Man Threatens to Kill Miami-Dade Councilmembers

An obviously disturbed extremist wearing a t-shirt opposing infamous right wing bugaboo Agenda 21 appeared before the Miami-Dade County Commission and threatened to kill every one of the members, saying the Constitution gives him the right to do so if they sell his home after he failed to pay fines for environmental damage.

Showing up to a Miami-Dade County Commission meeting a little hot under the collar, seething over a local government decision? Not unusual.

Threatening bodily harm to elected officials — and pointing at them while doing so? That’ll get you arrested.

Jose Antonio Fernandez, 54, found that out the hard way Tuesday when he stepped to the microphone and warned that if the county were to take his property, he would have “the right to shoot every one of you…

Fernandez, sporting a prominent beard and a T-shirt that read “No to United Nations Agenda 21,” accused the commission of “confiscating the land of small farmers.”

“You confiscated my land already,” he said.

“Now you want my house. I came here to tell you in public, if you sell my house, the ‘bleep’ is going to hit the fan,” he added, apparently more comfortable making threats than cursing. “And I’m going to board the entire house with me inside.”…

A judge ruled in 2011 that Fernandez’s nursery — which was on a separate property from his home — owed the county $316,000 in restitution that Miami-Dade has yet to receive…

“I dare you to sell my house,” Fernandez told commissioners Tuesday. “You have become tyrants. You have become a corrupted government. You have destroyed my family. And hundreds of families.

“And I said: enough. I am the people. And the time that you sell the house, my constitution gives me the right to shoot every one of you,” he concluded, pointing at the dais. “Shoot ’em.”

That’s a guy who should be locked up a long, long time.

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  • busterggi

    That guy will be Michael Savage’s vacation replacement.

  • raven

    Sounds like the next Cliven Bundy.

    I’m sure the militias will be there any minute, to camp out in his yard, and threaten to kill county and state law officers.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Some of the Bundy militia will be heading to Florida any second now.

  • It’s clearly a False Flag operation. An Agenda 21 agent wearing an anti-Agenda 21 shirt would be the perfect disguise. So perfect, in fact, that I saw right through it.

  • –Bundy Militia–

    Not with his name they won’t

  • Skip White

    Interesting that he refers to the Constitution as “my constitution.” By which I’m sure he means the one that Sovereign Citizens believe simultaneously doesn’t apply to them but was also given to George Washington by dinosaur Jesus and therefore gives them special rights. Or something.

  • a_ray_in_dilbert_space

    Look out, Cliven Bundy. The right wingnuts have a new hero!

  • garnetstar

    He was, in fact, immediately arrested and has been charged with 13 counts of threatening public officials (or some such offense), one for each of the council members and one for the mayor, who was present.

    The video’s pretty good: as soon as he gets the threat out of his mouth, the councilwoman chairing the meeting tells the sergent-at-arms to remove him, and says “Next.”

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    He actually said ‘bleep’? Hahahahahaaaaa

  • I wonder if he’s referring to Florida’s “stand your ground” laws.

  • Doug Little

    That’s a guy who should be locked up a long, long time

    Sounds to me like he is a responsible gun owner, quick getz him some gunz.

  • lorn

    Who hasn’t wanted to kill a few county commissioners? Fortunately most of us don’t talk about it out loud and mostly we calm down, think better about it, and find other outlets.

    The guy would, obviously, do better if he listened less to Alex Jones, and the rest of the right-wing conspiracy squad.

    That said he might have something of a point. A family moves into a mostly rural are largely deemed unremarkable by the state. There are few jobs so they set about to establish a nursery and start making just enough money to live off of. Over the years what was once regarded as useless ex-swamp and of no value is reconsidered in the light of wider, previously ignored, environmental concerns. In the space of but a few years the lad goes from being considered useless scrub to the keystone in a state wide environmental restoration project and vital to the long term sustainability of the county.

    Over the span of just a few years changes to the land made to make it into a marginally viable commercial proposition, sometimes with the tacit approval of local officials who saw the operation as a source of jobs and taxes, are now considered to be near criminal violations of the integrity of the ecosystem.

    I don’t have any special insight in this particular case but I have seen local cattlemen and nurserymen who got into this sort of bind as they kept doing what they had been doing twenty years ago while the understanding of ecologists have marched on. Fortunately, at least in this are, the state and local authorities went out of their way to accommodate both families through generous compensation for land confiscated and some creative land-swaps.

    Yes, the reference to Agenda 21 is misplaced, and publicly threatening officials is stupid, but at its core the guy might have a point.

    On the other hand, I also know people who have bought into the whole Agenda 21 conspiracy theory who use their mistaken belief in ‘sovereign citizen’ immunity to property taxes as an excuse to stop paying taxes. After a while the back taxes lead to confiscation and auction of their land. This entirely foreseeable and natural consequence of their tax avoidance is also characterized as tyrannical usurpation of rights.

    The difference between the two comes down to who did what, and when.

  • Given the things that prompt mass shootings in the US it’s surprising we haven’t seen several city councils et al shot up.

  • sabrekgb

    What happens when bleep hits a fan?

    Did he actually say “bleep” or is that just a really lame quote…?

    quick getz him some gunz.

    -Doug Little

    Is there like a “Z” switch that gets flipped when certain people talk about guns, or what? You can haz cheezburger!

  • sabrekgb

    Holy crap…he really did say “bleep”… What is this world coming to!?

  • Nick Gotts

    Holy crap…he really did say “bleep”

    Don’t you mean holy bleep?

  • sabrekgb

    Touche, good sir.