Armed Bigots Protest Refugee Children in Michigan

The same group of xenophobic bigots who held their own meeting last week to throw a fit about the possibility of 120 child refugees being housed for a few weeks in Vassar, Michigan while they await an immigration hearing just held an armed march in that town to protest the same thing.

For the second time in two weeks, several conservative groups from around the state gathered in this small community Monday to protest the possible housing of Central American children.

About 50 demonstrators, two armed with semi-automatic rifles, carried American and tea party flags as they marched one mile, from city hall to a social services facility that would shelter the young undocumented immigrants.

“We must act,” said Tamyra Murray, a resident of Blumfield Township near Saginaw, who organized the protests. “We must save America and stand up against this invasion.”

You think mistreating 120 child refugees who need food and medical treatment will save America? You think this is an “invasion”? You’re a special kind of stupid. And here’s what Murray said to another paper:

“We’re not against kids,” Murray said, speaking to media before the march started. “We have sympathy for the kids being used and exploited by the feds.”

Okay, let’s do the math. These people are demanding that these kids be immediately sent back to the dangerous places they came from, which is a violation of federal law that requires that child refugees be given an immigration hearing before a judge. The “feds” are trying to make sure they are fed, clothed, educated and given medical care while that process plays out. Who is using and exploiting those kids, exactly? These people are moral monsters.

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  • raven

    At least there aren’t very many of them.

    They got 50 people out of a state of 10 million.

    It’s like Operation American Spring, the millions of armed, small brained nonPatriots who were going to overthrown the US government. And got maybe a 100 people.

    I’ve seen more people at a kid’s soccer game.

  • blf

    I suggest an exchange programme. USAlienstan sends one of the originating countries a wingnut in compensation for each refugee who reaches USAlienstan. Whilst unfair to the originating countries — the wingnuts are much more likely to to be stoopider, amoral, unable to speak the language, disease-ridden (and unvaccinated),clewless, armed, and not have brown skin — they will be easier and far more sporting for the drug gangs to hunt down, the local authorities to arrest, and, provided they are fed to the sharks, will significantly improve relations with the USAliens.

  • Chiroptera

    …tea party flags….

    lol wut?

    The Tea Party has a flag now? Is it a snake with the words “government don’t tread on my Medicare”?

  • D. C. Sessions

    More proof that Obama thinks he’s above the law.

    Grounds for impeachment!

  • anubisprime

    So it is to be hoped that at least 50 patriots will go to their death bed in the future with this pride in their actions still burning bright in their righteousness gland.

    Maybe one day a better outcome would be the realization that they behaved as the worst kind of egocentric bigots..and they boasted weapons to prove it…fact is these vermin cannot even understand the sheer hate that has warped them beyond redemption, little heroes in their own estimation will be unable to see just how fuckin’ brain dead and vile they actually are.

    In the old days they would have been termed a lynch mob, they have learned nothing completely incapable obviously, and they think their vote counts!

  • D. C. Sessions

    In the old days they would have been termed a lynch mob, they have learned nothing completely incapable obviously, and they think their vote counts!

    Looking at Congress, it counts more than most.

  • From the article that Ed linked to:

    “Leszek Sulanowski of Deford, Mich., holds up a sign during a protest in Vassar, Mich”

    I wonder if that’s his everyday hangin’ round the wigwam name or his name of power?

    I think it translates to “Xenophobic asshole ladder puller upper”.

    First comment under the news story:

    “What about the disease that these children are bringing with them, per scant reports there is lice, scabies, TB, STD’s and a total lack of immunizations.”

    I think the “scant reports” he makes reference to, are coming from FuckTheNew’sCorpse and their brothers-in-sabre rattllin’.

    Only had to read to the fourth comment to get this:

    “Sell hunting tags for illegals.”

    that commenters facebook page has his likes, one of them is “Black Label Society”, a nice HM band with a cute skull logo (they’re missin’ the lightnin’ bolts, though).

    One of BLS efforts from “1919 Eternal” (2002):

    9. Genocide Junkies

    Loaded, stormin’ out of control

    Fired up, hell ridin’ we roll

    Drinkin’ from the well of the damned

    Seize the roads, assault the land

    Respect through fear

    Walkin’ tall

    Beyond unreal

    Always up for the ride

    Junkies of the genocide

    Risin’ always above

    Hell ridin’ never enough

    The rush of the chrome, to reign supreme

    Pistons of torture, crucifixion of speed

    Respect through fear

    Walkin’ tall

    Beyond unreal

    Always up for the ride

    Junkies of the genocide

    Always up for the ride

    Junkies of the genocide

    Intimidation, degradation, loomin’ large, desecration

    Bury the old game, worship the insane

    Tomorrow will soon be here

    Immune to fear, tomorrow is never here

    Hell ridin’ the gears of life

    Intimidation, degradation, loomin’ large, desecration

    Always up for the ride

    Junkies of the genocide

    Always up for the ride

    Junkies of the genocide

    Wordsmithin’ at its finest.

