Move Over Facebook, Here Comes Reaganbook

Far-right anti-choice advocate Janet Porter is sick of Facebook and its liberal ways, so she’s created Reaganbook, “the Facebook for patriots.” They do realize that this will be the holy grail for internet trolls, don’t they? Probably not. But it will be.


I assume this site will be especially attractive to those who like long walks on the beach, trading weapons to a terrorist state for hostages and giving amnesty to undocumented immigrants.

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  • Oh this should be fun…

  • busterggi

    The site is dedicated to the mythical Reagan that Republicans love, not the real one that they’d have called a lover of illegals, a tax-raising commie, a cut-&-runner for Lybia and a negtiator with terrorists.

  • Jeremy Shaffer
  • raven

    have called a lover of illegals, a tax-raising commie, a cut-&-runner for Lybia and a negtiator with terrorists.

    Not to mention a 60 times Benghazi. Before Reagan cut and run in Lebanon, the marine barracks terrorist attack killed 241 marines. The GOP needs to impeach him in absentia for that.

  • raven

    impeach him in absentia in sepulchro.


  • raven

    Sounds like a great idea, Reaganbook for worshipers of St. Reagan.

    Next up Forcedbirther-book, FemaleSlaverBook, Oogedy Boogedy xianbook, Raptureready-book, Fundiebook, Flateartherbook, Creationistbook and so forth.

    It would be nice if they separated from our society and found some faraway rocks to live under. I hear there is vacant land in Guyana. It’s a win-win situation. Cults mostly thrive on ignorance and isolation and we wouldn’t have to deal with their destructiveness.

  • Wow! I checked Jeremy’s link and at the bottom of that page is their sign up form.

    It asks a question so you need to pass the Turing test (not that they would give houseroom to poor Turing).

    The Q. is “What color is the ocean?”

    What color is the ocean?!!?!?!1??one

    Have they ever seen one?

  • tuibguy

    Anyone ever tell them he signed 381 executive orders? They oughta sue his estate!

  • D. C. Sessions

    Osean color? Depends. The Caribbean is red. The Pacific is dark blue. Most of the Atlantic (up to Chesapeake Bay) is Red, but north of that it’s some red, some blue.

  • scienceavenger

    …Facebook and its liberal ways…

    OK, I’m confused. I thought Facebook was a social site where people could hook up with their soon-to-be ex-friends and pretend to be interested in each other’s baby photos. How does starting an identical site with a different name change anything? And what does politics have to do with it?

  • dugglebogey

    The site is currently in “offline mode.” Seems an awful lot of people signed up with names they weren’t fond of, like “Reagan Sucks.” Who would do something awful like that? Hint? Me!

  • A company run by a billionairre who’ll do everything in his power to avoid his taxes, whose margin (like a lot of no-physical-items internet companies) is helped by having hardly any employees (and, if memory serves, an under-the-table agreement with the other big companies to avoid headhunting, pushing down wages), and which profits by monitizing data it gets its customers to hand it for free.

    What’s not to like?

  • Alverant

    How is FB liberal? It has a history of censoring non-christian groups, changes its EULA, sells your information, and watches everything you do. It sounds pretty conservative to me.

    I’m getting tired of the conservative=patriot meme. There’s no truth to it. Conservatives have turned their back on USAmerican principles when it didn’t suit their agenda. We see it when it comes to voting rights and the rule of law.

  • freehand

    The ocean is blue. Blue is the color God gave the ocean. Jesus Christ on a stick, haven’t you people ever looked at those books they gave you in Sunday School?

    Don’t any of you like science?

  • raven

    I’m getting tired of the conservative=patriot meme. There’s no truth to it.

    It’s Orwell again. These days Patriot=America Hater.

    I’m tired of the fundie xian=xian idea. It’s also not true. They are just haters, liars, and kooks who tossed anything benign about the religion out.

  • Over at one of my guilty-pleasure blogs, Gizmodo, they had the following article re: the 7 conservative knock-off sites

  • Pierce R. Butler

    richardelguru @ # 7: …What color is the ocean?!!?!?!1??one

    The beguiling iridescence of spilled oil, highlighted with the varied hues of plastic jetsam, the subtle murkiness of trawling-wrecked seafloor sediments, and the occasional exciting dash of blood.

  • Chris Werner

    If you click English(US) at the bottom it gives you a language package option. The options are “English(US)” with a little American flag.

    I think this is a cute attempt that is made in vain, let the right have their fun, so that the rest of us have the opportunity to make fun. It will be win/win.