Jeffress Offers Baseless Paranoia

Robert Jeffress is upset about Obama’s executive order forbidding discrimination against gay people by federal contractors and he’s offering a completely evidence-free slippery slope argument that it will lead to churches losing tax-exempt status.

“My problem with that order,” Jeffress told show host Tim Wildmon, “is that it paves the way for the next executive order that would say, well, the government is not going to grant tax-exempt status, it’s not going to grant broadcast licenses to any organization that holds on to its religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.”

“You are right,” Wildmon eagerly agreed.

Is he? Because I notice that he not only didn’t offer any evidence for this claim, he didn’t even attempt to make a plausible argument for it. He just declared it to be true. But there isn’t any connection between the two things; one is within his authority to do, the other is not. But on Planet Wingnuttia, all you have to do is assert something for it to be magically true.

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  • John Pieret

    it paves the way for the next executive order that would say, well, the government is not going to grant tax-exempt status, it’s not going to grant broadcast licenses to any organization that holds on to its religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.

    They are just projecting. If they had the power, they’d issue an order that no contractor who employed openly gay people could contract with the Federal government and the next bright idea they’d have would be to deny tax exemptions to “non-Biblical” Christian churches (not to mention Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.) who didn’t condemn same sex marriage and then ban the depiction of gays on television unless they were suffering all the “wages of sin.”

  • busterggi

    Next thing you know Obama will issue an executive order to make it illegal to tip over wheelchair bound adults and babies in carriages – its tyranny I tells ya!

  • D. C. Sessions

    He has a point, though. That’s how it went with c__ts, w_ps, k__es, n____rs, s__cs, and g__ks.

  • Well you know what? Churches should lose tax exempt status. Just sayin’. They’re a business, like any other. A fraudulent business at that.

  • raven

    Jeffress Offers Baseless Paranoia

    Jeffress offers more fear. To go along with their hate.

    Hate and fear are all they have. Or need.

    A fraudulent business at that….

    ???? You mean you really don’t believe you can buy a ticket to immortality in a paradise. They aren’t asking much, a few bucks and say some magic words.

    The Mormons want a bit more but you get to be a god with your own planet.

  • cptdoom

    Because there are no churches with tax exemptions or religious broadcasters in the two dozen states with far broader legal protections for their LGB (but rarely T) citizens. Sure Catholic Charities has shut down their adoption services when faced with laws that require treating LGBT citizens as human beings, but that was their choice, even though the same laws had already protected adulterers, heretics and blasphemers ( in fact the Boston agency actually placed a baker’s dozen hard-to-adopt foster kids with same-sex couples over about a decade until the bishop found out and ordered them to stop).

  • yoav

    I heard from a highly reliable source (If you can’t trust the voices in your own head who could you trust?), that starting next week in order to have your broadcasting license forms filed you would have to get gay married at the IRS offices in Benghazi.

  • dugglebogey

    He also didn’t say why that would be a bad thing.

    And I can’t think of any either.

  • Michael Heath

    The Christian right is rightly concerned about losing its tax exempt status. As society progresses morally, those who are moral will both increase in number and become far less tolerant of tax policy that subsidizes organizations who discriminate against females while also abusing children.

  • =8)-DX

    Presumably the connection is the idea behind each of those things, that state money shouldn’t go to people who discriminate. (Or for political purposes, etc.)

    I’m fine with that. You want to discriminate? Fine, but the state isn’t going to support that, it’s not their business.

  • eric

    @5 – I think as long as they’re operating as a non-profit charity, they should be able to gain the tax exemptions given to other non-profit charities. AIUI the critical distinction is not business/nonbusiness, but ‘for profit business/charitable business.’ That being said, there are a lot of churches operating as for-profit businesses, and yeah, they should lose their exemptions.