    I think that Mr. Smith is not feelin’ teh LUV!

    Nice touch with his facebook pic; it’s the Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh, a fella who’s got some anger issues of his own to work on. It would be very nice to see how Mr. Smith and Mr.Suh might interact if they were both in a small room and Mr. Smith decided to go all “White power” on his ass.

  • dingojack

    Any body else get an image of the bit in To Kill a Mockingbird where Scout shames a lynch mob into slinking away?

    Where are the Scouts of Michigan?


  • Synfandel

    During the Vietnam War, Canada absorbed 60,000 American draft dodgers without so much as a yawn. I think Michigan can manage to take in 120 kids.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Synfandel, maybe Michigan will send them on north.

  • These people are moral monsters.

    They’re hardly moral. Look, I’ve known moral monsters and these, sir, are no moral monsters.


    Synfandel “During the Vietnam War, Canada absorbed 60,000 American draft dodgers without so much as a yawn.”

    To be fair, at the border they, and I can’t stress this enough, they said they could play hockey*. It turned out that most of them could barely skate!


    * The ones on the East Coast said they could curl. They brought their own brooms and everything! Jerks.

  • Evan Brehm

    Hoo Boy, Dave Blount at Moonbattery must be going nuclear over the “invasion of diseased alien children.” Or whatever.

  • Evan Brehm “Hoo Boy, Dave Blount at Moonbattery must be going nuclear over the “invasion of diseased alien children.” Or whatever.”

    To be fair, moonbattery goes nuts about everything.

  • smrnda

    Wow, a bunch of armed, white people proud to parade around with guns to protest their nation possibly providing a safe haven to some refugee kids, cracking jokes that indicate a willingness to kill said kids as sport. What a nation to be proud of /snark.

  • maarmstr .

    This is tearing our small town apart.. Tamyra is defaming local businesses and her cohorts are creating fake and phoney facebook profiles and poorly done youtube vidoes of people who are against what they represent. Our town is filled with avid hunters and gun rights activist and many of these people do not see why they need to bring guns to a city hall meeting. Our children feel threatened. Her group is tearing apart our town and we are all pitted against each other. All politics aside we want our town back..

  • Oooh, it’s not just her patriotiKKK zeal that’s got Ms. Murray in an uproar. She has skin in the game. This:

    “It is said that illegal aliens migrate to the U.S. to do the jobs Americans refuse to do. This is the type of statement I hear from ill-informed Americans and pro-illegal groups. I know from first-hand experience that this statement is a lie and that illegal aliens steal middle class jobs – jobs that would, could, and should be filled by Americans”

    is Ms. Murray talking, in a “collection of essays” here:

    If you’d like to see “Fair and Balanced” check out “The Social Contract” home page. Fuck me, yow!

    Sounds like Tammy’s got an axe to grind. Her expose is a little thin in the areas of , um, evidence or citation, but wtf, she’s a PATRIOT, amirite?

    This guy, apparently, thinks not:


    I am sorry to hear that you and your community are distressed but the fastest way to end it is to go, en masse, to the local officials and authorities and tell them to get those people the fuck out of YOUR town. I guess you’re stuck with Tammy, but those other folks, the ones who don’t live there? They’re “outside elements”; the cops always know how to deal with outside elements.

    Hey, this is from linked-in:

    Tamyra Murray’s Overview

    Current Liason/Public Speaker at US Inc.

    Volunteer State Advisor at FAIR , Federation American Immigration Reform

    Past caulker at American Wall & Caulk

    Journey man plasterer at Union/non union

    Education Center for Creative Studies

    Tammy hasn’t held a real job, near as I can tell, since 2011; I wonder who’s paying her rent? Y’know without she don’t got no job she could get some bad disease like, I dunno, sumpn, and infect EVERYBODY!! Oh, that’s just fearmongering? My bad.

  • In other news on IleGulZ:

    “Texans are willing to put the boots on the ground, but we expect Washington to foot the bill,”

    from here:

    I hope that they amember to take the TX ANG’s Warthogs, ‘cuz nothin’ says “measured response” like tank killers doin’ teh waifstrafin’.

    Riick should be careful that the guys in the lege up in OK City don’t get the idea to put the NG on THEIR southern border.