DeVos Family Suddenly Doesn’t Like Homophobes

A group funded by the DeVos family is attacking far-right candidates in Michigan, including Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan, for being “vile homophobes.” This from a family that has spent tens of millions of dollars supporting vile homophobes.

An education group backed by the powerful DeVos family of West Michigan is sparring with prominent tea party candidates in two of the state’s nastiest Republican primaries.

The Great Lakes Education Project has sent out mailers attacking state House candidates Todd Courser of Lapeer and Gary Glenn of Midland, who contend they’re being targeted because of their opposition to gay marriage and Common Core education standards…

GLEP backed up the claim by pointing to a news article in which Glenn said states should have the right to criminalize gay behavior and his defense of a controversial internet post shared by Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema that purported to highlight medical risks associated with homosexuality.

The post included several dubious statistics — “The median age of death of lesbians is 45,” for instance, — and a footnote citing a source later revealed to be a Holocaust denier with a history of Ku Klux Klan activity.

“Gary Glenn is a longtime homophobe,” said GLEP executive director Gary Naeyaert. “It goes back a long way, and the people he has supported and endorsed are known anti-gay rights people as well.”

All of this is true, of course, but coming from a group funded by the DeVos family? A brief list of the anti-gay groups they have given huge money to over the years (this includes both DeVos foundations and the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, on whose board three of the DeVos’ sit): almost $10 million to Focus on the Family; $14.6 million to Coral Ridge Ministries (the late D. James Kennedy, not only a massive homophobe but a genuine theocrat); $2.7 million to the Family Research Council (notoriously anti-gay, they’re still calling for the criminalization of homosexuality); $1.4 million to the Alliance Defense Fund. That doesn’t even count all the money they’ve given to groups whose sole purpose is to prevent gay people from getting married and to prevent the passage of anti-discrimination legislation that protects LGBT people in employment and housing.

But they have a gay man that works for them and some people think that changes everything. It doesn’t. Let me offer an analogy. Let’s say the DeVos family had, in the 1950s and 60s, given millions and millions of dollars to organizations whose goal was to prevent interracial marriage and the passage of the Civil Rights Act, who argued that black people and civil rights activists were communists out to destroy America and Christian tradition (exactly the positions of all the groups I mentioned that they continue to fund today), would we hesitate for a moment to call them racist for doing that? I don’t see what the difference is. They have used their fortunes to advocate for discrimination against gay people. That makes them anti-gay, no matter what personal relationships they may have.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Perhaps they’ve noticed which way the wind is blowing and are starting the image rehab before the rush?

    We’ve been saying for years that the day would come when “they” would take credit for the change, yes?

  • Flewellyn

    Sooner or later, they’ll start saying “Are we not men? We are DeVos.”

  • Kevin Kehres

    Well, all one has to do is follow the money to find out which slightly-less-odious candidate they do prefer.

    Politics isn’t hard, people. It’s about the Benjamins.

  • Area Man

    And I thought running Amway was enough to label them as the most evil people in the world. This is like accusing Hitler of having bad breath.

  • generalfactotum

    A ” source later revealed to be a holocaust denier with a history of Klu Klux Klan activity”? As dear Maurice Chevalier said, “Ah yes, I remember it well.”