Farah’s High Opinion of Himself

Joseph Farah, amusingly, actually thinks he’s a journalist. And not just a journalist, but a groundbreaking, innovate thinker in the field of journalism. And he’d like to tell you all about it in his latest column that pretends to give you the “shocking truth about the big media.”

For more than 38 years, I have toiled in the news business.

I began as a reporter, worked as a foreign correspondent, joined the ranks of mid-level newspaper editors, then served as editor-in-chief of major-market dailies before founding the first independent online news agency.

That’s a unique experience, by the way. No one else dead or alive can boast such a resume, so pardon me for boasting.

One really has to wonder what the word “independent” means in that context. Independent of what, exactly? When Paul Krassner says The Realist was the longest-running independent magazine in the country, he means that it didn’t take advertising of any kind. That is what made it independent. But the Worldnetdaily certainly can’t make such a claim.

In that time, I developed a keen sense of newsworthiness and news judgment. I can smell a story a mile away.

This might actually sound credible to someone who hasn’t read the Worldnetdaily and seen the secret to their business model (it might also be more credible if it didn’t come from someone who still thinks Birtherism is a hot story). It isn’t a story he can smell a mile away, it’s a dollar to be made by printing “articles” about books he’s selling. The pattern is quite obvious: He decides to sell a book by someone and then runs a “story” every couple days that is nothing more than a quote from the author of that book about some other news story. In fact, this column, amusingly, is precisely such an adverticle:

So when Todd Akin approached my book-publishing company, WND Books, with his idea for “Firing Back: Taking on the Party Bosses and Media Elite to Protect Our Faith and Freedom,” I believed, based on my news instincts, there would be a feeding frenzy for interviews…

But I was surprised at the reception Akin got.

I thought ABC, CBS and NBC would be salivating to get their favorite punching bag on the air to be mauled, again, for old times’ sake. I thought they would jump at the opportunity to have this caricature they had created on live TV. After all, if he was the dope they suggested, it would be great television – good ratings.

I was wrong. Though we talked with the producers of all the big news shows on the networks, none of them were interested in having him on. Why? Because they are cowards! It wasn’t just that they didn’t want to give Todd Akin the time of day. They weren’t sure they could manage to maintain the negative image they had created for him. What if America got to see the truth about this sincere, honest, devout family man? Might they actually like him? Might they actually buy his book?

Wow! That could really backfire, couldn’t it?

So they took a powder.

Ah yes, another part of the Farah pattern of “journalism.” If other actual media outlets don’t jump all over a story he thinks is important, like Obama’s birth certificate or all that “blood moons” bullshit, he knows exactly why that is — and it’s always exactly what he wants his readers to believe about his competitors, which is just another form of self-aggrandizing behavior. Farah’s M.O. may be ridiculous, but he’s making money on it and he pursues it relentlessly. That’s the entirely unshocking truth about him.

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  • garnetstar

    The networks aren’t interested in Akin because they’re consumed with trivialities, like, oh, I don’t know, downed passenger jets, invasion in Gaza, onging problems in Russia, Ukraine, Syria, a humanitarian crisis at the border, a fedeal appeals court ruling that threatens Obamacare, you know. Stuff like that.

    No time for the most important topic on earth, a failed politician’s unsicentific fantasies about preganancy and rape.

  • garnetstar

    BTW, that Farah “smells stories a mile away” is exactly correct. He only publishes stories that stink to high heaven.

  • “My Story-that-spun-properly-will-make-old-white-men-angry Sense is tingling!” ~ Joseph Farah (BirtherMan, issue #283)

  • Joseph Farah’s career is truly remarkable. After his editorship of the Sacramento Union, that newspaper was left swirling in the toilet. It never recovered.

  • Moggie

    One really has to wonder what the word “independent” means in that context. Independent of what, exactly?

    Independent of reality, of course. Farah is fanatical about not letting reality influence WND coverage.

  • “First independent online news agency” means “No one would hire me after they saw what I did to actual media companies, so I started a low-overhead (the only kind I could afford) niche news service that pandered to people as crazy as me.”

  • caseloweraz

    Farah: For more than 38 years, I have toiled in the news business.

    (Emphasis added.)

    Alas, “toil” and “roil” sound and look so much alike. And “r” and “t” are so close together on the keyboard.

  • I can smell a story bullshit a mile away.

    And we can smell your bullshit from even further away

  • @myself

    I don’t even know how that one happened.

  • rdmcpeek43

    For your late night enjoyment, from one of my favorite websites; and there are 21 juicy comments.



  • yoav

    Independent of what, exactly?



    Journalistic integrity

    and so on.