I Was on Dutch TV

When I was in Charleston, South Carolina doing my Stand Up Skeptic show a couple months ago, there was a Dutch TV crew that was following around Herb Silverman and they filmed most of my talk. I’m in the video for just a few seconds, doing a joke about the American Family Association selling an artificial burning cross. Here’s the full video.

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  • Jordan Genso

    The video is really choppy on my internet connection, but Ed’s joke can be seen starting right before the 3:00 mark.

  • Michael Heath

    Re Silverman’s interviewer claiming that an attribute of Christianity is believing in scientific evidence:

    Even the AGW denialists and YECs I’ve had a dialog with in meat-world claim they’re pro-science. That’s a fine illustration of a systemic failure of thinking that yields AGW denialists and creationists.

    I was at a dinner a couple of years ago where someone was talking about how anti-education, critical thinking, and science the Michigan state legislature had become (which is true). A Sarah Palin disciple sitting next to me asked who would vote for such people. I was grateful I didn’t choke on my food.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I wonder if the term “low country,” referring to a portion of South Carolina, is part of what interested film makers from the Netherlands in this story.

  • Sastra

    Very nice. I just sent the link to my daughter, who’s studying law in Charleston SC and has been reading Herb’s autobiographical Candidate Without a Prayer.

    One of these days I’m going to run into an Ed Brayton talk.