Fischer: Lack of Patriotism is a Sin

Bryan Fischer celebrates the 4th of July by declaring that if you aren’t patriotic (by his undoubtedly twisted definition, of course), you’re committing a sin against God — but only if you’re an American, because God likes us more than everyone else and has done unspecified things to “protect” the country against…well, something.

As Fischer explained, God has providentially cared for and protected the United States of America since its creation and so a refusal to be patriotic is an insult to God.

“A failure to be a patriotic American is a sin against God,” Fischer said, “because it’s a refusal to thank him for his goodness, for his providential care over this nation from the beginning.”

But of course, he’s either withdrawn that “providential care” or is on the verge of doing so because GAYS. How exactly would one tell that God has shown “providential care” over a country? He doesn’t say, of course, because this is just empty rhetoric. Utterly meaningless tripe.


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  • suttkus

    Imagine how many people would have died on 9/11 without God’s protection! Imagine how much worse the Fort Hood shootings would have been without God protecting the people that didn’t die! It’s a shame all those other people weren’t worthy of God’s protection. Sucks to be them.

  • Kevin Kehres

    And if you’re Canadian? Do you have to be an “American” patriot as well?

  • And if you’re Canadian? Do you have to be an “American” patriot as well?

    I know I am!

    US, eh! US, eh! US, eh!

  • busterggi

    Of course, being a real ‘Merkin is somewhere in Deuteronomy.

    He wrote it there hisself.

  • Trebuchet

    And if you’re Canadian? Do you have to be an “American” patriot as well?

    Jim Garrow apparently thinks so.

  • raven

    Empty rhetoric indeed.

    It’s becoming obvious that the right wingnut christofascists are America haters.

    The Sovereign Citizens claim the USA doesn’t even exist. Operation American Spring was supposed to assemble millions of armed “patriots” in Washington DC to overthrow the US government and send Obama back to Kenya.

  • raven

    Forgot the last patriotic move of the GOP/Tea Party.

    Shutting down the government in fall, 2013. That cost us a lot of money and if it had continued on long enough would have destroyed us.

  • vmanis1

    I have long thought that Mr Fischer needs to wear looser underwear.

  • Alverant

    One has to ask about the other nations founded on Godly principles (like those of most European countries). Christianity ruled there and we called it the Dark Ages. Christians made countries with bible based governments and there wasn’t one that had elections or freedom or liberty.

  • Al Dente

    Fischer reminds me of King Charles I of England. Charlie was a strong believer in the Divine Right of Kings, i.e., that kings were appointed by God and rebellion against the king was a sin against god. Charles even thought that disagreeing with him was a sin. Considering he was overthrown and executed by Cromwell during the English Civil War, God must withdrawn his favor from Charles.

  • Fischer loves the idea of a union of states so much that he threatened that a second one would be considered if Obama was reelected. In fact, a search for “Bryan Fischer secession” yields 2, 070,000 hits.

    A search for “Bryan Fischer dumbass” brings in 89,700.

  • birgerjohansson

    Since Sweden and Switzerland have enjoyed two centuries of peace and are economically well off, it seems they are hogging the “providential care” God should provide for USA. Without enough “providential care” to go around, this explains why things occasionally go badly in America.*

    *Also, Liberals. And wetbacks. And ze Joos. And n*ggers. And feminists. And…