porno heaven.

  • It’s hard not to see Klingenschmitt as some kind of caricature. Admittedly, the name doesn’t help. In my head I pronounce it as Clingstoshit, and for that I apologize to all good people who may share the name.

  • dingojack

    Daubenmire and Klingenschmitt Get All Manly Together

    Now if that doesn’t set your ‘gaydar’ off….