God Will Cure HIV at Church!

Christian con man Rodney Howard-Browne is holding a 3-week revival called Celebrate America and a gaggle of wingnuts are speaking at it. One of the weirder speeches was given by Pastor Kwabena Sarpong of Winners Chapel International in Maryland, who says if you go to church you’ll see HIV healed and then you’ll believe in God.

“Thank God for you and I that we are in this nation, we are taking the revival. Until they see power, they will not believe in your God,” he said. “When they have toiled and they can’t find any cure to HIV and they come to the church and you lay hands and they start walking, they will see power and they will all run to the House of God for the Bible says in the Last Days all shall run.”

Mmm, delicious religio-babble. But wait, I thought God created HIV to punish gay people?


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